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  1. GHK

    plug trouble help

    2002 XR400 - no mods - I pulled the plug last week after two seasons of riding - up here in NY the seasons are short and I get out a few hours max each week so i had about 50-75 hours on the plug. I pulled it cause the engine was hard to start. Anyway it was totally covered in carbon totally black all over even the electrode part was black! I put in a new plug and it started easier. Ok so my question is -- is the carb set too rich? and if so what can i do - i know rejet is that the only cure? Greg
  2. GHK

    first bike

    Road Bike - Honda 90 Dirt Bike - Ossa 250
  3. GHK

    Peeling Tank Graphics?

    I have no help in the peeling department - however the cause is that the plastic gas tank (polyproplylene) is not totally impervous to the gas - some migrates thru the plastic - then it either attacks the adhesive on the graphics or sits under the graphics and expands due to temperature and causes the graphis to bubble or both. Greg
  4. Hi All I looking for some info on the difference between the 400 and the 450 EXC's. I am currently riding an XR400. I ride trails and scrambles up here in upstate NewYork. I know this is may not not the right forum but if anyone can add some info about the 250F and the 250 W and 300 W. I would appreciate it. I lots of narrow and woods type areas as well as ATV trails. Thanks in advance. I have had tons of bikes in the past - everything from 250 OSSA's to WR Husky's and 400 Maico's. Greg
  5. GHK

    Krylon plastic paint??

    I did this last year to my XR400 went from red to black on the fenders and side number plate area. So far it is holding up pretty well - bigger scratches of course rub the paint off as it really doesn't penatrate the polymer but light scratches just look like light scratches. All in all for the time and money i spent i am satisfied with it.
  6. GHK

    Rekluse / Auto Clutches

    When I was racing AA GoKarts Enduros we would get lots of the balls and weight them one at a time and match the weights of the balls so they would all sling out at the same rate. A bit obsessive maybe but it sure would hook up faster. Greg
  7. GHK

    nnnew here

    My rule of thumb is to get a bike with as many CC's as your weight or even twice your weight. You can ride a bigger CCed bike slow until you get the hang of things and the torque of the bigger motor will help you out a lot. A 125 has very little torque compared to a 250 or 400. Greg
  8. The old mans way - if you have a kick stand - shut the bike off - get off put the kick stand down - lean the bike over on the kick stand wiht you on the same side supporting the weight and pivot it on the kick stand. I live in NY and ride narrow trails and have done this a few times. Greg
  9. GHK

    Do you want a CRF450X?

    NO! My XR400 is fine - that said if i had to do it all over again i would look more seriously at the KTM's. Maybe a smaller smaller displacement for the woods around here in upstate New York.
  10. GHK

    All the bikes you.........

    Ok here is my list: 1966 Honda T Bone 90 - white 1969 Suzuki 350 Samari - orange 1972 Yamaha 650 Special - blue 1973 Kawasaki 900 - Z-1 - Burgandy 1975 Kawasaki 175 - dirt - green 1974 250 Ossa - blue 1975 350 Husky WR - orange 1975 400 Maico - red Flash forward to today - both bought this year 2002 Honda XR400 - new on dealers floor - red 2004 Honda Sabre VT1100 - black
  11. GHK

    xr400 gas????

    Think of it this way - it would be like adding sugared ice tea to water. You would just dilute the tea and sugar. Just dump the gas and refill it we are only talking a few bucks here!
  12. My dealer told me that if i switched back to dyno oil from synthetic i would ruin my clutch plates. I find this kinda hard to believe but then again maybe true due to different swelling chararistics of the oils and the plates? I was going to change oil and put in dyno oil for the winter (cheaper- and then drain it before the spring ridding)as riding is done here for the year. Hunters are out in the woods! Any comments or words of wisdom? I run full synthetic in my 2002 XR400. I did go with synthetic for the winter storage - so this is just a "test" to see if the dealer guy is ok or BS. Thanks Greg
  13. GHK

    Gas Tank - Paint?

    hey did not mean to rankle any feathers. I was just seeing if anyone else had thoughts. I got what i was asking thanks - and i responded with my point of view to some ancillary comments. According to the catalogs the replacement parts are around $100 for front fender, rear fender and side panels. Not cheap but not expensive either.
  14. GHK

    Gas Tank - Paint?

    What resale value? All i would have to do is buy some replacement plastic parts and it would be as good as new in that department. Who cares about resale i am planning on running it till it drops anyway! I buy stuff to use not for its resale value if i did that i would not ride it at all. Jeesh it is just some plastic parts on a motorcycle not a work of art. If it ends up looking like crap then you guys have leaned something from my test. I think the plastic is polyproplene not polyurethane - I am a polymer chemist and run a big analytical lab and will check that out and let you know.
  15. GHK

    XR400 gas tank observation

    The gas tank is high density polyethylene! Not polyurethane. I am a polymer chemist and have work with this stuff for over 30 years. All gas plastic gas cans tanks etc are HDPE.