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  1. Harry Paratestes

    YZM 500 pictures

    The great thing about works bikes are the tiny details, the small parts that someone laboured to build that you and I wouldn't have even considered.
  2. Harry Paratestes

    IT banding & Knee Pain

    The OMG! with the foam roller is because it is working. Keep at it. Also stretch the piriformis. You might consider a hard massage to help release the IT band. It takes a while.
  3. Harry Paratestes

    patella femoral syndrome questions

    Do low bar back squats. It will get better. http://startingstrength.com/
  4. Harry Paratestes

    My left collar bone fracture x-rays - very disheartened

    Pay up,sucka! The good Doctor said"gibs is right":banana: nj,get it fixed,two piece collarbone no good.
  5. Harry Paratestes

    95 CR250 restore... maybe

    Is the fuel coming out the overflow or at the gasket mating surface? Check the float needle for any grooving or corrosion,it takes almost nothing to make it leak. Oh yeah,post more pics!
  6. Harry Paratestes

    Is the nausea from landing on my head?

    Shots to the noggin have a cumulative effect, and as has been said nausea is one of the signs of concussion.
  7. Harry Paratestes

    Question on handle bar bend

    All the manufacturers have bar bend charts, Google for the win.
  8. Harry Paratestes

    Bicycles and Neck Pain

    Lots of people get sore necks from the "dog humping a football" position that bikes force you into,including professionals. You could try getting taller bars,lowering the saddle or standing and pedaling more.
  9. Harry Paratestes

    95 CR250 restore... maybe

    Yup, it's a project. The scarring on the crankcase walls shouldn't matter unless the crank rubs. As long as the mainshaft bearing fits in its bore you're golden.Loctite makes a bearing adhesive. Lots to do,those era Hondas were monsters. Enjoy.
  10. Harry Paratestes

    95 CR250 restore... maybe

    Do you have the knowledge to press the crank apart,put it back together and then true it? Yes the cylinder will need to be re-plated after boring. Millenium Technologies or a host of other companies can handle that.
  11. Harry Paratestes

    95 CR250 restore... maybe

    The head should be re-cut to clean it up and establish proper squish. The cylinder probably needs to be re-plated. Good luck.
  12. Harry Paratestes

    Weight Training

    Define "strong". If you could squat 2X bodyweight to parallel would that be it? I'm going to recommend Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Basic,simple movements that work if you follow the program. You will be heavier,but that will be muscle which equals strength. Consider it.
  13. Harry Paratestes

    94'-96' CR250 differences

    I hate you. In this part of the world that doesn't exist for any price.
  14. Harry Paratestes

    95 CR250 restore... maybe

    Run,don't walk away,from that pile. To"restore" you want the most original example you can find. That ain't it.
  15. Harry Paratestes

    Risks of heat stroke summer riding.

    There are a bunch of ifs in this situation. If you are well hydrated before and maintain hydration(camelback) you should be ok. If you are in good condition and don't try to win the race on the first lap you should be ok. If you listen to your body,no denial,no rationalizing,you should be ok. If you don't feel right it is because you're not,STOP!, park under a shady tree,take off your helmet, and undress as much as decency allows. Drink until you don't feel like crap,and don't try to finish the race.You falter,you're done. Soak your jersey before you start the race,put a wet towel around your neck and stay out of the sun until you have to go to the line.