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  1. MindBlower

    2018 Yamaha 250 XT

    If you need the electric start then do it and don't look back for $1500. Otherwise it's probably not much different (or better) than your 250L. Don't know what your diagnosis is but I thought I was a candidate for knee replacement and damned if some simple PT didn' t make a huge difference for me.
  2. Pretty sure the bike came with a kicker. My 2001 E has both. A manual decompression lever is usually only used after a crash to purge the gas that almost certainly flooded it when the bike tipped.
  3. MindBlower

    1985 Xr350r

    XR's only used to offer a Mikuni. Don't they anymore?
  4. MindBlower

    1985 Xr350r

    Great bike, had one for more than 10 years. But godawful ugly. God bless you colorblind mf'ers.
  5. MindBlower

    XR 650L

    They are tall, heavy and slow. But strong enough and durable as an anvil. Suspension sucks, money well spent improving there. And if you go to mild10.5:1 compression and opened up breathing they will surprise you.
  6. MindBlower

    85 XR350R CARBURETOR..Suggestions?

    Aggression? Are you an idiot? Your bog may have been more than is normal, but you obviously havne't a clue about motorcycles, so good LUCK!!!!
  7. MindBlower

    85 XR350R CARBURETOR..Suggestions?

    No, it's a well known fact and all of my 4 strokes in my over 40 yrs or riding (over 20 bikes) bore that out.
  8. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    I'd presume the $$ for sure. So did you bs in any way or you can say "I can't plate this in Indiana, can I pay you guys for that"? In effect, I'd try to be discreet. Can you then transfer that title to your state? It'll cost me a lot more at least $1K to sell the ttr and replace it with a plated crf or equivalent and I already have the parts to dual sport it, so I greatly appreciate the info!
  9. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    How did you hear about that? That's crazy. So you can get a SD title and plate without living there? Why would they do that?
  10. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    Yeh, I downloaded the change of body form to do just that. That's when I discovered the new sentence "this form can't be used to change an OR title to a street title" (in effect) The states are using the fact that the carburetors on these bikes were never ok'd by the EPA to deny the street use. EDIT: hmmm, since all the bike makers share a relatively small number of carburetor models, isn't it likely that the kehin XX or whatever used on your dirt bike was also used on a street bike of that time? Seems like that could be a factor if you could prove that.
  11. MindBlower

    Should I Join the Club?

    With the weight transfer to the front under braking the rear does very little work compared to front. In dirt the extra feel of the drum rear is nice. Trials riders stayed with drum brakes for many years after discs took over street bikes. Given the limited suspension and mild tuning of these bikes a rear drum brake would be the least of my concerns. May not be as sexy, but they work just fine (on rears).
  12. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    Yes it is. Quit hijacking the thread with stupid answers when you don't know anything. IF you've plated your dirt bike in Indiana SINCE 2017, you DO know the answer. So you're just being a dick. OR you plated your bike before the laws changed last year and you don't having a f'ing clue what you're talking about. So which is it?????
  13. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    Well for F's sake. Do you know how disappointing it is to see you have replies to a specific question post only to see that they are irrelevant? Does anyone have any REAL INFORMATION about this? (Yes OR titles are real, the law has changed and so has the bmv........)
  14. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    read the first post: OR = OFF ROAD, not Oregon..........
  15. MindBlower

    Can you plate a dirtbike in Indiana any more?

    I have a title. An OR title.