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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYzAWboBLO0
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYzAWboBLO0
  3. Great when theirs lots of snow! twitchy on dry pavement though Had a fun time today.
  4. The Thor aren't the most comfortable, they start to put a lot of pressure on the front of your knee cap after a couple hours and you need to be careful that the Velcro is not touching your skin, i have drawn blood from the strap right behind the knee. Also i have had problems with the screws coming out at the pivot points, I've tried red lock tight with no luck. But the protection is pretty good on these with front and side impacts. (Even while missing a couple screws) I wore these for six weeks straight 12 hours a day and never really forgot i was wearing them, but it was tolerable.... I still wear them when I plan on hitting the trails hard. Oh and if you wear a sock under the brace it help with comfort big time.
  5. Maxxis Maxx Cross Intermediate tires with tapcon screws installed in them.
  6. Thanks katoom. would anyone buy this bike?
  7. Hey everyone, Thinking about buying my first 2 stroke, coming from and 01 xr250r. My favorite riding is tight rocky single track. and I'm hoping to get into riding a few hare scrambles this next summer. What do you guys think about this deal? http://nh.craigslist.org/mcy/4724681433.html Guy says he has 30 years experience of rebuilding engines as a hobby and builds lasers as a profession, comes of as a detail oriented guy... My concerns are: -is the suspension going to be much better than the xr? -would you trust buying a bike thats been rebuilt in someones garage? -is the bike worth $300 more than KBB prices it at? I'm trying to rationalize the price because of the armor currently installed and it has a plate... Any input appreciated
  8. Maybe try posting on craigs list for riders, i found a group of guys up north that way. umm i'd suggest posting in the motorcycle section not the personals.
  9. sounds similar to what happened to me. but maybe your second gear didn't fully seize? http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1010971-transmission-locked-up-on-me-go-70mph/
  10. i Really like UFO's front and tail end lighting, cant get any more flush... not my photos I have this on my xr250r found a photo of my bike searching Google.
  11. It's sad, But he was going WAY too fast!
  12. I had one of those days a few days ago, didn't really want to go for a ride because i was tired at the end of the day, but my roomate wanted to so i went. We ended up messing around on some old rail road tracks...I went to pull a one footed u-turn but went into it too fast on an irregular rocky dirt road and before i knew it the bike was out from under me I was laying on my back, and i had hit the back of my head hard! 5 minutes later I go into a flat grassy slight bend of a corner too fast and the front tire washes out and i go face first into the dirt. My head still hurts and my neck is very sore
  13. I think it's OK to be without the upper roller...I just noticed mine was gone today.
  14. Disconnect the cables at the carb and slowly turn the throttle tube back and forth while listening to hear if the cable if frayed. If you hear a scratchy noise and feel resistance you most likely need a new cable. Or if it's the return cable that's binding up you can get rid of it all together, just be aware that's your safety line for letting off on the gas if the carb were to get stuck WOT. ( I have been running with one cable for over a year now) Next you can use something like pb blaster to lube the cable. you can make a little funnel at the end of the cable with tape to ease getting the lube down the cable. (lube until it's coming out at the carb side). You can also try blowing out all the grit under the trottle tube with compressed are or take the tube off and wipe it with a rag...Don't lube under the throttle tube, it will just collect grime, especially if you ride off road.
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