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  1. Up to the top of the tires and it didn't make it without taking water into the engine. Water crossings are hard on bikes. Your wheel bearing won't last long... or at least mine don't.
  2. So are these tires considered a 90/10 tire? I love the Pirelli rally cross MT21's on my 701, (both on and off road) but they wear quick and are pricey. Would these Tusk tires be a worthy substitute?
  3. That is a big chair! Three cup holders? Man, three beers at the SAME time!
  4. 7 psi on the road? Doesn't that kill your tires in no time at any kind of speed? I'll do 2 or 3 mins at 10psi at highway speeds, but anymore than that I either pump up the tires or just ride the ditch.
  5. That is a great idea with the hitch mount. I have a platform lift above the MH's hitch though, which would kind of get in the way. I'll have to play around with it a little and see if I would have enough space without banging my head on the platform. Maybe I have enough space to get to the hitch if I lower the lift to the ground.
  6. Since I'm running tubliss, does the the baja no pinch tire tool offer any advantage?
  7. That is a pretty intense contraption! Straight out of the Dr Seuss's Cat in the hat with the way the foot pedal rotates the tire. Looks to be a bit big to tote around the the MH since it doesn't appear to fold up that much.
  8. Hopefully after doing tires myself, I'll feel more comfortable tackling a trail side repair. On the dirt bikes, I've been lucky so far, only one flat with a tube that I had to ride out on (about 15 miles). Many tubliss flats, both front and rear, I was able to ride out on with 0 psi. Although riding 0 psi did destroy one Kenda rear tire.
  9. Wow, that's crazy. I can't imagine hitting something that size at that speed. I'm not used to riding sand or the desert in general and I'm quickly finding out it has it's own set of hazards. Hope you weren't hurt! Amazing that the tire still had air!
  10. My back hurts all the time and I'm looking for a solution that isn't going to make it worse. With the 701 I carry a 12v compressor and tire plugs on the trails now-a-days. Before that on my 300 I've had 8 years of riding and always been able to make it back when i get a flat, with no tire changing tools/tube. I'm sure not carrying a tube and tools to change a tire out on the trail will bite me one day, but so far so good.
  11. I think you over estimate me lol. I'm sure with enough practice I could get it down. Most repairs and maintenance I take on myself, but for some reason I've never put in the time to learn tire changes. With tubliss I just don't have to deal with flats out on the trails.
  12. Oh, hell yeah!! I was going to go that route, but in the end it looked like too much garage time for me. Do you have a build thread going? What track kit are you going with?
  13. Thanks, I will check out the Baja system. Certainly a lot smaller! I'd read street price for the Rabaconda was pretty close to the moose racing knock off. Not sure if it's worth the extra cash though.
  14. We're retired now, so we go for pretty long trips. I'm imagining I'll be going through 6-8 tires a trip. Even when we're home I'd be great to do my own tires. So far I'm 700 miles into this trip on my 701 and my rear tire was toast about 200 miles ago. My front is probably going to last another 3-500 miles. A small tip over has resulted in a broken rear brake pedal, indicator and a messed up clutch cover. I was hoping to get away with minimal maintenance and just a few tires changes (paying a shop) but it appears that was just a fantasy. Back to tires... I tried using a couple of spoons and a bucket many years ago and it didn't end well lol. Just looking for something that is quick and easy. I have the $/space for the setup mention above, but if there's something functionally equivalent that packs up smaller, I'm all ears. Bike and motor home maintenance are really cutting into my riding and drinking/campfire time lol.
  15. Buying tires and getting them installed when you're in the middle of no-where is proving to be quite the PITA. Plus I go through more rubber than a whore house running a BOGOF sale. 👯‍♀️ Time for me to man up and start to change my own freaking tires after all these years. I want something that can change street or dirt tires. Also want to be able to balance tires since all my bikes are plated. It's gotta work well with the Tubliss tire system. How does this list look? It's a lot of extra crap to tote along, so if anyone has ideas for something more suitable, I'm all ears. But no, I don't want to use a 5 gal bucket to change tires. Rabaconda https://www.amazon.com/Rabaconda-Motorcycle-Tire-Changer-Machine/dp/B00N3C9J54/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=rabaconda&qid=1573249838&s=automotive&sr=1-1 Rabaconda Levers https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N3C9TGI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1I92ST234I0W1&psc=1 Tusk Wheel balancer https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/tusk-motorcycle-wheel-balancing-and-truing-stand-p Weights https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FYTPPW/ref=dp_cerb_2 Tire mounting lube??? Not sure what to get?
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