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  1. targetdrone

    Trade my 93 cr250r for 2000 yz426f?

    That's an 02 426 in my avatar. I raced desert with it after I sold my 93 KX250. I really liked both bikes. The 426 really benefits from a Rekluse clutch. I have an XR600 and an XR650R now but keep searching CL for a deal on a 2t 250. Keep the CR.
  2. targetdrone

    First bike

    71? Yamaha JT1 60cc. Mine didn't shift into third, so I had to rev the snot out of second and bang it to fourth gear. I remember mine being purple.
  3. 1.2ah sealed lead acid battery Something like that is used in many dual sport kits. Trick kits use a pack made of 8AA nicads.
  4. targetdrone

    1989 XR600R mods

    It's a tried and true design as long as it gets oil. I'd recommend an oil cooler and getting the suspension dialed in. Why was it torn apart? Replacing bearings and checking the gears for wear/damage is about all I would suggest. Also, with it still apart, check your crankshaft with a critical eye.
  5. targetdrone

    Tire Cut - Would Bib Mousse Work?

    I am almost as cheap as my brother, but have a better budget. I haven't raced in about a decade, so I don't mind using all of a tire. Not that I don't appreciate new tires, I just love a good bargain. Ironically, I do have a set of used D606's I found on Craigslist for 30 bucks.
  6. I've never been impressed with Slime. Get a good patch kit (the kind with the foil backed patches) and fix it right. Tubes are too expensive not to patch when you can.
  7. targetdrone

    Tire Cut - Would Bib Mousse Work?

    It really wasn't. No experience with the solid tube replacements. Didn't know their capabilities. I'll swap it out and see how they feel. It had that tire on the bike when I bought it. Kinda surprised since it is not plated.....yet. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. The Dunlop D606 on my XR650R has a cut through the carcass. A tube will bulge out. I found a NIB Michelin bib mousse on CL for $50. Will it get damaged if I install it in this tire. I have never run anything other than standard tire/tube setups before.
  9. My `02 YZ426 made a terrible dual sport bike. Short transmission and tough on tires. I had to put a WR stator and flywheel on for lighting along with Trick Dual Sport kit. If I had to do it again I wouldn't. That's what big XR`s are for.
  10. targetdrone

    looking for ethanol free gas in Las Vegas

    Our Rebel station here in Boulder City became an Arco station but still has 100 octane ethanol free gas for $8 per gallon since we are on the way to the lake. You can remove ethanol from pump gas yourself if you don't use too much to make it practical. Start with premium since it does lower octane rating.
  11. targetdrone

    Honda XR600 starting and idle problems

    How many turns is your idle mixture screw turned in? I don't have the link handy, but look up the procedure for dialing it in.
  12. targetdrone

    1985 XR600R REBUILD

    My '93 XR600R motor was very recently rebuilt by my brother and me.rather than painting the cases, I cleaned them with solvent and brush, then left them plain. $75 labor is not bad if it us done right. Make sure you use new main bearings. One of them is special, so you will need OEM or Pro-X. I found out the hard way that Wiseco doesn't have both.
  13. targetdrone

    Show your PIG

    That's a cannibal XR and it's eating itself.
  14. targetdrone

    DocHawken’s last ride

    I'm glad that his bike means so much to you, as it apparently meant a lot to him. Keep it in good condition, ride it often, and pass it down the line when the time comes. I'm sorry for your loss.
  15. targetdrone

    xr600r rectafier diagnosis

    Use a digital multimeter to check: AC output from stator DC output from rectifier Battery voltage wit engine off. Tell us what you find.