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  1. TM530

    how fix crappy ktm wiring?

    I had same thing on my 17 500exc turn left and lights go out. I only noticed because I had the GPS hooked up to the parking light and it kept connecting and disconnecting. Found the bad earth ( brown wire ) behind the headlight so I just sent the earth directly to the speedo mount on the top triple clamp. No problem since.
  2. TM530

    520exc carb part help

    From the parts list it looks like it only available in the gasket kit 590 31 099 000
  3. TM530

    2002 vor 530

    Gypsymanjeff@gmail.com Sent
  4. At a guess. Disabling the Always on headlight ?
  5. TM530

    Atk speedometer

    Looks like a Yamaha speedo
  6. TM530

    Who has UN-Tubliss'd?

    I had the Gen 1 on my bikes for about 3 years. Only had 1 high pressure failure and that was after a tyre change and it blew that night in the workshop. I found that I got more punctures especially in the front. Easy to change tyres but different to everything else. I then went to Mousses for around 3 years with a number of brands some good others not so good. Found some would flatten out, others would shrink dramatically while others worked well. I found the Mousses the easiest to change, once I learnt how and had the 3min tyre changer helped. I found that not being able to adjust the pressure for some difficult conditions made things harder than they needed to be. I then ran tubes for about 18months with no issue. But during a reccie ride last year I needed to run low pressures on some slippery steep and off camber single line and was concerned about pinch flats. I fitted the Gen 2 Tubliss a couple of months ago and have been running low pressures mainly on the rear. The front feels a bit off with low pressure so still run them around 11-12psi. I fitted new Goldentyres with the Gen 2. The front got 2 rip flats 26km apart but was able to fix with 3-4 ropes in each hole and the tyre is still up and working. Love being able to run low pressures on the rear without the fear of pinch flat
  7. TM530

    Confirming cam timing on RFS

    Marks on the outer edge of the top cam sprocket ( Just inside the chain, front and back ) should line up with the upper edge of the head. Yours looks good, they cant be exact as the camchain wears the marks will be out a bit. Nowhere near a tooth out
  8. In the winter it does get cold, although not as cold as you guys. When its -4 deg cel the Lithium batteries struggle, they dont like cold weather and struggle until they warm up a bit. Unlike the lead acid the Lithium need short prods on the starter and you can hear them getting stronger each time. I think Lithium do struggle when its really cold though
  9. Why do you need a charger. Unless the battery is drained by something. In normal operation I have left my bike for 3-4 months without touching it and starts right up. Lithium batteries discharge very slowly not like a lead acid. Should be able to easily leave it for 6 months without issue
  10. TM530

    2018 KTM 500 exc question

    Thats right. No front disk magnet no hours registered. So the hours on it were from before the snow conversion and nothing to indicate the hours since
  11. TM530

    2016 KTM 350exc wont start.

    Can you hear the fuel pump when you hit the starter button ? Some have a kill switch that allow you to turn the motor over but will not start. Usually on the RH handlebar. If those are ok then I would disconnect the kill switch on the LH switch block by disconnecting it behind the headlight. Hope it is just the switch turned off. Pete
  12. I run 14/52 have done since my 500 exc 12 and now with my 17. Its a 500 use the torque. Some guys here run a 13/50 but I found that I was always changing gears. I like tight single line.
  13. TM530

    Help with my TM 300

    You need to rotate the output ( sprocket ) shaft backwards and forwards by hand while trying to select gears. If you dont then the gears/dogs dont get a chance to rotate and line up.
  14. TM530

    Not getting fuel

    Does it have spark ? Does it have fuel pressure while winding it over ?
  15. On some bikes they have the breather hose routed up towards the steering head before following down the front frame rail. This allows some oil to travel up the hose but then drains back into the engine. VOR even had an insert into the hose to help prevent the oil from freely blowing out. It was a spiral plate about 30mm long