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  1. Black450R

    2004 cr250r Need help

    To really get the motor to come alive you're going to have to run at least a 50/50 race/pump.. Or go buy 100LL from the local airport. Otherwise you can't get aggressive with the jetting to wake up the bottom end.
  2. Black450R

    2004 cr250r Need help

    Keihin 38mm pwk carb $150-250 Cylinder porting/decking/changing squish $200-$400 depending on who does it and shipping. There are tons of threads about the best mods, but these two seam to be the most talked about. The carb is supposed to be a dramatic difference, and the cylinder work supposed to amplify all parts of the power delivery.
  3. Black450R

    2004 CR250R Help

    Stop using pump gas. Or at least run a 50/50 race/pump mix vp110 or avgas works well. Top guy, throw a new head gasket in there and run it. Might as well check the squish with the old one and maybe get the head milled to correct it. Bottom guy, looks like you need to change out the top end. And do the same thing with the squish. Search about it.. Stock squish on these things is way too much.
  4. Black450R

    2013 450 Inspection/Rebuild

    It's simple physics.. Super cold temperatures and hot motor. And on the other side, these mx motors aren't meant for sustained RPM that the snow biking causes. Having 200 hours on your stock motor, you are very lucky you haven't been stranded yet.
  5. Black450R

    CR 250 Talon hubs/ wheels?

    Yeah if you want to lace your own, I have a buddy that bought a set of those tusk billet hubs and laced them to some did wheels. They looked pretty good. I think the hubs are only like $300 for the set. He's got about 10 hours so far and they seem to be holding up good.
  6. Black450R

    Post pics of your CR's

    Looks like I can post here now. Been riding crf450s since 2004 currently have a 2013.. Always wanted a 02-07 cr250. So I found this one with a fresh motor for pretty cheap. Did a complete service and plastic update. Last thing for now will be the seat cover. I wadded myself at a local track on my 450 yesterday but I'll get better pics at some point.
  7. Black450R

    Rc valve servo interchange 2006 cr250

    Thanks fellas.. Going to get the one I found on craigslist.. Don't want to spend $200+ if I don't have to.
  8. Black450R

    Rc valve servo interchange 2006 cr250

    Alright I'll take your word for it.. Seams from anything else I've found that is the case. Even the cr125 assembly's will work too. With everyone re-buying these bikes, parts are scarce.
  9. Black450R

    Rc valve servo interchange 2006 cr250

    Yeah that's why I am making sure that the assembly interchanges between years.
  10. Black450R

    Rc valve servo interchange 2006 cr250

    Re-read my post, there was a broken gear in there. Seeing if anyone knows if the entire assembly swaps from year to year. I found plenty of change the servo motor posts. That's easy fix. The plastic gear is not..
  11. So I got my 2006 cr250 all together today, went to ride it and had no power. Pulled the rc valve cover and the valve was not moving. Pulled the servo motor cap off and the cables were connected and adjusted. But there was no tension. Pulled the servo Motor off the bike and opened it up. One of the internal gears was broke. Doh! So my question is, will the servo motor assembly work on all 2002-2007 cr250's I found one from a 2003 on craigslist. Worst case I can pull the broken gear out and put it in the old one. Thanks for any help. Looking for some cr250 gurus here.
  12. Black450R

    Bike review of my 2015 CRF250R

    I got the fox digital 0-300 psi pump for ours.. Works great.
  13. Black450R

    People thoughts on their 2015 crf250r

    Yeah definitely a great bike right out the box. Here's what mine looks like so far.
  14. If you still have the piece that broke, you can have it welded back on. Did the same thing on one of my bikes but worse. Just find someone who can tig weld aluminum that has a good reputation in your area.
  15. Pretty much the same motor on your quad as the 05-08 crf450s maybe a different cam. But that's about it.