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  1. Metal and Dirt: I feel like we could have much conversation on the subject. I am on a BMC team elite 29 for the last year and a half and like you love to climb. Coming from the road I obviously chose the hardtail. I am spinning the 29s with a 34 up front x11 and average 1500 feet of climbing on my 10 mile practice loops. I'm loving it. The fitter I get the more I can get up and over the more technical climbs clipped in without dabbing and the times and fitness get better and better. When it's time to dance with the boys for long technical rides I can destroy the kitted out 27.5s ie all of them. Sent from my SM-G900V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. STX Sent from my SM-G900V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  3. Never been that soaked in my life.....it was great Sent from my SM-G900V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  4. Yeah the lower can spin haha
  5. I have a 16. I run a pro circuit system and have been running Sunnoco110/93 with Yamalube at 32:1. I am coming off a 450 and ride in the sand so my right wrist stays locked. The plug is a nice brown color with stock jetting. I fully expected to rejet the bike as they come a little rich but it wasn't necessary for the factors stated above. Rejet your bike and rethink your statement on altitude and humidity.
  6. Shift up a gear......Sorry had to. I went from a 450 to a 125 this year and it was the best decision I made. Got the fun back and I am not much slower either......there are strengths a 125 has that have been forgotten about if you are willing to shift like a ballerina.....which is half the fun.
  7. I think Numroes sentiments are spot on. My aluminum yz is awesome in the sand and Southwick MX style we do in New England but when it goes off road the steel would be where it's at. The aluminum is skittish.....but that's how you ride MX. For off road you want to be precise and you want the flex for the roots and rocks.
  8. James are you still installing SPI kits in shocks? I have been thinking about you lately it's coll that you chimed in I hope you are well!!
  9. Wow. So basically the only thing you changed was the clamp shim on the rebound stack (26)? I believe we are very similar in weight terrain ability and having to go to work on Mondays haha. Very good info and I thank you!!!
  10. ^ thank you I will search for your thread. Indeed I don't want to mess w such a great package and with the overlap of the two circuits I was wondering if anyone had luck without beefen ing up the rebound stack. Cheers!
  11. I have been having a good time on thus 16 YZ125. I am wondering if someone could give me guidance on the shock. As you know it is light on the rebound and hoppy. The bike feels really good otherwise. I am hesitant to really close things down on LS and R.....do you guys have luck closing it down on the shock? I do no wish to revalve this stellar bike...although I do get the urge to send it out to beefen up the light rebound.I ride MX at a Vet B speed. I am 6,1 and 168 and it's almost perfect for the rough NE garbage we ride. Should I not be afraid to tighten it up a bit more?
  12. His corner speed on that 125 is a thing of beauty
  13. Motoseat....period.
  14. .....and so the fun..... My last 4 bikes all had his shock setups. Now I own a 16 yz125 with stock suspension and a ride link.......yep stock- light shock rebound. It's the greatest suspension ever....why does it feel glued like a SPI shock though. Shit stirring of epic proportions
  15. All I know is his setups keep you safe.....whether you agree with heavy HS rebound in the shock or not is one thing but clipping gnarly crap and not getting catapulted over the bars with his setup is another....