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  1. I am going to Wyoming in about a month and we're riding at about 8500 to 9000 feet, and i dont know what jets to run in my 1999 Suzuki Dr200. I have yet to find out what jets Im running here in Minnesota (about 1,000 feet), but i want to know what jets to run in Wyoming.
  2. snowkingsoberg

    Installing LED Blinkers on Dr 200

    I have a 1999 Dr 200 which I broke the rear blinkers, so im looking to get replacement LEDs. i need to know what I need to do to the bike wiring to support the new LEDs (ive heard they suck getting them to work properly) more particularly, these blinkers: http://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Kawasaki-Sportbike-blinkers-superbike/dp/B007EFQH2O/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1350349159&sr=8-5&keywords=dr+200+blinker It also says that it comes with required resistors (i dont know what that is) but how do you install them with the blinkers?? I dont know how to do this kind of stuff, so i might need a little explaining with these things...
  3. snowkingsoberg

    99 DR 200 Gas Leak!

    My 1999 DR 200 has a different pedcock than the standard one. Instead of an "on,off,res" it instead has a "on,pri,res". I assume the "pri" is prime, but theres no way of turning the gas off. I say this because if it sits for a while, gas starts to leak out of the air box. I think that the carb overflows and spills gas back into the air box, which leaks all over the place if not ridden in a while. Is this gas leak from the air box caused because the faulty connection which causes it to constantly flow gas into the carb??? Or something else??
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    idk it's my yard and the whole neighborhood rides dirtbikes so everyone's used to it
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    well we only do it once in a while so its not so bad
  6. If your bored looking for somethin kinda cool to watch, youve found the place Me and my friend took the muffler off my 1999 Suzuki DR 200SE and it was LOUD!
  7. snowkingsoberg

    HELP! neither tail or brake lights work!

    I have a 1999 Dr 200 and the tail and brake lights just quit working all together. the funny thing is that im getting voltage to the bulb input and the bulb works, but won't light up.
  8. snowkingsoberg

    Post your DR 200 Pics

    I got a new Dr 200, and ive been really loving this bike!! So I thought it would be cool to see other Drs. Post em..
  9. snowkingsoberg

    DR 200 Horn problems. Replacement ideas?

    I have a 1999 dr 200 that i just bought. The horn doesnt work and im probabaly going to have to replace it since it is been badly damaged (dust and corrosion). What places would sell like Fiamm or a good brand of horns for my bike? Like oreilly or napa? what type should i get of a brand?