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  1. Didn't read all of the pages... Sums it up nicely.
  2. motocross

    He is doing those exact things listed 2 weeks ? Yep. Tomac crashes and a weird mechanical DNF have wiped out his huge lead. He was way ahead when his bike died. Having to go through the pack to catch the leaders in moto 2 was too much. I would credit Tomacs lousy start more than the other riders speed.
  3. motocross

    Looking for clues about Tomacs bike. This had some interesting rumors and BS, MX and mxon related not ETs bike.,20/Suff-I-heard-at-Red-Bud,1343014
  4. motocross

    I mainly remember their battles in the 250 SX class where they took turns crashing out of the points lead. In the last couple years, both have been injured or crashed out of contention. Kenny is just flat out fast, but recovering. Eli is fast and strong. Marvin is smooth and fast. I think Tomac controls the series this year. No crashes, no weird DNFs, he wins.
  5. motocross

    KR would be right there with ET without injuries. Two incredibly talented riders who have done spectacular crashes. I wonder how long before they form an alliance. "If we are both out front, we drop Marvin, then do big whips and play until 5 minutes plus 2 laps to go. Then we drop the hammer and faster rider wins. No sense going full speed for 30 minutes. " Kenny Robert's use to do that roadracing. Wheelie contest! Flat trackers use to back off mid race. Partially due to second place on the last corner can be the winning spot.
  6. motocross

    SLIDE JOB! SLIDE JOB! NASCAR version of a block pass. Go inside faster than you can hold the inside line, slide up in front of the other car. Or into the other car. Leave the inside open and someone will fill the void. Any motorized sport. Mitch must be thinking other riders misread Kawasaki as "Kamikaze" because other riders are broadsiding his green bikes. "Racing is Rubbing", former Pro Circuit rider named Bubba. (I'll use that to tie in the NASCAR reference.)
  7. I think Robbie did that jump with a second rider, two at a time. Robbie was a pretty good rider in his own right. Had the option to use modern MX bikes.
  8. motocross

    The old joke about Nevada brothels... "So what can I get for $5?" "Hey Joe, grease up the cat."
  9. You should read "One flew over the Cuckoos Nest". It talks about how all the houses in suburbs look the same and children sometimes go home to the wrong house. But all parents and all children look alike so no one notices. Great book. What meth labs, coke labs, marijuana grows (wilderness) do to the land is the real crime.
  10. I thought this would be Gordon doing lines of coke and really yelling at everyone! Is that the standard method? Better get Walter White to clean up the process.
  11. It was a tribute to Evel show, so some of the background stories were good. Lots of fill to make sure the History Channel got their money's worth. The Bike The Indian FTR750 is a purpose built flat track race bike. There isn't a street version. It was built to knock off the HD XR750, which has dominated flat track racing since, "On Any Sunday" was a new movie. The bike is just kicking ass on everyone. Travis had Rolin Sands build up the suspension and frame on the FTR750. FYI, I'm pretty sure the bike he rode over and did burn outs wasn't the jump bike. I noticed the jump bike had lipstick cams pointed up or possibly idiot lights for speed, right were the speedometer would go. The street bike didn't have those two protruding objects. The Jumps IMHO, the biggest improvement is the jump ramps. The old Evel jump ramps went from flat to up and didn't really have a good transition. I'm not sure how much lift Evel really got near the end of the take off ramp. I bet Travis's jumps were engineered to have a parabolic rise and continuously keep raising him up. The transition was very slight compared to the kicker jumps or modern distance jumps, but still there. Travis Kelley Knievel said his dad made most of the jumps and only crashed several times, but those crashes made him famous. Travis probably has out jumped Evel on any given month for the last 10 years. Travis did seem to sit down during the take off, which is something I don't recall anyone doing on a 450F bike being jumped for distance. He did use the back brake to lower the front wheel. Something no one knew back in Evel's day. I wondered why Robbie wasn't there. Money? Envy? Family issues? Wanted to do the jumps himself? Very good show, not great. Two great riders in history. I was glad to see Travis was unhurt. Travis the showman did a good job. Travis the rider made the jumps look too easy. Talent always makes things look easy.
  12. motocross

    The GP circuit seems like the UN of motocross. Countries, not tracks are picked for races. Then the host country does "best we have" track, which sometimes sucks balls.
  13. motocross

    The banjo playing is freaking out the cat.
  14. motocross

    NASCAR pussified the Sears Point track by adding the NASCAR back straight to avoid the "Carousel section". Not really needed now as they figured out how to turn right. Red Bud isn't a jumpocross track. Let the GP riders sample an AMA MX track as run in the series. I bet the GP riders want a chance at LaRocco's Leap for the full Red Bud experience and don't want the jump removed from the course.
  15. motocross

    No one kills the competition or the English language like RC. Momma didn't raise no sports caster. But he is the GOAT, so who cares. RC knows MX. AC did well, but the MX announcing crew is the top crew to work with. Best announcers since Dave Despaine and Davd Bailey. AC was funny not trying to hammer Pro Circuit's bad luck too much. It was funny how much he was talking up Sexton, then seemed to realize, "I'm giving away my ride if it comes to me or him." Look forward to AC racing more years, then announcing.