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  1. Hi all! Haven't been active recently. Life and stuff, you know So recently a local guy was offloading some DRZ parts. He had a good selection for a good price! An entire suspension, extra springs, some RaceTech valves. Aaaand: Among the items was a complete motor with wide-ratio gearset (ACT I believe). Complete but mostly disassembled - gearbox is in, bottom end is yet to be bolted together. At the same time I found an 94mm Athena kit at a Cylinder Works price. I couldn't resist! So I grabbed the big bore plus a Hot Rods +4mm crank. And I'll be going for a 462! It's nice to have a spare motor to do this bit by bit. Getting somewhat excited and wanted to share
  2. I would be happy to! I don’t have Shim Restackor installed at the moment (new computer). Will try to get it installed. Please feel free to remind me Incidentally I picked up a spare set of front forks and rear shock and extra springs, plus some RaceTech internals in a mystery box! Not sure if front or rear. The comparison should be interesting. Hey @bubuche, could you maybe download the Restackor demo and put the shimstack into the spreadsheet? Then you can send it to me and I can run the simulation.
  3. It’s described here in the thread in forum member MarekB’s posts
  4. I think any of the shim stacks here are going to be MUCH better for supermoto than the E forks' stock valving!
  5. Anthon Berg

    DRZ400 weight loss

    Haha I know! That said, a little goes a long way. If the bike is unnerving to ride on the highway - if! - then it's worth a try dropping the rear down even just a liiiittle bit Shaving weight off these bikes is fun and rewarding. Getting the suspension approximately right and then cutting some weight is what brings the magic.
  6. Anthon Berg

    DRZ400 weight loss

    In my experience, this effect has more to do with front wheel trail - you need more front wheel trail to stabilize the bike - and less with weight. To get more trail you can set sag or move the forks in the clamps to tilt the bike back to “rake it out” a little. My Husaberg is 115kg and there are certainly no issues with high-speed stability - once sag and rake and trail are set!
  7. Anthon Berg

    Headlight shroud question

    Looking good! Very good! Here’s mine. More of a utilitarian look! Still, I really like the the ’90s RM replica fender I picked up. Copied from a really nice DRZ from a couple British guys’ trip around the planet. Can’t recall the name / website. Fender goes well with the chinese-KTM lantern
  8. Anthon Berg

    Headlight shroud question

    Apologies for the belated reply :) Did you get it pieced together? When I ordered mine, I ordered an H4 bulb and a KTM headlight, which takes a BA20D bulb, so I had to do some light fabrication. This is unnecessary if you get a headlight and bulb that match. I wanted the KTM headlight style. Nowadays I'd get the Cyclops BA20D bulb that they have started making. To make the H4/BA20D hybrid I ended up using ... Sugru. First study and take pictures of how the crappy original bulb sits in the new headlight's reflector, from the front. To get a feel for how it throws light out. Notice the little metal shield on the incandescent bulb filament which stops light. IIRC the shield is on the top of the filament as mounted. Has to do with high/low beam as I recall? Take pics! So you don't have to go back and reassemble once you notice you don't remember how the bulb sat before like I did :) Now pull out everything that is removable from inside the headlight - everything that's supposed to be removable. Bulb and plastic base. Now drop the H4 LED bulb in headlight to check fit and alignment. The H4 bulb will actually sit surprisingly tight in the stripped BA20D mount in the headlight. Take note of the shield on the bulb. It's supposed to be oriented the same way as the shield on the old incandescent bulb's filament. (Up?) When you're satisfied that the new bulb is positioned to throw a similar beam, then split the Cyclops bulb from its base by screwing it out. And glue the base in. I used Sugru. This is actually easier to do than to explain :) And even easier if you get a matching bulb and headlight ... Still worth the mod though. Mounting the headlight is done with the included rubber straps. Tied to the forks. You have to stretch them a little but they hold very well. I removed all the old headlight mounting hardware I could. If I remember right then the mounts hold both the blinkers and the headlight. So part of that remains on. I might grind it down later. No issues with heat, but I feel kind of not super comfy with having the fan and electronics somewhat exposed. But folks say it's OK.
  9. Anthon Berg

    Headlight shroud question

    Whatever you do don't mount the OEM S/SM headlight as-is It's crazy heavy. Bunch of metal and glass. It's basically a '70s car headlight I'd find something lighter - KLX or KTM knockoff headlights for instance. I'm going for a white KTM-inspired EBay Special and a Cyclops LED bulb. Got them ordered and on the way.
  10. Anthon Berg

    Full exhaust options for DRZ400E model

    You probably don't want the S/SM exhaust. They're VERY heavy, and the weight is up high and back. And they're very restrictive too.
  11. Anthon Berg

    Anyone regret getting the tall seat concepts seat?

    Definitely get the tall seat if you're feeling scrunched at the knees. I did that for my Husaberg. Very happy I did. You can always lower the bike a bit on the suspension if you really need to sit lower.
  12. Anthon Berg

    Drz 400 lengthened shock /raised rear?

    I've seen this discussed too. Some info here: http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/archive/index.php/t-21683.html "We lengthen the shock by moving the piston position." ... it sounds a little like they're trying to obfuscate, tbh
  13. Anthon Berg

    Do cams change the exhaust note? Base gasket compression?

    Excellent! I've been scouring youtube for hints ... No single-cylinder before/after cam sound captures. Quite a few Harleys though. There's a big difference in the lopey lumpy idle, but also in the tone of each exhaust pulse. I think she'll sound nicer with some cams in her. Gonna grab some this summer!
  14. Anthon Berg

    Do cams change the exhaust note? Base gasket compression?

    Here's to experimentation then!
  15. Anthon Berg

    Do cams change the exhaust note? Base gasket compression?

    I can't stay inside it :'(