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  1. Ramcc4x4

    Headlight Suggestions?

    I've been running the Acerbis Cyclops for a couple of years now. I like it and it has done okay in slow to moderate speed night riding.
  2. Ramcc4x4

    WR jetting help

    I guess I'm one of the "lucky" ones. I can twist the throttle as fast as I can and there is no bog. I even run an open side panel. My current setup is: JD blue needle in 3rd position, "thick" o-rings for accelerator pump, 48 pilot, adjustible pilot screw, stock leak jet, 170 main, UNI filter and DrD pipe. I've had several people ride my bike that also have WR's and they have been impressed. Sounds like you may need more fuel to eliminate that flat spot based on what you've posted.
  3. Ramcc4x4

    Tire Size

    +1 for the 120/100/18. Here is the Maxxis IT on my 2006 WR450.
  4. Ramcc4x4

    Post your WR pictures Here !!!!!!!

    I installed a few things over the weekend: New black anodized wheels, neavy duty tubes and a Maxxis IT 120/100/18 on the rear. Also put on the Barnum side panel and my new (to me) DrD exhaust.
  5. Ramcc4x4

    WR400/426/450 Modification Database

    Model/Year: 2006 WR450 Engine: GYTR AIS blockoff, UNI air filter, snorkel removed, holes cut in airbox, gray wire removed, Barnum side panel Carb: JD Kit blue needle on 3rd clip, 48 pilot, 170 main, JD accelerator pump o-ring (thick), Zip-Ty fuel screw Exhaust: Dr. D slip-on Fluids: Suspension: Stock Chassis: CR Hi-bend bars Protection: Utah Sport Skidplate, Works Connection Frame guards, Acerbis Multiconcept handguards Tires/Wheels: Black anodized Excel wheels, tires vary, heavy duty tubes Driveline: Ironman rear Sprocket 13/49 Ratio Electrical: Acerbis Cyclops headlight Cosmetic: A few tasteful decals Miscellaneous: Moose rear fender bag, Moose front shroud bag for desert riding. I absolutely love this bike! Coming soon is an IMS tank, IMS footpegs, and possibly trying a YZ header and exhaust cam.
  6. It's been a couple of years since I installed a cam in my 650R. Did you set the valves to spec after the cam install? Is there ANY popping out of the exhaust indicating that it wants to start? Is it possible that the cam was installed 180 degrees off?
  7. Ramcc4x4

    XR650R Seat Options???

    I bought a Moose tall seat from the classifieds here. It felt 10 times more comfortable then the stocker and was a complete replacement. It had an all black gripper cover.
  8. Ramcc4x4

    Frame Guards wanted for 06 WR450

    Here are pics of the Works Connection frame guards on my 06 WR450: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b263/Ramcc4x4/WorksConnectionframeguards.jpg http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b263/Ramcc4x4/WorksConnectionframeguards.jpg
  9. Ramcc4x4

    whats this ?????

    Correct. It's the "pea shooter" that was removed from the factory end cap.
  10. Ramcc4x4

    2007 WR 450 - Rear Fender tool bag.

    Here are pics for the Moose pack on my 2006: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b263/Ramcc4x4/leftside.jpg http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b263/Ramcc4x4/rear.jpg This is the newer style and has much more room and separate compartments compared to the old style.
  11. Ramcc4x4

    70s jet question

    I used the 70s when I opened up the side panel. That took the low end flat spot away.
  12. Ramcc4x4

    XR650R vs. WR450F

    I've also had both: a 2002 XR650R with stage 1 cam, Edelbrock carb, opened up side panel, header, pipe, cdi, etc and now ride a 2006 WR450. First, the speedo on the Wr is nice, but it's not worth $1,000. I had a Trailtech on the XR650R and I had 2 complaints - it wasn't backlit all the time (the one on the WR is), and the readings were slow. Here are my opinions: If you want to ride on the street the XR is the best choice. If you want to desert ride, the XR is also the best choice. If you do single track trail rides, the WR. As mentioned above, the WR does come with nice factory equipment: Renthal bars, pumper carb, Excel wheels, electronic speedo, and it costs very little money to get it to run right. The XR still has more aftermarket stuff available. With your size you'll probably want to get a tall seat. I has a Moose tall/soft seat and it made all the difference in the world. It sounds like the XR will fit your body better. With either bike you'll still want to have the suspecsion set up for your weight. Performance wise, my XR screamed, but I did quite a few things to make it run like that. It was extremely reliable, and never let me down once. That being said, I'm also happy with the performance of my WR. I've done the "free mods", rejetted the carb, adjusted the accelerator pump, opened up the airbox, and installed the Pro Moto Billet exhaust tip. The performance is strong, and I think it runs well for a 450. I don't motocross, super moto, or anything like that. I trail ride, and when I'm lucky get to the desert with friends once or twice a year. Which bike do I like more? It depends. The WR is a completely different bike to ride. When I trail ride and drop the bike on the side of a hill, I'd rather pick up the WR instead of the XR with a full 4.3 gallon tank in the heat of day.
  13. Ramcc4x4

    Jd Jetting Kit

    What part of California do you live/ride in? I normally ride my 2006 WR450 from seal level to about 2500 feet. I'm running the JD blue needle in the #3 position, 48 pilot, 170 main, the thick o-rings for the accelerator pump, UNI filter, "free mods", and PMB exhaust tip. I have no bog anywhere throughout the rpm range and mid-top is where my bike runs strongest. I originally tried the GYTR needle but the performance is much better with the JD needle. I had considered trying the Edelbrock carb because it worked so well for my XR650R but I can't justify the expense because I'm not having carb problems. Did you open the two holes in your airbox and remove the snorlel?
  14. Ramcc4x4

    WR 450 2006 engine

    I went from a modified XR650R to a 2006 WR450. I trail ride. I don't have stalling problems with the WR and the vibration doesn't seem bad at all. I've been really happy with the bike.
  15. Ramcc4x4

    WR450 vs XR650R vs CRF450X

    I owned a 2002 XR650R and absolutely loved the bike. I have ridden it in Mojave and loved every minute of it (until I'm tired and have to pick it up on the side of a hill with the 4.3 gallon tank full of gas). Anyway, since I mostly trail ride the WR450 is much more enjoyable for my needs. As far as power, my 650R ran extremely well with a stage 1 cam, Edelbrock carb, header, pipe, open side panel and cdi. It was a very reliable bike that never let me down. I would like to ride a 525 but haven't had the opportunity.