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  1. LeeMonster

    "S" Carb cleaning

    Well I finally got my carb out and removed the pesky lower bolts (cut slot with my Dremel). The carb interior looks clean. I know I should remove and clean each of the jets. Is there anything else I need to check out / clean? Thanks
  2. LeeMonster

    2001 S Carb Removal - throttle cables

    Thanks, loosening the black box did the trick.
  3. I've got the carb boots apart but how do I detach the throttle cables so I can remove the carb?
  4. LeeMonster

    I will buy deathwings

    Sounds like we had the same idea. I just put my original DW's back on over the weekend. Put my sprocket cover and original glide plate back on also. There aren't too many dirt areas to ride legally in CT. I figured I'd try a little street riding for a while. My 2001 S has only 1900 miles it. Mostly trail.
  5. LeeMonster

    What's a reasonable price to have tires changed?

    My local Cycle Gear store charges $10-15 if u bring in the wheel.
  6. LeeMonster

    How to unsieze swingarm pivot?

    Need to use a big hammer and lots of PBlaster. Soak the sleeves and bolt with PBlaster (maybe for a few days for a really frozen bolt). I placed a 5/8 inch bolt with a bunch of washers on it into the hollow swingarm bolt and used a sledge hammer to bang it out.
  7. I usually ride off-road with my S, but am toying with the idea of commuting to work (25 miles each way) a few times a week. My job requires business casual clothing. Do I wear protective clothing over my work clothes? How do I keep from arriving to work without looking ragged?
  8. LeeMonster

    I'm beat. LITERALLY. Swingarm pivot bolt problems.

    I went through the same thing. Keep soaking all areas that the bolt contacts the frame and swingarm with PB Blaster. I ending using a sledge hammer to beat it out. I think I tried everynight for 4 nights before it came out. I placed a 5/16 x 3 inch bolt with around 10 washers on it into the pivot bolt and kept hitting that bolt instead of the pivot bolt head. Soak and hammer, soak and hammer... I also tried the threaded rod idea, not even close to being strong enough.
  9. LeeMonster

    swingarm bearing re-pack

    I finally got my swingarm bolt out (needed a bigger hammer). My question is about greasing the bearings... do I dis-assemble all the parts (e.g. rubber seals, washers, individual needle rollers) before I grease, or just smear grease all around (without dis-assembly) and call it good to go? Anything to watch out for? Thanks in advance.
  10. My swingarm pivot bolt is frozen. The nut came off OK. I've been soaking it in pb-blaster and pounding on it pretty hard. I'm afraid I'm going to break something. I've applied heat (propane torch) to both ends of the bolt to no avail. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. LeeMonster

    Rear shock leaking fluid

    After returning home from from a nice Sunday woods ride, I noticed there was fluid on my trailer. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the fluid was leaking from the rear shock. What are my options? Can I get this fixed? Is there a place (other than the dealer) that can fix this? I have a 2001 S. Does it make sense to upgrade to the E rear shock? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. LeeMonster

    "S" Model IMS Footpegs - install

    Bought a pair of IMS Pro pegs om eBay for $69. Direct bolt-on. I had a little trouble hooking the springs over the slot in the peg, but install was easy. I don't think they will be too harsh on my boot sole.
  13. LeeMonster

    radiator flush procedure

    Hi all, I plan on flushing my rads and refilling with "Engine Ice". What is the proper procedure for flushing the system? Thanks in advance.
  14. LeeMonster

    Dual-Sport Mirror Question

    I have the Sean Ken mirror and like it. No vibrating.
  15. LeeMonster

    O/T - electric impact wrenches ?

    Goat - Do you have any trouble loosening nuts? How would it perform removing lug nuts and maybe suspension (strut) nuts?