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  1. mikerides33

    Old rider - new tricks

    I don’t grip with the knees I squeeze with my calves- the sides of my AStars.
  2. I rode a 12 RMZ450 for 5 years. Bike was great. You could really ride that thing. Move around on it ....you had to be strong to ride it though because it wasn’t kx450 stable. It’s a different bike....cool to have the choice.
  3. mikerides33

    Mix Ratio for YZ125?

    Indeed. I pour a 16oz. Bottle of Yamalube in the can with 2 gal of 93 and 2 gal of Sunoco 110. Give it a shake pour it in and don’t unlock your right wrist for 20hrs. Then I put a new vertex kit in and repeat.
  4. mikerides33

    Motocross and age

    I am 40 this year. I have been riding since I was a teen. I go good.....especially when my fitness is good. It’s always good. I think it’s because I pay a lot of attention to my hardware now. I spent a lot of years beating the shit out of myself at work. I learned that I really need to go to the gym after work.....and not to be a meathead. I have to stay light and stretched out. I spend a lot of time doing pull-ups and excersises like that. I chase my kids around and I work a lot on our property at home. I realized that I can not drink anymore. A pint becomes more enjoyable now that it’s not common. I fast in the mornings and eat a lot of sardines at lunch. No more bread....not Keto but certainly a lot of fat and protein. I try to spin as much as I can. Mtn bikes are fun and the spin bike is in the dungeon in the winter. Sold the 450 and stopped trying to always but up and jump stupid stuff. Bought a yz125 and it’s for fitness. I ride the shit out of it and it’s just more rewarding to me now doing what it takes to ride that thing at speed....and there’s less chance of hitting the deck. For me it’s an ego thing and self preservation now. It’s also a battle I have to fight the urge to smoke a joint every night or beers and be a shithead. I’m being honest. I’m better dancing in the kitchen doing dishes listening to 80s music w the family. Oh yeah one last thing while I’m railing the text......if I was married to the wrong woman I’d have no chance at any of this.
  5. mikerides33

    Pastrana's MXDN RM250

    Dude it’s not your fault man....happiness is a choice
  6. mikerides33

    VForce 3 or Boyesen Reed Valve or Remove stoppers?

    I run the Boysen with the stock stoppers removed. Those stockers lasted less than 20 hrs for me and had air gaps. They were not chipped but it was deceiving.
  7. mikerides33

    2007 YZ250 build

    How’s the swinger
  8. mikerides33

    VForce 3 or Boyesen Reed Valve or Remove stoppers?

    My deal as well. They thought I was crazy selling the 450 and buying a yz125. I got the love back. Last yz 125 was a 98. I wont ever get rid of this bike.
  9. mikerides33

    First rebuild started

    So much fun!
  10. mikerides33

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    Yep. That is a beautiful bike and I totally agree about the roots and chatter. That bike was on my wish list and then of course I wanted the Sniper. Now I’m looking at the Trail 429. How do you like climbing on your Primer? Have you ridden the Sniper? I hear you on the prices it’s nuts. I stopped riding 450s and got a 125- mtn bike with a motor and got off the road bicycle and hit more mtn biking a few years ago thinking great I will save money..........wrong!!!!
  11. mikerides33

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    Great looking bike. That frame looks great how does it climb with the stays? I am digging the chromoly I have an awful crack in one of my seat stays from smashing a rock. I have to get a repair kit on eBay at some point although have been riding it like this for a while. Carbon freaks me out. That looks like a fun bike[emoji1303]
  12. mikerides33

    YZ139 by Max Power RPMs anyone have one??

    I’ve been contemplating this kit. I ride my 16 in the sand and recently switched back to stock gearing as I had been one up on the back. I ride this bike like a 125 is supposed to be ridden but I would love just a hair more on bottom in 3rd gear so I don’t have to decimate my clutches. How much does your son weigh? Gearing? Thanks
  13. mikerides33

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    Thanks! What are you on now?
  14. mikerides33

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    I picked this up a couple years ago feeling a lot like you. I think BMC has it down as far as geometry- the short stays have this thing feeling so snappy I can punch it up climbs and roll over anything. I will say that the turns took a little to get used to....still not super confident but I think a lot of it has to do with finding the right tire. So now my quest is to find something like this that has a shock on it. I’m tired of chasing these young bucks and rattling my fillings. Currently looking at the new Pivot 429 Trail. I like to climb...I like to murder these boys on the climbs but need to get on full suspension again after leaving it years ago.
  15. mikerides33

    Factory Racer Horsepower

    That’s funny I live in Oxford and my work shop is a minute away from Chugs. I stopped riding 450s a couple years ago and I’ve been loving life railing a yz125. I’m older than you so the 125 helps me stay fit. The funny thing is where we ride I can stay with the bigger bikes because it’s all about the rhythm and knowing how to tap dance and let it hang out. Hope to see ya out there[emoji1303]