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  1. yardsale

    DRZ-S subframe wanted to buy

    Sorry for the spam everyone.... Bronco, I'm having trouble getting hold of you - are you getting my PMs? Dave
  2. yardsale

    DRZ-S subframe wanted to buy

    Bronco, you out there? I PMed you again.... Dave
  3. yardsale

    DRZ-S subframe wanted to buy

    Thanks for the leads guys! Bronco, I PMed ya.....
  4. yardsale

    DRZ-S subframe wanted to buy

    I have a KLX400R dirt model and would like to put a street model subframe on it for the passenger pegs and added strength at the rear fender for carrying gear. Does anyone out there have a subframe for an S model they would be willing to sell? If it has the footpegs attached, all the better! Thanks, Dave
  5. yardsale

    warm, dry hands

    Thanks for the input on the heated grips - that's definitely something I'm going to install soon when I replace the stock bars. What I really want to hear though is ideas for wrap-around devices that cover part or all of your gloved hands to keep rain, mud, and wind away... I even figure a flexible piece of plastic might do the job but haven't come across anything appropriate to try yet. Let's hear those ideas....
  6. I'll start off by telling you what I know: for riding in the cold, wet winter months, I need good gloves and grip warmers.... I have Acerbis Rally Pros for solid protection on my KLX400 already and decent gloves, but have yet to get the heated grips. What I want to do now is get some sort of wind, water, and mud protection for my hands that wraps around the Acerbis for dualsporting. The best thing I've seen so far is the MSR hand deflectors (http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=928&department=656&division=6) but they seem to be on back order everywhere I look. That got me thinking that I bet there's a wealth of knowledge here for other options - either do-it-youself items or other things I haven't considered. What do you guys do to make your hands cozy? Thanks! Dave
  7. Thanks for the pics guys - that's exactly what I needed!
  8. Thanks for this info again Bronco. Does anyone have any pics they can repost of this mod as the links in these old threads don't work anymore.... Thanks!
  9. yardsale

    DRZ 400E - After market subframes?

    Vern, I sent you a PM...
  10. yardsale

    DRZ 400E - After market subframes?

    Has anyone tried this subframe extension for the E model? If so could you please post some pictures of it from a few angles - the one on the SRC website doesn't give a very good idea of what it looks like or how it mounts....
  11. yardsale

    Frame Guard help

    I like the looks of that Works Connection one. Do you happen to have a pic of the other side? Thanks!
  12. yardsale

    bicycle speedo acting up.....

    Thanks for the suggestion but because of the way the contact is designed, I don't think the paper will help... It is just a flimsy little piece of metal that is bent to that when the battery is inserted (and pushed flat against the hard plastic of the computer body) it is just the tension of that little piece of metal that makes the contact. The thing that seems so weird to me is that when this occurs, if I take the battery out and clean it and the contact and put it back in, the display is still dim or non-existant. If I let the battery sit out of the speedo for an hour or so and reinsert it, it comes back to life as normal.... Has anyone seen this behavior with GPSs or other electronic devices on the bars????
  13. yardsale

    bicycle speedo acting up.....

    I've got a Sigma Sport 1200 bicycle computer installed on my KLX400R which works great most of the time but occasionally the display begins to fade as if the battery is getting weak. When I take out the battery and try a new replacement it does the same thing. I left the battery out of it for a couple of days and put the old one back in - works fine now. Rode with it for a few weeks and now it's gradually doing the same thing again. I've heard that battery-powered devices that get vibrated often have problems with battery terminal contact. Does anyone know if this is what is happening??? Any other ideas on how to keep it working? Thanks guys....
  14. yardsale

    Seat Width complaints

    Ever heard of Bill Mayer Saddles? Someone gave me the link to his site and it seems he's made a custom DRZ seat: http://www.billmayersaddles.com/bmsphotopage.html There's a small pic of it on this page but the link to the bigger version doesn't work... $359 but man, it looks like the ultimate in comfort to me....
  15. yardsale

    aceribs tank

    Jason, I have the Acerbis tank installed on my Kawi KLX400R (off road model) and I would tend to believe that the fan would have to go on the S model (after having looked at where the fan sits). Not sure about the horn because I don't know where it is but it could be relocated anywhere pretty easily. Mine is behind my headlight shroud. My Acerbis tank also pushes against the left rad inlet pipe quite badly to the point where it is beginning to flatten some of the rad fins near the mounting points of the rad. Aside from this fitment issue, the tank is top-notch and has a trick-looking billet aluminum piece on the top that the cap screws to. I've compared it to the Clark tank which seems quite good but IMO the Acerbis is a nicer looking tank and the seams aren't as obvious. If I had a digital camera I'd post some pics....