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  1. Thanks gents, I will broaden my search! I was apparently misinformed. Take care, Jack
  2. Thanks but the 93 won't work on a 99 model. Been watching ebay for a couple of months, just haven't found one that'll work on my bike yet. Jack
  3. Hey y'all, The CDI on my 1999 DR350SE is giving me trouble and I'm looking for a replacement. Any suggestions? I bought an aftermarket one from regulatorrectifier but it didn't work. I posted an ad in the TT classifieds and emailed Jesse too. Any help greatly appreciated. I'd hate to not be able to get it running again, it's served me well and I love this bike! Thanks, Jack
  4. Time Left: 12 days and 14 hours

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    Looking for a new or used functional CDI for a 1999 DR350SE. If you have one or know where I can get one please shoot me a message. Thanks, Jack


  5. Somewhat old post but if you haven't found anything you might try an Enduro Star trail stand, about $30. It's made to work with a kickstand to get the rear of the bike off the ground but might work as a stand alone kickstand. PSR and Pro Moto billet both have kickstands but they are expensive.
  6. So there are several things you need to check. Spark plug condition? If not sure replace it, they are cheap. Air filter clean? If not clean it. Carb clean? Lots of posts about how to clean flat slide carb bowl and jets. Carb jetted correctly? Jesse at Kientech engineering can help you with info about that. Fuel flowing freely? Disconnect fuel line from carb and run it into something to make sure the petcock screen isn't clogged. While you're at it if it has the stock petcock leave it set to PRI while trying to start the bike. Last but quite possibly the problem-check the valve clearances. Also plenty of info on TT about how to do that. If they have gotten tight it can be hard to start. Good luck!
  7. Need more details please. Other than not staying running at idle how does it run when you bump start it? If it runs well it may be as simple as the idle is adjusted too low. What do you mean when you say it's hard to kick start? Is it physically hard to kick over, or does it kick over okay but hard to get it to start?
  8. If you haven't gotten any help elsewhere try posting the is the dirtbike-make/model specific-Honda XR250 forum.
  9. Westpoint TN. NATRA has a 5000 acre riding area there, annual membership is about $60 and camping is allowed. No MX action but plenty of trails. North Alabama Trail Riders Assoc.
  10. I have an unused 3 port plug (2 positives and 1 ground) on my bike wiring harness and an unused 3 wire plug that fits it. The harness plug is OEM for accessory addons (CB500X front OP plug). I have a 2 wire dual accessory power supply (handlebar mount) with a USB port and a 12V socket. Any reason why I can't run the 2 positives from the plug together to the single positive for the accessory supply and the ground of each together? Not too great on wiring/electrical stuff. Thanks, Jack
  11. Kentucky

    The weather should be fine, sometimes a little wet that time of year but otherwise fine. The only place in Ky I've ridden is Turkey Bay OHV area in Land Between the Lakes national recreation area. Nice place to ride but not really enough trails for 3 days. Hopefully someone else will add other suggestions. Good luck, Jack
  12. No, I've never ridden those areas. Once my son got comfortable on a bike we spent most of our time locally on MX tracks. Our trail riding at that point was pretty much limited to going to different OHV areas for short vacations. Finger Lakes in Columbia Missouri was a favorite, Moonrocks out in Nevada was good, BLM land in the Sierra Nevada range was fantastic. I travelled a lot in those days so we rode all over. He lives in Kansas now so I go up there to visit and we ride around there. Jack
  13. I had a similar problem once, turned out to be the main fuse. Had too much dielectric grease on it I guess. Cleaned it up and haven't had the problem happen again.
  14. The SE is the street legal electric start version, I think it came out in 1995. If yours is a dirt only model it won't have electric start. Both have an automatic decompression built in. I believe it was 1994 when that was introduced. Without decompression it would get harder to kick, not just hard to start.
  15. The Turkey Bay riding area at Land Between the Lakes. There is a large open flat area near where you park that you can teach him to ride in. Plus plenty of trails once he gets the hang of it. Plenty are easy enough for a new rider. My son's grown now and we still ride together, on and off road. But I sure do miss those first few years after he learned to ride! Man that was fun, took a lot of patience but it was worth it. Good luck, Jack