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  1. I have a 1999 Yamaha bigbear 350 4x4. And I can’t exactly figure out what this plug is for.
  2. Just bought a 1999 kx100 the guy I bought it from was using VP 100 fuel in it. I want to use just regular 89 gas in it. Do I need to change anything on the carb or should it be alright?
  3. getsketchy

    Fork Seal tools

    Basic question here: what are all the basic tools i will need by their exact names (so i can find them on motosport or RM) to change my fork seals? 07 rmz 250
  4. It seems like alot of riders dont really like suzukis and i want to know why?
  5. Title pretty much says it all, Whats your favorite dirt bike brand andy why? I grew up with an older suzuki so now i like suzuki,s and i now have a 2007 RM-Z 250. So whats your favorite bike and why? I honostly in a way feel like it comes down to how good the rider is. Let me hear your opinions!!
  6. getsketchy

    Iowa Indoor tracks in Iowa

    Is there any indoor track around the iowa area? I have yet to find any.
  7. Just wondering if Engine Ice is worth buying and using and who all uses it and has a reason to why its better then just the regular 50/50 mix.
  8. getsketchy

    Goggles with nose piece

    lol nice thanks...
  9. I recently just bought a pair of Scott Hustle Goggles they have a little nose piece and i have mixed feelings about them. What do you guys think of goggles with little nose pieces? Also can you take them off?
  10. getsketchy

    What anti-Freeze do you guys use?

    by the way what website do you get yours from?
  11. getsketchy

    What anti-Freeze do you guys use?

    Ok thanks im thinking about buying some!!
  12. getsketchy

    What anti-Freeze do you guys use?

    Would it also help in the winter to at roughly -25 degrees to?
  13. I live here in Iowa so the winters can get down to -25 or so and the summer heat can sometimes get to 115 degrees. What Anti-freeze would you recomend to put in my bike? Do any of you use Engine Ice? Im thinking about buying a jug. I also just bought this bike so im not sure what anit-freeze he has in it.
  14. getsketchy

    Scorpion helmets

    Thats what i was looking at was the VX-34 helmet.
  15. getsketchy

    Scorpion helmets

    Hey guys, Do you know anything about scorpion helmets? Are they a good quality brand and the helmet im looking at has air filled cheek pads. Has anyone ever had those in a helmet? Let me know thanks.