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    God, Family, Boating, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Hiking, and Golf. I can do all these in one day. I live in an amazing place.

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  1. RMK800

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I have a RK Tec Head on a different brand two stroke. Since I live only 30 miles from him I told him to make it non race fuel head. The head definitely helped, made better low and mid for my bike and do believe I can ride a gear higher.... but in all this I felt it wasn’t 100% awesome..... so one day as I’m filling up my tank with non Ethenol fuel their is a VP 110 hose right next to it...I’m like what the heck, so I put 50% of the tank VP... Unbelievable, what a difference it made.i finally felt the head was 100% awesome. Ran clean and strong. So on more fun dedicated trips with my buddies I definitely mix VP gas, it made that much of a difference for me. This is just my experience.
  2. It’s still definitely gets on pipe, but it does take some of the top end pull. Not as wild.
  3. RMK800

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    So I just got that tire. Man that knobbies are soft. It’s get great reviews. How do you like it? Does it last being a mid gummie?
  4. RMK800

    Yz250x jetting

    Your around 3500 to 4000 feet. Being 1000 to 1200 meters.You need to lean it out. Put the following in: Mj 168 PJ 42 Needle: slot 2 from top. That will get you right where you need to be... there is a lot of guys running 45 at sea level your not even close to that elevation. Your fauling plugs because your way rich on the pilot.
  5. RMK800

    My new 2018

    I have the RK Tec Head on. I actually went to his shop and got it... anyways this is my experience. He will tell you to increase jets etc... so I did... In the end this messed me up.... I ended up the same jetting that I had before the head and it was dialed in. You might have a different experience. I do believe in the product, there is no doubt I can run a gear higher and it definitely seems to make more power from low to mid.
  6. RMK800


    I would put in a smaller pilot. Your probably overly rich on the bottom. This will also address your idling issues.
  7. First I know this is a MX bike, however, I felt like it could be descent on the trail. This bike is for my 15 year old kid, no he isn’t a MX rider but he is pretty dang good on the trail. He took his TTR 125 up things I was shocked he could make it. Anyways back to the bike... I purchased this bike for a great deal where the guy basically turned as much of it as he could into a XC-W. He also let me know it has the red spring power valve. Anyways I’ve never owned a Ktm before and this was a little foreign to me. I would adjust it between flush and 1 or 2 in...when we are in tight technical trails it was like that bike was gurgling almost like I had the jetting wrong... I’m pretty good with jetting because I race and run 2 strokes... now when I get on the bike, ya I rip it and it’s not an issue... but I kept thinking this bike has to be able to lug in slower stuff or I was selling it.... so we went riding this holiday and I was going to bring a yellow spring and see what thAt would do. I forgot that damn thing.... so I said screw it, I’m going to turn the the power valve 4 screws in and see what that does. So long story, it was the ticket. I could easily lug up first, second, and third on the tightest of trails... no more gurgling... it was like my buddies 300 down low to a point. I did realize that gurgling was basically because of the slow transition to being on pipe. So now when that rpm builds it perfect the pipe comes on when you want it, because the bike is moving faster... I know some of us won’t like this because we want to hammer this small bore from the very beginning. If you want the best of both worlds of this bike, this worked for us.
  8. RMK800

    KTM 85sx torque enough for me?

    My 12 year old rides our 85SX on tight trails. There is no bottom end. However the stock gearing is 14/48. I haven’t touched it. I am tempted to put a 13 on the front. He has become pretty good at clutching the crap out of it in tight uphill single track. Not ideal, but when the trail opens up he loves it.He told me he would never go to a TTR 125 we had for his other brother.
  9. I find that spark arrestors for two stroke are quite different then four stroke. Four stroke can definitely rob you power, however, I haven’t notice much with my two stroke with a spark arrestor.
  10. RMK800

    Robert Taylor’s Come Back

    Ya tried to change the title when I created this post, won’t let me from the iPhone app.
  11. Thank You.... try finding that info online!! Good luck in Panaca... I know your running the National and I did the Jericho this year, but you should consider coming to Yost in September with the Utah Racing. It’s all private land and it’s unbelievable, they only do it every two years. There is 7 timed sections. It’s at the top of northern Utah, so it wouldn’t be far from you. You can buy day memberships to race it.
  12. I’m familiar with Hare & Hounds, because I race in those. Can anybody tell me how the WORCS format is? Is it similar to H&H? Anybody tell Me what typical race is?
  13. RMK800

    Robert Taylor’s Come Back

    Here is a cool video with Cody Webb. Remember he is on a 450.
  14. RMK800

    Robert Taylor’s Come Back

    This guy is amazing. The extreme guys get all the coverage, but he is one of best.