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  1. mikedabike

    Mountain Bike Brakes Vs. Motocross Brakes

    Cost. Brakes on MX bikes are generally adequate for the job. A few extra ounces here or there is not a deal breaker. If you want cutting edge brake tech look to superbikes where a top of the line system cost more than a entire new mx bike.
  2. mikedabike

    GasGas more power than KTM? Dynos included.

    If that chart is from Gas Gas it would seriously make me question any of the claims. 8-10 HP increase from 17 to 18. Were the previous year models utter garbage? How do you get a 20 percent power increase out of the same displacement in a single year. Smells like bullshit to me.
  3. mikedabike

    hoses close to pipe

    As long as you are moving more than a couple mile and hour the air exchange will keep the heat from transferring from the pipe to the hose. Air is a poor conductor of heat. Unless it is physically touching you will probably be ok.
  4. mikedabike

    2011 oil drain plug

    Crappy design but you can get a box end wrench in there.
  5. mikedabike

    2018 WR250F Forks Sticky

    Make sure you are following the correcr procedure for aligning and tightening the front wheel.
  6. mikedabike

    I'll just leave this here

    Just goes to show set up is everything. The 10-13 really suffered from this. They were universally disliked because they were difficult to set up.
  7. What is the application? I have run a front tire on the rear for a supernoto application without issue. Better choice is a 19" DT tire but the 1.85 125 rim is too skinny. I have ran 130 DT tire on a 2.15 with good results.
  8. Should not make much difference unless someone is playing funny games. I have actually gotten a slightly better deal financing as the dealer was getting a spiff from the loan company. If the peice for cash vs finance before interest is different you are doing it wrong.
  9. mikedabike

    2012 forks work on a 2016? Shock spring?

    Yes, the forks are the same dimension-ally and the shock spring will swap.
  10. mikedabike

    YZ250X Top Speed!

    Probably lots of wheelspin on a gravel road. My Yz450 will struggle to break 85ish off road but will hit 95 when traction is good.
  11. I use to buy new bikes. I can afford new bikes. My last few bikes have been used garage queens. Here in SoCal the used bike market is is definitely a buyers market. There are always super mint bikes available for cheap. My current rides are a 15 YZ450 which I bought with 35 hours in 2016 for 5K. Bike was super blinged out with a huge cache of spare parts. I also have a 13 YZ125 which I bought in 2015 with less than 10 hours for 3K. Brand new condition. It is hard to justify the new prices when I can pick up sweet rides that someone else has paid all the depreciation on. Rolling a bike off the showroom floor and being the first one to ride it is nice but not as nice as the thousands of dollars saved in my pocket. "Baby forces sale" is music to my ears. Being patient and having cash can put you in a good place. My next bike will probably be bought new as I am looking for a KTM/Husky dual sport and those dudes want crazy money for used ones.
  12. mikedabike

    Airbox oring?

    That looks like the grommet for the hole in some air cleaners.
  13. mikedabike

    YZ250 rear shock spring

    Springs dont have a weight range because it varies due to application. My Yz125 uses the same spring as your 250 and the early 450s but of course it is much lighter so the spring rate will be different for the same rider. Go to the racetech website and plug in your numbers and it should give you ballpark rates for your weight and bike.
  14. mikedabike

    2013 yz450f???

    14 plus is better. 13 is good but very sensitive to set up and supension settings. FI is very abrupt so not the best at low speed stuff.
  15. mikedabike

    Old vs New

    Buy 2 to 3 year old low hour bike set up then rode it for another couple hundred hours then repeat. New bikes cost too much and dumping money into an old bike will only get you so far. I pretty much wear down a bike in 200 hours. Things wear that are not easily repaired or replaced. I don't want to hear about your 1000 hour dual sport. I am talking off road and mx racing.