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  1. Homey , I was floating around at the forum and I saw this old thread on top of the xrl forum ,I hope I don't keep u up. Just wanted to say hello .I am Bob,you know, like I am groot? I'm in Palm City Fl ,Stuart area. was looking at a thread about exhausts, and then I saw the date. Anyway howdy, I've yet to see another homey on the thump. You know , think Fla. is the hardest state to find xrl parts and stuff, crf's are like fords. A dime a dozen.  Floridoriers think

    xrl 's are made out of gold . Write me back some time . Regards.


  2. mastera210

    Ims petcock (650l)

    No IMS don't use a adapter like Clark uses
  3. mastera210

    Ims petcock (650l)

    You don't need that bowl. 600R and and offroad only bike don't have a bowl.
  4. mastera210

    Ims petcock (650l)

    On the IMS tank for the L have to use L petcock. On the Clark the use the 600R mount with a adapter. You can remove adapter and use 600R petcock
  5. mastera210

    Tire pressure recommendation for Michelin T63 tires on 650L

    Just remember the 650L don't have rim locks so don't go too low!
  6. mastera210

    top speed and power

    Scott it right! 95 to 100 mph is all she will do stock! Now my 730 I did back in 94 did 120mph.
  7. mastera210

    Lifespan of Shorai Batteries

    You are doing GOOD! Hell I never get but 5 years out of batterys in pickup! 3 for bikes.
  8. mastera210

    17" tires

    Looks good but thats a 650R you have more room than 650L. A 650L will not take a 5.00 rim.
  9. mastera210

    17" tires

    A 160/60 is to big for a 4.25 rim. Yes it will go on but it pulls in sidewalls and the profile is not correct. A 160/60 needs a 5.00 rim but that combo will not fit. Next time try a 150/60 you will find it is as wide as 160/60 mounted because the profile is correct. The bike will handle better and tire will last longer. IMO
  10. See how much smaller the 600R is? Plus you docyn't use adapter
  11. mastera210

    17" tires

    There is not much room on 650L on the rear. You need a 4.25 rim and a 150/60 tire and you don't have a lot of choices with that size. You have Conti Sport Attack, Avon 3d Ultra, I like new Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3. And remember on a SM tires tires are there for a good time not a long time! Around 2,500 miles.
  12. One good thing about a Clarke tank is it fits 650L and 600R. It uses the same petcock mount as 600R on tank. Clarke gives you a adapter for the 650L petcock.That causes some clearance problems at the head.But if you use the 600R petcock no problems.
  13. mastera210

    Tire pressure recommendation for Michelin T63 tires on 650L

    23 to 25 psi
  14. Remember one thing the 650L is a 600R really! And HOW MANY Baja 1000s did Honda win in the day with big thanks HRC 628 kits on them? So STOP worrying about it pick tank you like and ENJOY!
  15. mastera210

    24v starter Mod

    I came up with this back in 93 when I bought the first one and built a bored/stroked 730cc. Putting it in the 06 im working on can see in my garage