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  1. dragged home a 2000 XR250 bike had been sitting inside for years due to some engine trouble bike now is in pices and cleaned up what I do not need for my next project will be for sale if you need anything, ask no idea what is wrong with the engine, will dig into it when I have time
  2. fiep

    Low effort throttle tubes

    well maintained and not greased throttle tube and cables get your CTS fixed instead been there, done that, don't miss it at all, now I picked up Raynaud's instead *sigh*
  3. fiep

    KENDA K270 Tire Question?

    on ADV I read more than one comparison between K270 and Shinko 244 neither one did 'win' seems a personal choice I got more on than off tires for the LC now, did not mount them yet, Duro 904 + 903 with very good reviews from the stingy KLR people
  4. fiep

    KENDA K270 Tire Question?

    ah, thanks for explaining, sometimes the non-native-speaker understands things differently example: to me NC license plates read they are proud to be the 1st to flee the K270 seems to work best on bikes with little weight and/or little power the rear on my late XL600 slided more than I liked and with enough lean angle an pavement it started creeping sideways, by no means suddenly or scary, it just clearly told me this was it, no further or and I did not try to find out what the 'or' was off pavement they behaved better than I did expect from a so-so tire sold the XL 1500mi into the K270s live, tires still looking good on the 250LC - 275lb, 23-29hp depending non which source I want to believe - they work great on pavement I wore off the inside off the last row of knobs n blacktop and did not even notice I was not riding my XR250R off pavement but we have not encountered any mud or deep sand at 1200mi they are worn about halfway
  5. fiep

    KENDA K270 Tire Question?

    did this not confuse anybody else? ... What percentages on/off road are you planning to do?...
  6. fiep

    DR350 caughs and does not rev

    tried 'search' now I please need your help my best buddy bought a 93 DR350S that would not start and made it my issue to get it running after fixing lot's of little things - air filter missing, swing arm slider missing, spark plug weak, chain kit dead, battery dead, brake pads ... - and a bubble bath for the carb it now starts up fine but does not hold idle and does only rev unwilling, caughing up to max 5000rpm, when rolling off the throttle it sometimes stays at 4000, coming off the rpms slowly, sometimes it just popps and shuts off I am at th end of my whits people with DR-knowledge, help please, help
  7. fiep

    DR350 caughs and does not rev

    the washer was on the wrong side, that's what you get for rebuilding 'as was' after cleaning *blush* the spring was stretched to almost an inch to long, so now the DR350 revs properly it does not - yet - want to idle at 1200, runs for a while then dies in a pop I fear as soon as this bike runs right it will have to go can not seem to make friends with manual deco
  8. fiep

    91 xr250L- Life or Death

    you will get rid of some stuff quickly but a lot will not fit XR250R or R owners think the L parts inferior and you will be stuck with a lot of parts that would probably sell, if they were R like forks, carb, exhaust, head ... most L owners change the light to R style because they do not like the rear TV set or the rigid mount glas headlight, let alone the turn signals plastics will not fit an R except for the front fender, seat is different, too you will need to get lucky or be stuck with quite some parts that will require to find just the right person nice collection you got there too bad you are so far away, I'd take the L off your hands and fix it up to keep it
  9. fiep

    91 xr250L- Life or Death

    what do you mean "more worthy candidate for your money like a xr250r or xl250r"
  10. fiep

    The Xl, Xl 250R Hp Through The Years

    what are you going to make of this information, once you know which XR250 stock had the most horsepower?
  11. looking for an XR650L rear brake caliper and am wondering, if any other XR rear brake might be compatible thanks for your insight fiep
  12. fiep

    DR350 caughs and does not rev

    boot is OK petcock OK carb cleaned twice what jets belong? mixture screw how far out? not even sure it is the right carb how can I tell?
  13. fiep

    I Joined the XR250 Club!!!

    if it is stock nt near as easy as an XR650R
  14. fiep

    XR250L locking gas cap...

  15. and I must have missed the part, where he mentioned how much sag his bike had, if his bike had a stock spring and how much he weights now, tell me again, how much preload do I need, in inches, that is? or was there more to proper suspension setup than just how far you screw the adjuster nut onto your shock ??????????
  16. great, so does letting the air out of your tires only the side effects are not as obvious especially not to someone with no idea of what correctly adjusted suspension feels like
  17. yes, absolutely correct but sorry to say, the op does not appear to deliberately change his XRs geometry to make it work more to his advantage, quite the opposite, he does not seem to be aware of th side effects of him 'lowering' the seat height you must be pretty young
  18. interesting attempt old drum rear wheel in a disc bike? while you are at it, NX250 has 16" in the rear wouldn't that be even better?
  19. fiep

    correct jetting?

    Hi fellows, need your help please had no urge to leave my happy XR island and now my best buddy bought a 91 DR350S and dumped it with me in hopes I would make it run so far I replaced the missing air filter and swing arm slider, dead battery, chain kit and spark plug, changed oil, cleaned the carb, welded on some material on the kickstand mount to get it upright again as of today the beast starts and idles OK but it does not want to rev it has a flat slide carb - was that stock for the 'S'? guess not now this is where I need your help what is the correct jetting? we ride mostly between 1000 and 3000ft and while we are at it, what is the correct valve clearance, please thanks a million fiep
  20. fiep

    slaughtering an XR250RY

    I am absolutely willing to part with it, but have no idea - yet - what is wrong with it, someone must have looked already, because cylinder bolts are loose if you are not in a real hurry ... to many projects ahead of the lil'one I'll keep you updated
  21. fiep

    1991 XR250-road ish tyres?

    do you Brits not go by the same laws as the rest of the Europeans? thought you did not need a DOT tire but one with load and speed rating to fit your bike?
  22. fiep

    1991 XR250-road ish tyres?

    5 people = 7 opinions on tires just about any 70/30, 80/20 dualsport tire will do don't think there is any one that is REALLY that much better I am cheap and have Kenda K270s on my more street oriented XR250LC awaiting a set of Duro 904/903s to see for myself the KLR-guys are correct about a 70/30-tire with great mileage and nice price the 650R runs on BT45, but as full-blown street tires they might not be your first choice in the snow (or are the roads dry most of the time, like they are south of the chunnel?)
  23. fiep

    91 xr250R suspension swap with 87 XL250R?

    the bearing change will not make the drum wheel work with a disc caliper or did I get that wrong? before you start swapping wheels, you need one first swingarms are sorta cheap, wheels on the other hand seemed rare when I was looking for a disc wheel for my 86 XR, edit is your XL 17" or 18" in the rear?
  24. suppose redneck rigging is a long term temporary fix for something you just broke in your attempt to make it work the BFH leaves BFblack nails, too
  25. fiep

    Gal with a xr400r

    what are you trying to tell me? that you ride alongside to bail her out if she drops or stalls the bike? 'size appropriate' is not gender specific if you can not handle it - gal or guy - get something you can there are plenty of bikes in all size available