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  1. IT Manager for a Rural Hospital! Just make sure whatever you do, you LOVE. If not, you'll hate getting out of bed in the morning.
  2. danman

    2003 cr250 I am going to buy.. or should I

    I have to everyone on this post. I am currently in the process of rebuilding an 03 CR250 myself and I just put the top end together before I read ALL 19 pages! I read the part about drilling the exhaust bridge holes(Wiseco), so apart it went and put the holes in. Thanks.
  3. danman

    02 rm125 rebuild

    Yeah, every bearing in the motor is brand new, so I'm good there. thanks.
  4. danman

    02 rm125 rebuild

    I didn't under cut the tranny, because I didn't know what it was! I spent some time riding it this weekend and 2nd gear pops in and out! It's time to split it apart and under cut it. What a dumba$$ I can be. The only other part it needs is come serious cleanup in the low end jetting. After reading out here, it sounds like a leaner slide would fix that issue. I'm going to worry about the tranny first.
  5. danman

    rm 125 2009 piston

    Wiseco's don't. I have a piston for a 2005 and it WILL NOT work in a 2002. I actually have the whole crank, bearings, top end kit, and engine gasket kit for a 2005 that I will be selling.
  6. danman

    02 rm125 rebuild

    Well, I got the head back from Gorr and it looks great. I had the lower end of the motor assembled, so I put the piston on and dropped the cylinder down. So far, so good, until I kicked the bike through slowly! The piston kept going past the top of the cylinder! DAMN! I took it back off, and went to search on the web some more. Wouldn't you know it, the 05 crank/rod assembly is different. I was told differently before when this project started. I ordered the correct crank and got the motor back together. Hopefully, I'll get some pics tonight, or soon at least.
  7. danman

    02 rm125 rebuild

    I bought what I thought was an 05 RM125. Turns out it was an 02, so I'm making the best I can out of it. I bought it in pieces, but it had a TON of new parts that were warrantied from Wiseco. They were all 05 parts and all but the piston work out just fine. Here is how I bought it: Here are some of the parts cleaned and the new cases with all new bearings ready for the new crank. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v475/norwegn/All%20bikes/05%20RM125/IMG_2014070 Here is the sand blasted, primed, painted, cleared frame, and assembly started. Here is where it is today: Here's the breakdown of new parts: cases bearings - every bearing in the motor is brand new!!!! seals tires - Dunlop mx51 front and back radiators - not in pics yet graphics brake and throttle cables swingarm chain protector suspension bearings Parts and work added I added a Boyesen RAD valve Eric Gorr is cleaning up the head and redoing the dome for a flat top piston. Parts work I'm pondering frame protectors different seat cover It's been fun, but I got WAY more than I bargained for!!!!
  8. danman

    02 RM 125 Carb Problems

    to me, it started out just sounding like a main jet issue until you brought up " From idle it starts to climb by itself until it gets to maximum throttle and I have to shut it off with the kill switch. " To me, that last sentence makes it sound like some type of air leak. A leak down test can eliminate/confirm an air leak.
  9. danman

    Finally did it - White 2004 RM 250 (pics)

    Wow, I'm not the only person with that dilemma! i just bought an 02 rm125 with the white plastics and yellow tank. I think I'd prefer the traditional yellow though. I've been looking for graphics that would work with the white, but I've been having a hard time finding something I like. I actually thought about blue/white scenario, but the yellow tank really throws it off and I really don't want to spend the $ on a white tank. I'm still putting the whole thing back together so I have some time.
  10. danman

    Screwed and need some questions answered

    OK, more research done. Power valve assembly IS different. It looks like the parts that work between the cases and the cylinder haven't changed, just the other parts, so I'm hoping that it will still work. The piston is a different part number, but the bore and stroke between the two is different, so I might be OK on that one. If they just went from domed to flat top, hopefully they didn't move the pin location for the ring. I'm guessing there are some porting changes as well. Unsure about the electronics as well. Thanks for all the help so far. I never thought of some of the stuff mentioned.
  11. OK, I just picked up what I thought was an 05 RM125. Turns out it is actually an 02 RM125. here's the problem: The previous owner also thought it was an 05 because the motor was supposedly just redone and the rod went out, so he filed a claim with Wiseco. Wiseco replaced the cases, main bearnings, crank, rod, and top end(piston, rings, etc). Here's my question: Will the motor even go back together with that many 05 parts, but an 02 head, cylinder, transmission, clutch, water pump, etc???? God I hope so, or I am going to be parting out a bunch of stuff.
  12. Looking for a left side case for a 2005 yz250, but I think 02-current will work. send me an email at norwegn_5@yahoo.com with a price if you have one. thanks
  13. danman

    Anyone want to do a group build?

    Nevermind on my bike as the starting point. Just sold it.
  14. That's a good idea, but it says a max trailer length of 12'. Mine is 24', so no go. I should be able to get something to work without the tailgate on. They come off pretty quickly.