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  1. That’s a nice Torino. My old man had a ‘68 LTD with the hidden headlights, white with black vinyl top, 390 4bbl high-compression in those days. It was pretty fast right off the showroom floor.
  2. Yep, museum is a good place for those bikes. There’s a guy around here putting the KX500 motor in a KTM four stroke chassis. Claims it’s the best hybrid.
  3. Maico 490 was the torque king. I wonder how this compares. The guys who make the sand hills are on built WR450/490s and new KTM500 4T. The thing that rules out two-strokes for me is a 200-250 mile fuel range. Also, handlebar vibration. For me, any two-stoke is a fiddle-fart-around bike, fun, fast, but not something I can take on a 900 mile single-track/two-track adventure where there are few gas stations.
  4. I bet, but it’s sand hills with obstacles I had in mind, two thousand foot climb. No, we don’t run Recluse, isn’t that a KTM 300 thing? One out of ten of your 300s with good riders can make it to the top. Many never will. Maybe you’re one out of the few? Besides, all the riders here are afraid of the inbreeding back there . . . . from what we’ve heard. It’s only legal to marry yer cousin here, not yer sister. Maybe two brothers can marry, you’ll have to check. 😎
  5. Ya wanna put your money where yer mouth is with yer Kant Take Mexico 300? That goes for any 500 two stroke as well.
  6. It’s been more than two decades since a two-stroke won the Baja 1000 and that’s a two-track.
  7. In CA, I guess you can change your gender now, every time you renew your driver’s license.
  8. Snake pit This is recent, but many more.
  9. Valves rule on single track. I know some pros that ride jawbone and piles of KTM 300s at bottom of hill can’t make it unless ridden by Johnny walker. You’re not Johnny walker, so get something easy to ride. My buddies love to get hot dog rider who thinks they’re hot shit with the hottest bike to go to jawbone and fail on hill climb. Many videos. Just go to the TT Cali thread. Dont get me wrong, two strokes are exciting, but not on singletrack unless you’re Johnny walker.
  10. MM, BTR has already proven this works with a tent pole. My work is a little cleaner on venturi side and port side. No vents are blocked in venturi as you can see in my photos. On motor side he still has a slight lip obstruction between carb and manifold, probably makes little or no difference in drag race. It could even be an advantage on slow stuff, you just never know. On exhaust side after expansion of gasses, more important to be obstruction free. On vacuum side, not so much. We’ll see. Also, carb in your photo is not what we’re using. Honda guy, if you could only read . . . . And I’m afraid to ask what a peacock nipple is.
  11. Here’s the PWK installed. Just need fuel line and vent line. I painted the steel muffler pipe adapter satin black to match the rubber boot. Stealthy?
  12. Hey Ud, can you tell me about the weather in Sierra vista.  Is there a lot of wind there? 

    1. Ud_Luz


      Let's see, you're from California.

      Hurricane force roughly 11 months out of the year, torrential rains causing homes to wash away during monsoon, illegals absolutely everywhere, no work, schools falling apart, roads that will kill a Jeep and if you don't speak Spanish you'll never get along. ;) 

      Actually we have a 6 week season in the spring where we might get some wind, sometimes a bit high. It's rarely so much it becomes distracting. Also we have probably the mildest weather in the State. Very friendly people with stable real estate prices and a small town atmosphere.

      The down side being a smaller town is limited entertainment options, restaurants and such versus most of CA. 

      We like it here.  

    2. Baja Rambler

      Baja Rambler


      My mom and dad met in Tucson and got married there.  Dad’s brother was based at Davis-Monthan.  Shortly after, parents moved to SoCal to get work.  

  13. Here’s my custom HD steel case saver on my xr250. It allows a 15t sprocket. I looked at the 230 and it looks difficult to get enough clearance for a 15t with this idea, maybe only 14t. I do trailside sprocket changes so the plastic cover is no bueno.
  14. I have the .029 x 17.0 spring in my cr85 carb. It’s super light. Too light, I thimk.
  15. For towing. L o L . Seriously, stock hose is probably too short to install headlight.