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  1. n0dal

    I have to PAY?

    Same thing happened to me in 2005 when I did my taxes online. The next year I made more money and wrote them out manually and recieved money back.. not that much,,.. but better then paying. Dave
  2. n0dal

    Jetting gone bad with hot wheather.

    I notice that my bike surges a bit when it gets over 90 degrees. I can usually fix that by adjusting the fuel screw. Try that. Dave
  3. I have an S with a kend 760 and an mt21 up front. I never balanced my tires and take her on the freeway consistently at 70+ mph. The ride is pretty smooth to me. thats my 2 cents, Dave
  4. n0dal

    Do most have theft insurance on the DRZ?

    Wow, I have rider insurance in NJ. They said they wouldn't cover a bike under 450cc's!!! I'm curious if that's state wide or just through my provider? Anyone in NJ with theft coverage?
  5. n0dal

    Kenda Trackmaster II on the street; Yikes!

    Don't sweat it. I sport my on the highway all the time. You get used to riding on knobbies pretty quickly at highway speeds.
  6. n0dal

    Can't get it up...

    I have the real narrow fly folding ramp too. Walking the DRZ up that thing is next to impossible. I just ride it up in first gear while praying to god I don't bite it. It definitley gets the blood pumping!
  7. n0dal

    No Gasket?

    don't sweat it. Its in there. It has the same aluminum appearance as the exhaust port.
  8. n0dal

    Stage 1 or Stage 2

    To my knowledge there is no stage 2 dynojet kit. When you cut the 3x3 hole in your airbox you are basically creating the "burned" stage 2 kit. Just purchase this dynojet kit: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PU%5F10070170&CartID= a 25 pilot jet and, I think a 155 main jet from the tt store. Do another search on for "dynojet kit for the SM " to get the proper specifics for the main jet size. I have a S and jetted acordingly to that bike which is a bit different. Hope this helps.
  9. n0dal

    Would my bike run better w/ 93 b/c of my FCR?

    I'm no expert, but the carberation circut is not effected by the type of gas you run. I belive using higher octane gas would only help if you run a higher compression motor,. i.e, you put the thinner base gasket on your engine, the higher compression wisco piston or some of the other engine mod. Someone else may chime in and give you a better run down. If your engine is stock, 87 will be fine. Dave
  10. n0dal

    Cutting out at WOT

    Perhaps you need to adjust your float bowl height? http://www.factorypro.com/tech/float_height_adj_procedure.html
  11. n0dal

    Messed up my Yosh!!!

    Great!!! Thanks again guys! Dave
  12. n0dal

    Messed up my Yosh!!!

    Thanks for the help guys. I actually brought it to a small time muffler shop where they retapped the threads. Other then that, thats all they said they could do. They went ahead and forced the header back onto the mid pipe, wedging them all over again. I'm going to try a mineke this time to see if they can use an expanding plug. Does this device have a name? Thanks, Dave
  13. n0dal

    Messed up my Yosh!!!

    Yesterday I found I had a pretty big exhaust leak coming from where the mid pipe meets the header on my yosh rs3. Basically the pipe was fitted wrong the last time I put it on. Anyway, yesterday I tired to pull the exhaust off and the pipe was stuck at that connection. To begin with, one of the bolts that holds the pipe guard on was completly siezed. So I went ahead and tried to drill the offending bolt out. Well, the bit went completly through the pipe and snaped inside. I was able to use some liquid wrench to get it out today. Man, I should have used that stuff first ? After I got the screw out, I was able to wrestle the mid pipe and header apart. but it looks like the flange at the header is a little dented and warped. I'm not really confident that its going to mate up well, and I'm still going to be stuck with a leak. Does anyone have any ideas how to plug the hole in my pipe and what I can do to straighten the flange out on the header? You help is much appreciated! Dave
  14. n0dal

    Axle holder covers?

    Thanks for the piece of mind guys!
  15. n0dal

    Axle holder covers?

    I was swapping out my new pereli mt 21 and trackmaster II today and noticed I only had one axle holder cover on the right fork. It's item 33 in the photo below. From the picture, it looks like there is one for the right side but nothing on the left. Is that right? http://www.oem.thumpertalk.com/2004DRZ400Sfrontfork.aspx Thanks, Dave