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    mt. biking, kiteboarding, skiing, road biking, moto, anything but baseball/basketball/football
  1. 3rdcoast

    TUF Powersports... What Happened!?

    I meant RTR in Washington. Don't have any experience w/RCR.
  2. 3rdcoast

    TUF Powersports... What Happened!?

    I know why they went out of business. When I brought my bike in there a year ago they lost parts. People go out of business for no reason other than they can't make it because there are better places. I felt like they were doing me a favor everytime I stopped in there. As for speculation, if it was going out of business then they should say that. If it was something else, let the rumors fly for those who really care to listen or write about it. But my thoughts are up above. Good luck to everyone in business right now, it's a trying time. as a contrast to Prosource- go to RCR in Washington. A great experience, clean shop- nice people. They make me want to do them a favor everytime I stop in there.
  3. 3rdcoast

    Northern LP MI Labor Wknd, anyone?

    heading up to boyne area, have ridden a lot of the trails from Tomahawk to Drummond solo. It would be great to meet up with some people and get a good challenging ride in knowing i'm not soloing it. Anyone mind if a 30B HS rider from Central Illinois joins them for a good hammer up in michigan over labor day weekend. Will be up there Friday till Monday and plan to ride at least one to two days. have a plated SA, semi legal 450XC KTM/ lights front rear, knobbies. Probably kayak the other days. thanks,
  4. 3rdcoast

    Thinking I may try BR on Sunday...

    Rode for a few hours yesterday. Everything was rideable and with the sun, it was drying out pretty good. I wouldn't say it's perfect but it was rideable and dryer than it was a few weeks ago. You could ride both of the hills on the sand track but they had a slick hole at the bottom of both. Strangely the woods were in pretty good shape. Had a little loop going around the place and everything was in almost the same shape it was before the last rain/snow-we'll see what today brings.
  5. 3rdcoast

    Hoophole HS

    I was going to say the same thing, this is the first time i've had a 6th gear and there is no way i used it. I mostly had it in fourth to keep the front up a bit and the back biting. Maybe put it in 5th just cause i didn't want to wind out a fairly new bike. Anyone know results? I didn't stick around. 07 450xc
  6. 3rdcoast

    Planning on BR this Sunday....

    I was down there on the 17th and the clay track was really nice. this past weekend they said it was all swamped but things are drying quick. I was amazed at how dry Hoopole was. This week looks to be a wet one.
  7. I've searched for this with no luck, i see tons of talk about rejetting is that what causes the low rpm high gear bog? I will hold the throttle open and it just doesn't go unless i down shift. Also, i noticed dirt all around the gas cap seal and some had gotten in the tank. Seems like really in sufficient protection. does any other product help prevent that? Other than the things above this bike is amazing. I only have a few rides on it but it has really changed the fun factor.
  8. 3rdcoast

    450 xc vx. 450 xc-w

    Done, got the 07 450 xc and can't wait to ride it. Bought it from RTR in Washington. Great buying experience and after, he even showed us a great bar to celebrate the purchase at!! Can't wait to try it out somewhere this weekend.
  9. Well it's between these two. any body really know or have lived thru the differences between them. I know it means wide ratio but how does that transfer to riding? and anything else? riding an '03 yz450F for mostly harescrambles trying to ride aggessive but have never done a motocross race but do want to try more tracks. E
  10. I've been riding an '03 Yam 450YZF with a heavier flywheel in Hare Scrambles and love it but It does seem to beat you up. I just got into the sport in '03 and i fought the stalling for a while but have it figured out now. A larger rear spocket also helped. In the tight woods of the midwest the 4 speed gearing isn't a problem but i'm convinced that a bike more suited to the woods would really help but adding all that weight has me nervous. I'm really leaning at a KTM 450 XC, 07. I'm new to the sport but have lots of experience in other sports so ride fairly aggresive for a first bike rider. Thinking that the 450XC will allow me to flow and finish HS stronger. Keep any input going. Worth waiting till 08?
  11. 3rdcoast

    How much rain did BR get????

    live just down the street 10 minutes and was riding in the woods, it's really not that bad. I think it will be great!There still hasn't been that much rain this year.
  12. 3rdcoast

    BR this friday

    rode there last sunday, they did a great job to link up a loop on the sand only part of the sand track. made for a pretty fun day considering what is out there.
  13. 3rdcoast

    BR this friday

    Usual group is riding sunday but i'm only able to go on SATURDAY. Anyone? I'm mixture of sand track/trail rider. yz450f, 30b rider.
  14. 3rdcoast

    anyone on here got T-mobile??

    lived and worked in chicago/and suburbs- company uses it. My opinion is coverage was fair to good. seems to really depend on what phone you have. I use it now and live in ottawa. coverage is fair to poor. and if you are out and about in central illinois it is very poor. If coverage is an absolute must and you don't mind paying the $ then the only choice is Cingular. T-mobile is much cheaper but coverage is limited. I've used it in california, fair, and east coast-fair. similar results. as a whole for our 300 users between chicago and milwaukee everyone says tmobile stinks and it is affecting their ability to work. That seems a bit exageratted to me.
  15. 3rdcoast

    Uh no! BIG oil leak.

    that's it exactly. How do i get the counter shaft seal out to replace?