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  1. That's not the CDI, Looks like a turn signal flasher.
  2. I think you misunderstood my post, the "Leave what you find" is the title of the 4th one down. NOT that I think what's been done should stay,the flag and the pole should be removed.
  3. Funny you would post this did you read it, the fourth one down Leave what you find. So others put up something you don't like in an area where there shouldn't be anything, and you are going to take that down and put up what you think should be there. When you do this are you going to also install a light to illuminate the flag at night.
  4. I have a ready to ride 95 KDX200 PM me if interested
  5. I have a 2012 250X and it does not have HPSD.
  6. nw56


    Thanks I'm going to order one today.
  7. nw56


    Have you done this? If you have does it fit like it should or is it just close, any pics. If it fits like it should I don't mind spending the money, already ruined a pair of over the boot pants.
  8. Drill a hole in a block of wood for the needle to go in and pound a socket on it, the slide will be fine.
  9. I used an after market top clamp that moved the bars forward and up, and bars with less sweep. Not a cheap fix but worth it imo.
  10. I just bought a pair of SG10's from motorcyclecloseouts.com for 315.00 with free shipping. I ordered on saturday they called on monday to verify my address because it was my first order with them and the boots arrived on tuesday.
  11. Not the first time this has happened,they always work it out last minute. If they do drop those channels someone else will pick them up,so I'm waiting till it's settled befor I make a change.
  12. Yep I think it will,I have left reciepts from getting gas or whatever on my dash and after a few days you can't read them. With all the info you have to give them to get the pass how can there be no record of you buying it.
  13. It's the bearings, the only area of the spacer that wears is where the seal rides. If the spacer is grooved from the seal then replace them and the bearings.
  14. Hope your doc gotta good layer of meat over the end of the bone, cold weather will make it hurt if not.
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