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  1. jonnymojo

    CVK 40 Installed - First Ride

    It's been a while since I've been on here and not sure if much has changed in CVK mods over the past few years since I've been on here. I've rode the hell out of the DRZ the last 4 years and haven't really done much in the way of mods or tinkering but that's about to change. I'm back at sea level once again (UK) and getting ready to switch back to 152MJ, 42PJ, DJ needle on 4th clip which was flawless at sea level last time I ran that setup. I'm now planning on tearing the bike down to install the hot cams and MRD exhaust and do any necessary jetting while its apart. My question is how these mods will affect jetting in the CVK? I'm guessing this will force more air and make it run lean? Also, someone suggested swapping the slide adjust from the BSR to the CVK? Thanks again for all the help with my bike over the past few years!
  2. jonnymojo

    Utah Riding Groups

    Rode the north section of stansbury front today. Conditions were perfect, had a blast!
  3. jonnymojo

    RTV To Seal Leaky IMS Petcock?

    Im trying some rtv right now. Curious if it will hold up being as its not completely immersed in gasoline?
  4. mine was like that since new. I used to worry about it and even hoped the mcct would help but still sounds the same. In my opinion I wouldnt sweat it
  5. jonnymojo

    Utah Riding Groups

    Pics from todays ride on Skyline above Ogden. Snow at the top, but was able to make it up about 8 miles above pineview
  6. jonnymojo

    Utah Riding Groups

    Hey treeliner how was the stansburys? Much snow up there? What routes did u use?
  7. jonnymojo

    Utah Riding Groups

    Anybody ride stansbury mts? Looking to go out there soon, so looking for best staging area and trailheads to start from
  8. jonnymojo

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally got around to doing the loctite fixes and an oil change.
  9. jonnymojo

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I feel like a dumbass right now was showing off on the Drz for my kids after a ride and did a wheelie up my drive way into the garage and mid wheelie decided to smash theough a leftover halloween pumpkin and crashed into the garage wall, and got stuck under the bike and other crap including a heavy spin bike that fell off a shelf and trapped me. I was stuck and my kids werent strong enough to free me. had to summon my wife to get the bike off me. This has really bruised my ego and made me re-evaluate responding to any "dad, so a wheelie requests . . And i ripped my seat
  10. jonnymojo

    Drz radiators

    hi I recently crashed and ruptured my fill side radiator on my 2012 S. I ordered a new one off ebay but the hose fittings are smaller and dont line up where they should. The pic below shows my broke one on the right and the replacement on the left. Can anyone identify the unknown one ?
  11. jonnymojo

    How many times have you dropped your Drz?

    3 times in one riding session doing hill climbs which is why my bike is sitting there without its radiator at the moment!
  12. jonnymojo

    No Spark, Need Help With MultiMeter testing!

    So the parts bike has no spark also. . Seems to be a common thing for these bikes apparently
  13. jonnymojo

    CVK 40 Installed - First Ride

    yeah most do drill it. The dynojet kit i used came with a 3/16 bit I believe