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  1. Posted outside the stadium.
  2. KTMs and Huskies have a "Zach Attack" button that use useful for Kamikazing Kawasakis. OTOH how many times did Tomac go after Dungey at Las Vegas last year. 3 that I recall. I think Marvin meant to go all in but was a bit embarrassed that he took out Tomac like Andersen took him out.
  3. Martin and Marvin screwed up my picks. The rest were not that good.
  4. great bike. New filter. Change the gas and oil. Does it run? New cables work wonders. No matter how much you lube the old ones, new cables just work better.
  5. Use Google
  6. motocross

    Zach gets to keep riding the White KTM. JA21 is showing the 450 is as fast as any bike out there. I think Tomac and Roczen are still the fastest riders.... When they don't crash.
  7. Stick with the plan. I get a huge lead mid season. You crush me at Las Vegas. Again! It's all fun!
  8. No one reads anymore. I just look at your avatar and click LIKE.
  9. Looks like this crap is everywhere, like asbestos.
  10. If a dog psychiatrist could fix my beagle for $200, I'd spend it in a minute. My free dog from the Humane Society came with lots of issues.
  11. Using someone's own words against them is the ultimate debating move.
  12. Take a lesson from the pros at hiding knowledge.
  13. Because you go from boss to employee. Then you get told, "our accountants tell us profit can be raised 0.1% by switching to steel handlebars." If you lose control, you want to have enough cash to walk.
  14. Dungey is the one guy that would benefit more from Roid Rage than the muscle building. It's possible that Aldon told Dungy the magic words he told RC and James Stewart. Like punt that rider like it will earn you a million, because it will.
  15. Fixed.