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  1. hasty450

    Denver to Glamis Help!

    This maybe of little help, but on my CRF450 I run the stock jetting. Runs perfectly fine out in Glamis, my brother does the same.
  2. hasty450

    o.k to run 2 master links

    I've never seen any good come from running 2 masters on a chain before. Usually only run it as a temporary fix if broken down away from camp.
  3. hasty450

    is an 02 CRF450 CA green sticker

    It will be Green stickered. My brother has a 2002 CRF450 = Green Sticker. 2003 and newer = Red Sticker.
  4. hasty450

    Sound testing in Ocotillo Wells!

    I was out there on Saturday, rode all the major spots. I didn't see any sound testing going on. Anyone know if the stock exhaust on a CRF450 will pass?
  5. hasty450

    More sand riding.....

    Well it sounds like your on the right track already. In general having your weight back helps, especially when beginning to ride in sand. Once you become more comfortable your going to acquire your own style and will know when to shift weight backwards or to keep a centralized weight bias. It's all about practice and getting the right feel for the bike which seems like your acquiring already. I would just keep at it....practice...practice...practice...
  6. hasty450

    Ocotillo Wells, 10/15-10/17

    I'm going to be out there for a day trip on Friday. Planning on camping for the day at Holmes.
  7. hasty450

    Desert riding with a 4speed Tranny

    Thats the exact input I was looking for. It's good to hear that the 4speed tranny performs well in a desert riding situation. Thanks for the input guys!
  8. Hi, I was hoping that you guys who do desert riding with your 450 could give me some input as far as the 4speed tranny is concerned. I ride at Ocotillo and Glamis, I'm sure the 4speed would be fine at Glamis but at Ocotillo it's not all that uncommon to have some high speed runs in 5th. Whats your guys opinion on the 4speed?
  9. I would love to hear some knowledgable feedback on this!
  10. For Thanksgiving I head out to Ocotillo Wells, it's fairly crowded around the main drag "Blowsand to Mudhills" but you can definitely find some nice open riding still. I use to go to Glamis but that place is a Zoo on any Holiday Weekend.
  11. hasty450

    Down Hill Technique

    Like rockchucker22 was saying. In sand it's very important to try and float the front tire. Your natural instinct is to go as slow as you can, however, in actualality you should carry more speed in order to float the front tire. I'm not saying to charge the hill but you need to carry more than just enough speed to help you balance. Sometimes the sand is so soft at the bottom of a hill it doesn't matter what you do, it will suck up your front tire. It honestly takes practice at reading the dunes but you'll eventually know how to handle different sized down hills.
  12. hasty450

    Pre-Oiled Cheap Filters???

    Has anyone heard of the company Ready Filters www.readyracing.com . The filter cost $9.99 comes pre-oiled includes gloves and supposedly is as good as leading manufacturers. I saw a product review at Off-road.com http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/reviews/readyfilter/ and I thought it was a pretty good idea. However, I want to hear some real world feedback from people who have actually seen or used one.
  13. hasty450

    Who's more bored than me at work?

    I must say I'm pretty bored at work today. Can't think of one useful thing that I've done yet. Oh well, I still have another 2hours to go. Maybe I'll make myself useful....... Nah
  14. hasty450

    Warming up an engine (rant about neighbor)

    I've ALWAYS let all my engines warm up prior to riding. I wouldn't say I get it all the way to normal operating temperature. What I do is simply reach down and touch the cylinder until it feels nice and warm, then I ride the bike around slowly. Taking care not to rev it out or lug the motor. A cold seize isn't a pretty site.