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  1. yanbolduc

    Yz125 Melting piston

    Since the last piston melt, did you flush the gas tank and fill it with new fuel with the correct mix?? If it's correctly jetted then it seems to be crappy bad fuel problem or the compression is too high for the fuel your using so detonation problem.
  2. yanbolduc

    UNI Filter and No Toil filter oil

    I've unglued my uni filter once with no toil but I'm sure it's not no toil fault it's the water temp. No toil recommend warm water but I've used some hot water and it cost me a filter. I now use cold water to clean my filter and it seem's to be fine up to now.
  3. yanbolduc

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    I really like it
  4. yanbolduc

    Yamaha YZ250 2006

    I really like it