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  1. Or the perps were jacked up on something. Too bad the victims only had a bat.
  2. Very sad.
  3. No news could be good news . . . .
  4. I agree, all bikes are fun. For me, they can all carry you over pavement and dirt roads, including most street bikes. It’s singletrack, sand washes, some two-track, and rocky terrain that quickly reduces the choices of what works well without beating you up. too bad. Most bikes are too heavy for trail riding and nothing currently made works well off the showroom floor. Just my opinion, of course.
  5. 244 is the upper limit but Not street legal. No bueno.
  6. Fuel tank not venting?
  7. I’m not sure if anyone addressed this, but the problem with the rear shock is that the rebound is too slow, nearly glacial. A heavier spring can improve this slightly. Landing off a jump is not a problem for the stock shock, it’s sucessive bumps where the shock doesn’t react and so you get the shock compacting and it rides like a buckboard. Also, rear wheel washes out on turns because it doesn’t maintain contact with bumpy surface. A plusher ride is in your future. The front forks are not horrible like the rear shock and can be helped with 2-3 pounds air pressure and light oil, or Bruce’s drilled damper rods and recommended oil. A fork swap takes it to the next level.
  8. Exactly. Sort of a home for old two-wheelers. Ya gots ta love Mel Brooks.
  9. I appreciate sharing but I also have great respect for Paul honoring Coe’s proprietary information. One of my great joys in life is hearing of a so called new development only to find out someone else has been doing the same for thirty years.
  10. Gas tank not venting properly is very common.
  11. I clean UNI in detergent or citrus degreaser which is a detergent as well. Then I oil it with generic chainsaw bar and chain oil, very sticky. I put a layer of oil on a piece of plastic sheet and roll the UNI around on it to coat the outside. Then I use Vaseline to seal the filter to the air box. I think gas and other solvents can age/degrade a filter and/or the glue holding it together. Gas is nasty. If I were to use a solvent, I would use camping fuel which is naptha/lighter fluid, put it in your zippo. But hey, to each his own. I use a dry wax chain lube on an o-ring chain, don’t want oil on it to collect dust/dirt. I ride when it’s hot and dry.
  12. Speaking of Husqvarna....
  13. That’s a nice Torino. My old man had a ‘68 LTD with the hidden headlights, white with black vinyl top, 390 4bbl high-compression in those days. It was pretty fast right off the showroom floor.
  14. In CA, I guess you can change your gender now, every time you renew your driver’s license.