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  1. MajorDanage

    Swingarm question.

    Anyone know if a swingarm for an 05KXF250 will fit an 05-06RMZ250? The part numbers are similar, and the Kawi is about $250 cheaper, but I want to be sure before I order it. Kawi - 33001-0057-458 Suzi - kk330-01005-7CE
  2. MajorDanage

    Moto community we need your help!

  3. MajorDanage

    Moto community we need your help!

    I work at Xtreme Toys in London, ON, a small parts, service, and accesories store for MX, ATV and Snowmobiles. Please be on the look out for a guy named Dave Gilchrist. He has frauded John Roney of Xtreme Toys Inc in London, ON for just under $10,000 and now he has dissappeared. We have heard that he may have done something similar in the Calgary area and he has talked of heading to the east of Canada. If anyone knows of the where abouts or sees Dave at any track please contact John @ 519-457-8697. He is about 35-40 yrs old with a skinny build. He always wears a ball cap and dark rimmed glasses. He has many tatoos on his arms and legs. He drives an older style white GMC/Chev cargo van and he recently installed new doors that are brown. He rides an 04 RMZ250, #104, that is one of Shae Bentleys old bikes. Has PPG graphics and is pretty tricked out. Aftermarket rims, lots of anodized pieces, Protech Suspension. He also has a pink monster pitbike. Again, if you see Dave anywhere please call John @ 519-457-8697, or try his cell 519-932-0756. Heck, you can even try calling me @ 519-318-5807 or 519-453-9942. Hopefully we can find this dink and get back what John has lost! Thanks Dan Stenning
  4. Did a search but couldn't find anything. Good, bad, or same as stock?
  5. It was in my non heated garage all winter hooked up to a trickle charger set on a timer to keep the battery fresh. I tried to start it and all I heard was clicking. Kick started it fine and rode it around the block for 10 mins. Figuring it was just a weak battery I tried firing it with the e start. Still just clicking. Pulled off the seat and pushed the e start and clicking is coming from the Main fuse area in front of the battery. And maybe a little from the Cut-off relay. What do you suggest I look at first? Thanks Dan
  6. MajorDanage

    Best Google Earth pic

    How about this one. Its Angel Stadium in Anahiem California. Check it
  7. MajorDanage

    Big Rooster

    Yeah, they don't put that security banner on the images for nothing. Pay up, el cheap-o. Do you know this photographer well enough to be stealing his images? I checked out his site and it seems that he's spent a lot of time and/or money on just his site let alone his (estimated) thousands of dollars of photo equipment. Would you expect to get paid for what you do? So does he. Images are only $9.95 and thats Canadian. Pretty good price if you ask me.
  8. MajorDanage

    What could be causing this.

    BugDaddy, The instructions on that site are not linked properly. See the WR450 instruction pdf file and you will have the proper instructions. The difference is that the WR/YZ instuctions are for 02 and older years where the bike didn't have a battery or electric start. The yz needs a WR stator to produce enough power and you need to modify it on either bike in order to run that kit. The kits are totally different from 02 to 03 because of the battery. The 03 kit adds a flasher, turn signals and some wiring, and thats it. Its that easy. If I had known then what I know now I could have wired it in myself(well I would have had my friend over to help). The lights and all electric powered devices run from the battery(I believe) and the stator charges the battery. I may be wrong but thats what I think I remember reading in the instructions. This is from the service manual: Electrical: Ignition system - CDI Generator system - AC magneto Battery type - YTX5L-BS Battery voltage/capacity - 12 V/4 AH Specific gravity - 1.320 The generator system is AC which, I believe, is what a battery would use to charge. DC would run lights and the bike, but would not charge a battery. I think I'm in too deep here. Someone want to clear this up?
  9. MajorDanage

    What could be causing this.

    Well, when I bought the bike there was a kit installed. It was the wrong kit installed because at the time the company didn't have the right kit designed yet. So I bought the proper kit and now we're rockin the right kit. So I don't really know for sure if it was doing it was in stock form, but that is the reason I changed to the kit that is designed for the 03WR. I was having the same issue, only worse. I guess I should check my Reg/Rect and my battery. What are the chances that I need to rewind my stator for a little more power? Would that be a possible solution if all the parts work properly? Thanks Dan
  10. 03 WR250f. Onroad kit installed from Electrexusa.com. Turnsignals brake lights and a headlight. When I go riding the battery is draining. I'm not talking a lot of loss. If I ride long enough the bike runs poorly and then won't run at all. It drains even if I don't use the head and tail light(just turn signals and brake light), but the drain is slower. What are some factors that could cause this? The kit is installed correctly. The correct watt bulbs are installed. An example of the amount of drain that is happening: I ride 15 mins inner-city driving and the bike sits in a parking lot and then I do the same trip back home an hour and a half later. I use the lights only on the way home. Go to start the bike a week later and the starter turns over but is really weak. Bike kicks over and runs fine. Some thoughts on what might be happening: I don't really ring the piss out of the bike when I'm street riding(or when I'm trail riding for that matter). Maybe I'm not high enough in the rpms to create enough power to charge the battery and run the lights. Maybe my battery is pooched and I don't know it. From what I can tell its fine. But I'm no mechanic. I did a search and found things I might be able to try, but I want to try to narrow it down to one thing or another. Anyone have any problems that may be similar to this? If so what did you do to rectify it? Thanks Dan
  11. MajorDanage

    Millville National Photos

    Nice to see a fellow Mototalker on TT. Those are great shots Paul. I've just recently moved up to a Canon 20D with a Sigma 70-200 f:2.8. Great camera and good lens. The canon may be nicer but the Sigma is doing me for now. You going to Steel City?
  12. MajorDanage

    A question on brakes

    Is there a difference in fluids from dot 4 to dot5.1? I was having problems with the front brake and I was out of fluid. I went to the store and bought some dot5.1 motul cause I had heard that a higher dot rated fluid would help resist heat better. Now I hear that the dot5.1 may have actually caused the seals to weaken in the master cylinder and the caliper which causes the brake to feel mushy. Anyone know what is correct? Should I rebuild the master and caliper and "Use only dot 4 brake fluid" as it says on the master cylinder cap? And, can I just wash the old fluid out completly or do I need to get new seal kits for both?
  13. MajorDanage

    A coupl eof questions on the X

    Has anyone turned the rear taillight into a brake light and is it bright enough? I've done a search but didn't come up with much. And do you know if you have to rewind the stator to run turnsignals and brake lights? My brother got a 05 450X and he's dual sporting it and supermoto rims are on the way.
  14. MajorDanage

    How fast does a wrf250 go

    Go outside onto your street. Run as fast as you can. Its way faster than that.
  15. MajorDanage

    Rear Fender bag for on/off road use??

    I keep a copy of my ownership and registration with a copy of the insurance in a ziplock bag under my bar pad. The real ownership and ins slip are at home safe and sound. Wallet and licence are kept safe in my pocket. I like the $20 bill idea. I've been considering a front fender bag to keep some misc tools in.