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  1. tooslow450

    FMF Racing Fatty Pipe

    Does exactly what I want it to do.
  2. tooslow450

    IMS Large Capacity Gas Tank

    The fit could've been better, but I made it work. It's held up fine through several crashes in several types of terrain. It's a 3.7 gallon.
  3. tooslow450

    Cycra Racing Probend Bar Pack

    They fit nicely and do their job well, but the expansion bolt in the end of the bar doesn't seem to hold up that great. It could have just been user error that led to it wearing down though...
  4. tooslow450

    KTM 250 SX 2007

    It's an older picture, but it's what I've got... It does great offroad, but next time I'll get an XC.
  5. tooslow450

    What GoPro do I want?

    The new Silver Edition should be the same as the previous Black Edition and they're still $300 instead of $400...
  6. tooslow450


    I also prefer the GoPro Hero 3 Black. Another thing to remember though is GoPro just released the Hero 3 Plus. So the new Silver Edition is now the same as the previous Black Edition and it's $300 instead of $400. Contours were cool, but as previously mentioned, they've gone belly up. I would like to look into the Garmin cam more though...
  7. tooslow450

    In Reno from Seattle and want to ride

    You could check out Moonrocks. I should know more because I live in the area, but I don't seem to get around much unfortunately. You should also check out the "Moto2go" app by riderplanet; it shows a bunch of trails, tracks, etc in each state. I'd love to hear about other good areas to ride as well though...
  8. tooslow450

    Dumbest thing you've ever done on a bike?

    Not the dumbest thing I've ever done, but.... After doing a bit of work to my bike I went out for a ride and everything seemed fine. After a quick break, I went on and when I attempted to shift into second gear the shifter vibrated like crazy. It kind of felt the same as when getting shocked by something. I couldn't get it shifted into second no matter what. I was afraid that something went seriously wrong and I rode home in 1st gear. After about 2 seconds of investigating I when I remembered that I forgot to tighten the bolt holding on the shifter. So the shifter worked its way up and would hit the chain when I would try to shift up. Not to mention the countless times forgetting to turn the gas back on.
  9. I had a 661 Pro Pressure suit which was an all in one sort of thing. I liked it, but I got really hot in it when I would take a break or ride at a slow speed. It was wearable, but not really comfortable. Some of the other ones might be pretty nice though.
  10. After getting a helmet, get some good boots, they're priceless!
  11. tooslow450

    If 29er mountain bikes are so good......

    The larger wheels aren't as strong and they don't turn as well. At least that's what I've learned in the world of MTBs and I'm assuming some of that could transfer over to MX...
  12. tooslow450

    Help with GoPro Resolution

    What resolution are you recording with on your GoPro? To save it to your computer do you just open up the folder on your GoPro where the video files are then just drag and drop them into the folder where you'd like to save it? Doing it this way should keep everything the same as it was recorded. Then "add movie" in Movie Maker from the folder you saved it in...
  13. tooslow450

    Help with GoPro Resolution

    . I started out using Windows Live Movie Maker which was simple and free. If you want something a little more advanced with a bit more features you can check out Sony Vegas... When you export the video (or "Save Movie" in Movie Maker) do it in 1080p, usually that looks pretty good. I don't think Movie Maker will actually change it to 1080p, but that's how it will export it. Basically, just mess around with it until things look good...
  14. tooslow450

    Help with GoPro Resolution

    It says here ( http://gopro.com/support/articles/sd-card-recommendations ) that it can take up to a 64gb SD card... And my bad on that link for the SD card, I forgot it was a MicroSD card that you needed.
  15. tooslow450

    A harescramble so muddy... they cancelled.

    Sweet video! Looked like lots of fun!