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  1. Kev_XR

    Modified XR200 Spied at Local Vintage MX

    A couple friends race VMX. Cheating and whining are two of the main ingredients.
  2. Kev_XR

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    As long as Osborne doesn't do a last lap, must pass charge! We have seen that movie before. As long as Osborne doesn't do a last lap, must pass charge! We have seen that movie before.
  3. Kev_XR

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    Different riding style to survive. Did you see DV is coaching Marvin? A plus for Marvin and maybe Osborne. How do you say, "Upshift" in French? I think DV is a funny guy. He called it when RV went to the GP races without doing enough testing and set up. Hopefully more interviews with DV for us.
  4. Kev_XR

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    Jump ball. Hard to predict. Good race within the race. Savatgy rode MEC like he was on the bike he should be riding. Solid. Plessenger is 450 class size and able to ride the rough. Osborne rode with Dungey, Marvin, and Andersen for years. Hopefully one tells him how to ride a 450 properly. Starts will be everything in Jumpocross. Savatgy had great starts at MEC.
  5. For Flat track, it would be the Yamaja TZ750 in a Champion frame. Though Kenny Robert's won the Indy Mile, he said they dont pay him enough to ride it. Harley, I mean the AMA banned it. There is a kit that converts KTM 300s into 500s. Power valve included.
  6. Kev_XR

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    Next, you'll be telling us pro wrestling is rigged. Lol. Those big guys doing flips is amazing. The results, not so much. I'm liking Scottie Kilmer on YouTube. His target audience are people owning or buying used cars with over 70,000 miles on it. A long time independent mechanic, he likes to laugh at cars that are crap. Likes: Toyota, Honda, Manual Transmission, older trucks Dislike: automatic and CVT transmissions, most other makes. Lots of DYI tips and diagnostics Sample
  7. Kev_XR

    Yamaha SX testing

    The Supercross Voodoo curse.
  8. Kev_XR

    Paris Supercross

  9. Kev_XR

    supercross Paris Supercross

    First day of racing is over. Entry list. https://motocross.transworld.net/news/2018-paris-supercross-entry-list/
  10. Kev_XR

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    The only reality in reality TV seems to be the divorces and destroyed families. You never know if the producer tells the seller, "Sell it cheap, make him look awesome and we will cut you a check for even more." The guy made money and I'm glad to see him spreading it around. The goofy TV build was the Las Vegas Counting Cars. They took a vintage Husky and turned it into a chopper. Much like the Monty Python turning a pitbull into a fish. Cut off the legs, sew on fins, ram a pipe through the back of the head so it can breathe. The Husky chopper was just as weird.
  11. Kev_XR

    Good Read: Bob Hannah Interview

    Gingers get no respect? Or was it Kawasaki riders? Actually we left that to you. Ward did great in open wheel racing. RC on 4 wheels, not so much.
  12. Kev_XR

    Tickle Suspended

    WADA is set up to kill athletic careers when someone gets caught. Bicycle riders at Tour de France, field & track, and gymnastics is probably their main focus. Compare that to baseball or football suspensions.
  13. Kev_XR

    Good Read: Bob Hannah Interview

    I've seen Hannah dominate at Hangtown. He was awesome. The rider with that much will to dominate and determination is RC. RC just pounded his bike and the competition. RC never let up until it was time to walk away. JS took a break in him prime. Hannah raced F1 boats, tunnel hills with outboard motors that flip easily. He raced a P51 in the unlimited class at Reno. Now he has an airplane manufacturing company in Idaho. If you want to read about a World Champion that is a straight shooter, read interviews with Kenny Roberts Sr. He is not shy about his opinion about the AMA and motorcycle companies.
  14. Kev_XR

    2019 SX Champ

    Eli is getting smarter. He just needs to pace the leader until 5 laps to go. Or just ride fast enough to stay ahead. Starts will be the biggest issue for Tomac. Roczen's fitness is a factor. Healthy, he can pace Tomac. Marvin and Andersen need ET to have bad races.
  15. Kev_XR

    Condolences to the Villopoto Family

    At least they made up before it was too late. Sad news.