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  1. gr4vitas

    2018 xcw 300 jetting

    Riding in 0-20 degrees the jetting table in the manual calls for a 470 main jet among other things but the factory extras for this carb don't include a 470 main. It's running lean (seems like it always has) where can I get a 470 main for this carb? Or should I go with a JD kit? They don't seem to offer jetting for year around temps per se.
  2. gr4vitas

    Kickstand parts

    2018 300 xc-w In typical ktm quality my kickstand exploded the other day and send springs and bolts flying when I put it down. I found everything but the small bolt that screws into the kickstand itself, anyone know what kind of bolt it is and dimensions etc so I can get a new one at the hardware store?
  3. gr4vitas

    Broke clutch master cylinder perch

    Alright so in having a hell of a time finding the replacement cylinder anywhere. My local shop wants $238 for one ­čśą Anyone have a link to a retailer that sells a replacement clutch master cylinder? It's for a 2018 300 xcw. For $238 I'd just buy a &%$#@!ing cake.
  4. Can it be welded? It looks like some cheap garbage pot metal and not weldable but, figured I'd check and see if anyone has welded one before. It's the actual bracket portion of the master cylinder that broke all else is fine.
  5. And it's not a Beta! Though I do wish it was. It really came down to being able to get my suspension tuned locally as well as not having to install a kick start. I'm also liking the idea of no linkage for all the brutal rocks I ride in. I actually still like just about everything about Beta, most notably the engine is of a far superior engineering and design. It was really splitting hairs between the two both are excellent. Both suspensions needs work though lmao, they're no gas gas or Yamaha (kayaba) suspension. In fact I would probably say from the factory betas Sachs suspension is currently better than ktms xplor suspension, it's pretty &%$#@!ing terrible tbh lmao. Oh and in case you were wondering the clickers literally do nothing on the xplor suspension. It's a 3% change in dampening from all the way open to all the way closed. But ether way beta or ktm the suspension needs fixed so it's not really a factor. We'll see how I like this '18 xcw, hopefully beta will put a kicker back on and keep working on the suspension I'd still like to buy one for next bike.
  6. gr4vitas

    2018 300RR VS 2018 XC-W

    I think I'm just going to have to go with the xc-w. I really prefer the Beta motor a million times over any other but there's just too many little things that need improved still. Namely suspension and at least for me the clutch feel. At least with ktm I know the base suspension pre work is going to be at least relatively adequate. Beta really needs to fix they're suspension, it's been the thorn in the side for them since the start. They've got many great qualities and that's why they've grown in popularity but if they really want to take it to the next level and compete in the market they need to tune a few things up. I'm honestly pretty bummed I don't see a 2018 300RR as the best option for me.
  7. gr4vitas

    2018 300RR VS 2018 XC-W

    Sure did. 6000 for a 2016 with 80 hours on it, I'm happy. It was in pristine shape with a clake. Probably could have gotten a few hundred more but meh.
  8. gr4vitas

    2018 300RR VS 2018 XC-W

    Does anyone have experience with both? I'm sure the XC-W suspension is better still, (namely forks) seems like the 2018 RR suspension hasn't changed much. The valving is still just totally off, harsh and deflecting. Probably one of the bigger issues for me was the clutch on my 2016 300RR, it had very little engagement area, it was very off / on and also heavy, I did buy a clake for it which was great however that further exacerbated the engagement area issue I had. I know they did some work to the clutch for the 2018 models, has it improved much? I've ridden a 2016 TE300 quite a bit and the clutch felt great, just like how I expect a clutch to feel on a bike, I felt I could really feather it with a lot of engagement range, and it was pretty light to boot. I'm also considering waiting for the fuel injected 300's from KTM etc. but that would mean not riding all this summer. I'm a little less concerned with suspension, for the most part if your serious enough about riding your just about always going to need / want to send it away for tuning, or tune yourself (gold valves). Though I don't have local suspension tuners for sachs, only ktm stuff so I'd have to ship out beta suspension.
  9. gr4vitas

    When will 300 TPI come to the US?

    Any new news on this? Currently bikeless, considering if I want to not ride all summer and wait, or just go with a non TPI.
  10. gr4vitas

    She's back at it again

    Lol if its a pre 2017 two stroke just remove the starter they're worthless.
  11. My only suggestion other than what some others have suggested is making damn sure that the pads aren't contaminated. But it sounds like you've tried replacing them with the same results. I once replaced my pads and in the first couple hours on them I was noticing my rear was taking more and more pressure to lock up etc. I thought well wtf I just replaced these pads they're brand new. Well long story short I tired a bunch of shit thinking it had to be something else and then ended up replacing the pads and that ended up fixing it. I guess they had gotten contaminated some how some way in just a short few hours after putting them on lmao. I'm always careful with my chain lube spray but who knows.
  12. Does anyone know? I've been thinking about a 300 xcw but would like fuel inject. Why did they only release the 250's to the US?
  13. So I have a 2016 300RR and generally I love the bike. My biggest complaint though is the forks and somewhat the suspension in general. Namely the forks though and the stock valving being pretty much crap for really rocky brutal terrain (new England) especially in a state called the "granite state". Anyway gold valves would certainly go a long way and I'm sure make the forks much much better but I kind of just don't want to deal with it. I've ridden 2016 and 17 xcws and TE's and the suspension was pretty impressive certainly better stock for stock than the beta. I guess what I'm wondering is if the 18 RR's are much better in the valving department? I love my oil injection and to be frank I love the Beta look and brand. I'm a fan boy for sure, but I'm logical before that lol. Im also really liking the idea of PDS for the type of riding I do. I've already smashed my linkage a fair amount of times and even had it hang up on a boulder ledge hard on me, dead stopped and I had to bail off backwards for a good 4 foot drop. Not fun. Also it seems the beta clutch as far as I can tell has a lot shorter engagement area, I've done a bunch of testing and measuring and couldn't find a problem with my clutch but suffice to say it's completely disengaged at 50% in and completely engaged at about 75% out. That's a whole other can of worms though that I've made a thread on. The TE300 I rode recently made me realize my clutch issue and I was blown away by how much more control I had with the TE300 clutch and how much engagement room I had to play with.
  14. gr4vitas

    2017. 300rr. Oil injection......smoke

    Normal and fine don't worry about it. It's just a cold cylinder not burning up the oil as well, thus the smoke. My guess as to why it's so smokey on these oil injected betas is that they inject extra oil at startup to super lube everything for a short period while it's cold, not 100% sure though. All I know is I don't have to mix gas and my bike smokes 50% less than everyone else's two strokes. I always get to ride I'm the front of the group because my exhaust doesn't suffocate you when your behind me.