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  1. mikedabike

    08 yz450f or 2010+ yz450f

    The power on the 10-13 is very abrupt and jerky off idle. Not really a fix unless you modify the throttle body. Open trails, mx and desert it is fine but it is a handful in technical stuff. The newer generation is more sensitive to set up also. That is where the bad rap comes from. Take time to set up and it will do everything better than the previous generation. I have owned a couple from each generation and the have gotten better each update.
  2. mikedabike

    Best YZ250 model years?

    LOL I am talking about my fat ass twisting up the steel frame not the weight of the bike. And that is 235 nekkid well over 250 geared up.
  3. mikedabike

    Best YZ250 model years?

    I use to ride Steel frame YZ's in the desert. 6'4" 235lbs 60 mph through some nasty whoops those things would be all over the place. Much prefer the aluminum if the suspension is set up correctly. Slower speed in the woods or if I was a bit lighter maybe I would like the steel more.
  4. For me lowered pegs make the biggest difference. I have never had an issue with ruts but I keep my feet on the pegs not pointing down in front of them. You are only talking 3/4" lower but for me it is night and day. Bars forward and highish. Too high and the handling is messed up. Tall seat is nice but for MX sucks as it raises the CG too much. For the desert it is OK unless you have to mount the bike on the side of the hill. 6'4" and not very flexible anymore.
  5. mikedabike

    Should I adjust the 2018 yz450f forks?

    You can try the stiffer shock spring with the stock fork. That is the set up I run and am 235. Although I am tall so I lever the shock more than the fork. I also have mine valved for my riding style and sit whenever I can due to a bad knee. Point is many different ways to do it. Just do one thing at a time and remember clicker adjustments and oil levels relatively free.
  6. mikedabike

    RAD MFG Hub bearing question

    I had a set of rad hubs. The bearing ID was 25mm front and rear. The wheel spacers sized down to the size of the axles being used. If yours are the same it may be as simple as a spacer swap. You could try to track down where there remaining inventory went. The other option would be to get custom spacers made. You also need to be aware of disc spacing. If the rotor from the donor bike is a different diameter that could cause issues too.
  7. mikedabike

    Do my valves need Pads?

    You are good. Worry about it when the .127 no longer fits. It is either in spec or not. Trying to get it "in the middle" is a useless task. BTW all of My YZ four strokes were at the tight end of the spec after break in and never moved after. 15 years and maybe 10 bikes.
  8. mikedabike

    MX52 = FAIL

    51 and 52 both suck. MX3s is way better in every condition especially on the front if you can handle the fast wear.
  9. I usually fire my bike up and do a quick 1st gear zip up the street and back. Low speed and not revving the crap out of it. Neighbors dont mind and neither do the cops at the po po house across the street. This gets the excess water out of the chain and rotors etc where the hard water drying can start bad stuff. If it is not feasible (numerous cops outside the cop shop and not wanting to push my luck) I just blow out the excess water with my compressor.
  10. mikedabike

    Maintenance / Mod Log?

    I keep a spreadsheet for each bike with boxes for routine maintenance and note any additional work performed. I currently have 6 bikes and they all get ridden plus I am old so I can't rely on my mlm memory fo crap.
  11. mikedabike

    Mountain Bike Brakes Vs. Motocross Brakes

    Cost. Brakes on MX bikes are generally adequate for the job. A few extra ounces here or there is not a deal breaker. If you want cutting edge brake tech look to superbikes where a top of the line system cost more than a entire new mx bike.
  12. mikedabike

    GasGas more power than KTM? Dynos included.

    If that chart is from Gas Gas it would seriously make me question any of the claims. 8-10 HP increase from 17 to 18. Were the previous year models utter garbage? How do you get a 20 percent power increase out of the same displacement in a single year. Smells like bullshit to me.
  13. mikedabike

    hoses close to pipe

    As long as you are moving more than a couple mile and hour the air exchange will keep the heat from transferring from the pipe to the hose. Air is a poor conductor of heat. Unless it is physically touching you will probably be ok.
  14. mikedabike

    2011 oil drain plug

    Crappy design but you can get a box end wrench in there.
  15. mikedabike

    2018 WR250F Forks Sticky

    Make sure you are following the correcr procedure for aligning and tightening the front wheel.