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  1. cobra46

    KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder

    In engineering it's actually quite common to install steel inserts of some type in aluminum or other soft material parts for working threads.
  2. cobra46

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I discovered her a couple months ago. She's a 10 by any measure.
  3. cobra46

    Bottle Jack

    That's the beauty of low carbon (mild steel)...it's not strong but it bends like crazy before it breaks.
  4. cobra46

    Where to ride at Big Bear? (Red sticker)

    Yeah but any girl in here gets an instant 1.5 point adder for being into dirt bikes. If she plays hockey and rides dirt bikes, she get a 3 point adder in my book.
  5. cobra46

    Where to ride at Big Bear? (Red sticker)

    Yeah...we need tittie pics.
  6. cobra46

    Dirt bike riding at state line of California/Nevada

    And they are huge on parts of the track.
  7. cobra46

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    Damn Bob! You're all fired up this morning.
  8. cobra46

    Dirt bike riding at state line of California/Nevada

    Most, if not all of the course, is BLM land so you can stage just about anywhere. I don't recall seeing any fences. I've never ridden in to eat but I suspect you can ride all the way in to Jean without too much problem. I know for a fact you can ride non plated into the gas station at 35.783168, -115.331921. You can cross under I15 and the train tracks here ->35.883300, -115.231121 but it's a bit of a haul back to Jean. Here is one of the Mint 400 Pits ->35.788820, -115.299131 This would be a good staging area as well ->35.849454, -115.250661
  9. cobra46

    Dirt bike riding at state line of California/Nevada

    I've ridden that area a bit as well as watched the Mint 400.
  10. Yesterday we went up to the Christmas tree farm right before the Sugar Pine turn off and there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Made for very nice Christmas tree hunting.
  11. cobra46

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    That's cool. Was that a wild bird?
  12. cobra46

    Husaberg or ktm

    Sounds like he's into who has the biggest wiener. Does he drive a truck with a 12"+ lift that's never seen dirt? Tell him 'yeah but KTM is still selling new motorcycles'. In most circumstances, a top rider will smoke him on a 4T 250EXC.
  13. cobra46

    Ignition system testing 2002 400exc

    Early RFS stators are known to be a problem. My '05 stator finally died after a couple overheating episodes although I think they also die without overheating. Replaced it with a Trail Tech unit and it works perfectly now. Here's the thread for my spark issue. Perhaps you can find some useful info in there. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?522630-05-525-EXC-with-no-spark&highlight=spark+color
  14. The squirt should be like a squirt gun. The purpose of the squirt is to provide the engine with gas when the throttle is turned from low RPM when there isn't enough vacuum to pull from the jets. The squirt should last long enough for the RPM to build up and start creating the normal intake vacuum. My cold start routine that works every time is to pull the choke, twist the throttle twice to inject a bit of gas into the cylinder and then kick or press the button.