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  1. Yes, and no mill, all carved by hand. Yes, I need a road bike. Painting today. How’s your buddy?
  2. The three-position outlaw lever works great. Also, brand new cable and lube.
  3. I fabricated new wear plates out of stainless steel, welded extensions onto the snails, then tacked the snails together and ground a few extra teeth on.
  4. This^ I installed black all balls seals on my XL a couple years ago. No leaks yet. Maybe they found a better supplier. The original seals failed after 25 years and it always had fork boots for protection. I inspected the tubes for burrs and nicks and there were none. If a burr lacerated the original seal, it will certainly cut the new seal.
  5. The Costco tent 15 years ago went bad but I kept the metal poles. Mike my machine shop guy was here .As I had ever combo tube and pipe I could find. Even the metal vacuum cleaner tube . Nothing fit Mike side you will never find that size in your junk pile. Because both ends two different sizes. The I found the old tent posts perfect taper one size to the other. Why did you have a tent? You hate camping. Also, I’ve never seen a tent with a carb-sized tent pole. Something doesn’t add up here.
  6. I liked your tent pole just fine. I just din’t want to buy the whole tent. 😎
  7. I can't remember Baja hooter did you ride my pwk carbed bike stock and built bikes Only started the small wheeler. Zap, zap, zap. I rode your bored and stroked bike with PWK to rescue the XL. Awesome, very broad powerband in deep sand wash. Fun trip, good memories. I even rode the XL on its side, LOL.
  8. You can order it from Sudco with all the jetting and idle screw on right side. You still need to make your own adapters and get a new throttle and cable.
  9. Dude, you’re a battery. All you need is a positive and negative electrode on each side of your neck.
  10. Motorcycles tread pretty lightly, compared to Mother Nature. Motos and 4x4s can traverse a road for decades, one storm comes along and flash flooding creates a twenty foot chasm, uncrossable where there once was a road. Avalanches slaughter thousands of trees in a matter of seconds. Erosion is just another weapon used by Mary Treehugger to exclude families and friends from multi-use areas and make them for “hikers only.”
  11. Those are terrible offroad. I couldnt wait to take the 270 off my drz. I loved the 5.10 K270 on my XR250, but I ran 6psi off road (like any rear tire) and 20 psi on the slab. I think I got 5,000 miles out of it before the center knobs were worn down from the slab. I replaced it with a 120/80, same tire which is a few pounds lighter than the 5.10. I never ran a 270 up front. I’m running an IRC Battle Rally front which is not as good as the Parker Desert off road, but feels a lot safer on winding asphalt through the mountains, and lasts longer.
  12. I’m pretty comfortable with my garmin 60 in Baja. I use the street maps for N. America cuz they autoroute and have nearly every dirt road. I never connect it to a confuser cuz that seems like way too much trouble. Any routes not on the maps, I just set some waypoints I find on sat. maps before a trip. The garmin also has tides and a lot of other info. And it’s pretty easy to use. My only complaint is its internal confuser is a little slow. It also runs on AA batteries, two pair last a whole week. Cell coverage is still spotty in Baja and if your smartphone crashes, you may not be able to reload it, in remote locations. Also, would it all be en espanol?
  13. I wondered if the originals are aluminum brazed 7000 series aluminum (7075?), but you say you were able to weld it.
  14. Our suspension guy is a single-tracker and he swears by 2Ts. After wearing out three cylinders on his CR250, he recently got a new Husky, (2017?) It already looks like it’s been through two world wars. I think he rides it on its side.
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