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  1. Baja Rambler

    Wiring Dirt Bike for Street

    I made some progress on the schematic. It’s pretty simple, really. I found a plug to fit the switch wiring but none of the colors match, and the plug is a loose fit, so I’m thinking of changing everything to bullet connectors, or new male and female 6 pole plugs. I’m also hung up on which headlight to use, but that won’t slow me down on the rest of the wiring.
  2. Baja Rambler

    Increasing Stator Power

    Is there a good “how to” on winding the unused coil posts on the 230F stator? Wire size? Number of wraps? Is a new regulator/rectum fryer needed? I’m getting serious about the street legal wiring and have most of it figured, but still not happy with headlight choices. How many watts of lighting can I run with the stock stator? Everything is LED.
  3. Baja Rambler

    Pain & More Pain

    Before I went in for anal photography, they made me fast and drink this horrible liquid, so when I got to the hospital for the procedure, I told them to show me the shortest distance to a pastrami sandwich.
  4. Baja Rambler

    Pain & More Pain

    If you scream, you don’t get into Valhalla.
  5. Baja Rambler

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    Yes, just on her square lip.
  6. Baja Rambler

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    I use this generic bar and chain oil on my UNI filter. It’s more sticky than the Echo brand. Vaseline around the edge. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Power-Care-1-Gal-Bar-and-Chain-Oil-66785/206522253
  7. Baja Rambler

    Pain & More Pain

    OMG, I watched that episode on the Vikings series. That was some crazy shit. Good luck to you, friend. This reminds me to get back on the bicycle and Nordic-track for some maintenance.
  8. Baja Rambler

    CRF230 Tire Pressures in the sand?

    6psi rear tire a bit more in front. You can run 6psi front if you’re not hitting bowling balls size rocks at 50mph. You’re rim locks need to be correct.
  9. I’ve ridden 7,000 miles in Baja on an XR250L. I don’t know which course the rally takes, but some sections of the B1K course just suck. We don’t ride the race course. The problem with two-strokes in Baja is running out of gas.
  10. Baja Rambler

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    William1 wrote a good description of how a foam filter works under paper vs. foam.
  11. Baja Rambler

    Wiring Dirt Bike for Street

    There may be a Gen 2 bracket in the future. If one gets wiped off, the tail light still has integral blinkers inside the lens. They’re supposed to be 8” apart but I doubt anyone cares. If you look close at the photo, the 1mm aluminum is double laminated at the bend which really stiffens it up but it’s still ultralight.
  12. What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 60? Your honor!
  13. We all got screwed in the USA when Mobil lost their lawsuit against castrol’s group III syntec., the stupid judge declaring synthetic a “marketing term.” After that, they cheapened the formula on M1. In France, Mobil cannot call Mobil 1 a synthetic.
  14. Before I added an external oil cooler to my XR250L, it would trash most 20W-50 oils within 500 miles as told by the shifting getting notchy. I was riding the bike in high desert temperatures +100F. Adding the oil cooler was a game changer for oil life. That bike gets Valvoline 20W-50 synthetic M/C oil with a cup of Motul 7100. The most interesting experience (pre-oil cooler) was after a few hundred miles with the Mobil 1 15W-50 car oil everyone seems to like. Smoke was pouring out the exhaust due to viscosity breakdown but the lubricity was fine because no notchy shifting. An oil change stopped the smoking. The viscosity of that oil doesn’t seem to handle heat as well as other oils, in my experience. I would run M1 in a water cooled bike.
  15. Baja Rambler

    Do I need new tires?

    I would run them until the knobs start breaking off. Small knobs on the front like those bite really well in dirt. You could reverse the rear for a little more bite. I bought a bike with some old Dunlop’s that were like new and replaced them only because I wanted specific tires for my style of riding.