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    Doing that BRAP thing and taking photos
  1. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    nope. Only know this place :/
  2. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Could really use a riding buddy...
  3. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Part of the ride. Never ridden most of this so once I get to remembering these trails I'll get a little faster lol. Lets ride sombody!!!!!
  4. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Yeah I high sided and went face first into this beautiful earth a few months back at a track in cali
  5. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    https://instagram.com/p/7TeRdvRBKNyPmn9v40rDvmliIzpGXLzdu750c0/?taken-by=dally_56 This was a little edit i did for today's morning ride.
  6. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Well if you guys are ever in the area with a bike then hit me up. I am always ready to ride!
  7. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Someone should show me the trails around here! I can hold my own pretty well
  8. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Anyone know if we can ride west mountain peak? I'm heading out to warner valley tomorrow for a few hours but next weekend I would like to ride to the top of west mountain peak of course if we are allowed to. Just moved to St George and slowly finding new places to ride, so far I got warner valley haha I'll be riding a suzuki
  9. RevDown56

    Utah Riding Groups

    Hey! So i just got into town yesterday, got settled and found me a job. So i got till next monday to ride once or a couple times. Let me know if you want to.
  10. RevDown56

    Help on Registration Utah bike

    Is there red sticker/green sticker in utah? I am moving monday from southern california to st george. Also does anyone have a rough estimate of what it cost to get your bike registered in utah or does it differ from each bike.
  11. RevDown56

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:8202] Here my 2014 rmz 450 posted in here a while ago my 05 but I upgraded
  12. RevDown56

    ODI Grips Grips MX V2 Rogue

    Super grippy
  13. RevDown56

    Decal Works Semi-Custom Complete Graphics Kit

    Clean graphics
  14. RevDown56

    Twin Air Air Filter

  15. RevDown56

    Renthal 809-01 7/8" 'RC HIGH' Handlebars

    Has a good feel