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    2015 Beta 300 RR
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  1. lrn5000

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    What exactly is the process for adjusting the float level? I believe Beta reccommends something like 5 degree's but I have no clue how to be sure that the float is set to that level.
  2. lrn5000

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    Thanks for the info! I'm going to give your settings a shot!
  3. lrn5000

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    Do you mind sharing your carb settings?
  4. lrn5000

    Fox Öhlins or revalve?

    Def. not...I mean the SX-F bikes which have standard linkage.
  5. lrn5000

    Beta cross reference?

    Anyone know what rear shocks are interchangeable or close to it at least with minimum mods? I know the length is 490mm. Would prefer to switch to an Ohlins TTX...
  6. lrn5000

    Fox Öhlins or revalve?

    What year 350 will fit? I have the ability to grab a 2009-2010 Fox Podium from a KTM but not sure if it will fit based on the year...
  7. lrn5000

    Sachs front forks 300RR oil ?

    Exactly what I needed explained sir!
  8. lrn5000

    Sachs front forks 300RR oil ?

    So what is the proper cc's for the 2015 sach's fork? I can't find any number but 130mm and I have no clue how that relates to cc's
  9. lrn5000

    2013 Beta Suspension Settings

    Can anyone post or send me the Race Settings for the 300 RR?
  10. lrn5000

    Sach rear shock help?

    Does anyone have the "Race Settings" for the sachs suspension on the 300 RR? I was told it was available but a search has not yielded anything yet!
  11. lrn5000

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Any special process or care that needs to be taken to clean the injector? I haven't looked at it or done it before so I appologize if that is a stupid question...
  12. lrn5000

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Back-Firing

    Well I finally got around to adjusting the TPS sensor to the full counter clockwise position and damn do I wish I had done this mod sooner. 100% of the backfiring is gone. Thanks again to all who posted about this!
  13. I ran the factory oil for 5 hours before switching to Rotella and have never had the smoking problem on my 13. I belive I'm at about 60 hours now and changing out the Rotella every 10 hours.
  14. lrn5000

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Back-Firing

    Advancing the TPS is my next attempt. I have had the exhaust for about 20 hours so it should be well sooted up. I also tightened all the bolts and found that none were loose. Did you use the Suzuki plug option or Radio Shack option to build your TPS tool? Also what did you set the TPS at? Thanks!
  15. lrn5000

    2013 KTM 500 EXC Back-Firing

    Thats actually not to terribly far from me. Thanks!