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  1. saucebox

    the 04 is getting a makeover

    200 but my buddy has a yfz450 quad and he had his frame, subframe, a-arms and motor mounts all done and we split it 50/50. wish i would have had my subframe and motor mounts done as well his sure look nice. i was quoted 120 to have just my frame done so i was ok with 100 even though my friend got the better deal.
  2. got the frame back from powder coating today very happy with the results. also got my new tank in the mail friday. will post some finished pictures this week when i get it back together. heres what i got so far.
  3. saucebox

    Pics from sask????

    i live right on the sask. border like 1/2 hr from estevan. always wondered if there were any tracks up there.
  4. saucebox

    now thats a whip

    anyone have the pictures that used to be here. had one as my background and changed it today on accident now i want it back and the pictures are gone
  5. saucebox

    anyone ever seen a jack daniels bike?

    theres a black yz with jd graphics in the pictures and videos forum. cant remember which thread. lets see those yamahas or something on that order
  6. saucebox

    Best supercross race ever 1986

    that race was brutal. the abuse those guys took was simply amazing. i could only wish to be in that good of shape to ride that hard for 20 laps on those bikes and that track. they have my respect
  7. saucebox

    Pics of your first bike...

    had a ty250 that looked just like that. neighbor gave it to me when i was 13 but it needed chain and sprockets. exhaust broke off it about once a week and i kept the local welder busy. dad thought it was too big for me and bought me a 78 dt 125. traded the 2 of them for a 90 kx 125. wish i wouldnt have ever done that.
  8. saucebox

    What is your TT routine?

    every day when i come home from work i take a shower, go online and snoop through the pictures and videos on tt, check my email and bismanonline to see if theres any sweet deals. after that i have supper and if i have no plans for the night and theres nothing on tv and i'm sitting around the house bored i'll surf ebay, tt, and dootalk for an hour or 2 then go to bed.
  9. saucebox

    Will this dude make it to the X-games>?

    all you guys bashing him saying he shouldnt be jumping a motorcycle makes me sick. he's working hard at getting better and not giving up and thats what it takes to be a winner, losers give up. with the improvement from the first video to the second theres no doubt in my mind he would be able to make the x games if he would have started riding with all new gear and equipment when he was 3 like TP.
  10. saucebox

    first year of the liquid yz 250s?

    yep its definately an 82. i agree about the coolant leak due to corrosion. i'm pretty sure i'll be taking the engine out and making a shifter kart with it. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://craigmac215.tripod.com/pictures/yamaha250yz1983.jpg&imgrefurl=http://craigmac215.tripod.com/yzmodels.htm&h=313&w=512&sz=39&hl=en&start=1&um=1&tbnid=Pq9MxK_c3CIAlM:&tbnh=80&tbnw=131&prev=/images%3Fq%3D1983%2Byz%2B250%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN wish i would have found that site before i started a new thread.
  11. last summer i bought a yz 250 from a guy and he wasnt sure of the year. I think it might be an 83 but i'm not sure. the radiator is where the number plate is and i googled yz's and 83 was the only year i could find that had the radiator there. its really a weird setup and i'm thinking about using the motor in a go-cart.
  12. saucebox

    new toy hauler

    i can haul 3 sleds in this one though. its going to haul sleds, quads, bikes and pull a pair of jetskis behind it. the one across the street is being used as a tool trailer.
  13. saucebox

    new toy hauler

    its a work in progress... its actually quite close to water tight.. a lot more water tight than the box of my pickup or my tent
  14. saucebox

    new toy hauler

    just picked it up sun. for 250 bucks. its 8x18 and kind of home built using a camper frame. gonna paint it and slap some panneling on the inside to spruce it up and maybe some hub caps for those ugly rims. will sure beat all those nights of tenting it and we can finally haul our whole crew of 2 bikes and 3 quads with just one pickup and trailer!