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  1. motocrossman54

    Where does this washer go? Pic

    I think it's for the kick, just put my right side back on and that's were I put it
  2. motocrossman54

    What oil are you guys running in your bike?

    Maxima premium 10w40 good stuff!
  3. motocrossman54

    Oil Migration

    Thanks a bunch for everything man. This is exactly what I needed!
  4. motocrossman54

    Oil Migration

    Thanks, one question, why drain the coolant? And I should probably just order both seals eh?
  5. motocrossman54

    Oil Migration

    Hey Guys well i have a oil migration problem. All my oil is going from crank side to my clutch side. From what I've been reading this means i have to replace the right side crank seal. I just need some advice on how to get in on the clutch side to this seal and if i need to buy any bearings or seals. (other than the leaky one) Im fairly new to this so please bare with me on this one Thanks! Tyson
  6. motocrossman54

    Not Holding Oil

    Finally got it figured out, had a bit of a crash last year and I think that might have broke the seal between the engine oil and the transmission oil. I drained bot and almost got a litre out of the tranny
  7. motocrossman54

    SDG Complete Seat Assembly Tall

    Awesome seat because i am a taller rider
  8. motocrossman54

    SDG Complete Seat Assembly Tall

    3 reviews

    DESCRIPTION As an industry leader in seat technology, SDG works with the fastest Supercross, Motocross, and off-road racers to develop products that not only look great on your bike, but offer you the same performance features used by the pros. ALL SEATS FEATURES: Complete seat, ready to install (lighter than stock). Water-resistant, closed-cell foam (reduces foam breakdown). Durable, 2-stage gripper seat cover with double-stitched, nylon-taped seams. Replaceable brackets on most models.
  9. motocrossman54

    Scott USA Deuce MX Grips

    Awesome Grips. Look Great
  10. motocrossman54

    One Industries 2011 Geico Team Graphic

    great decal but almost time for a new one
  11. motocrossman54

    Twin Air Air Filter

    great air filter
    White Brothers got bought out so I'm proud of this exhaust
  12. 4 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS State-of-the-art complete systems deliver out-of-the-hole snap, very strong mid-range and an upper hook that lets it rev hard and long Lightweight carbon fiber muffler, machined billet aluminum end caps and mounting brackets Two-piece modular exhaust brackets Billet aluminum exhaust flange and inlet tips are hard anodized for increased durability Race baffle for maximum performance gains Innovative headpipe design allows muffler to be tucked behind side panel Desinged for competition use only
  13. motocrossman54

    Not Holding Oil

    No its not, thats why I'm a bit confused. Cant smell anything either