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  1. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    Squid sighting! Nobody is in my head, I just like giving mog crap. He's a good dude.
  2. redrider144

    Yamaha swept all 4 motos

    How could that "heavy pig" YZ450F beat all of those orange & white factory KTMs?
  3. redrider144

    Justin Barcia motivation

    Did you take @Mongo134 up on his 2019 MX bet? Because he's already declared Roczen the champion.
  4. redrider144

    pussification of mxon

    You're both in Michigan right? You're practically neighbors!
  5. redrider144

    pussification of mxon

    We don't want to have to bring back that thing you don't like me saying, do we?
  6. redrider144

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Reed had a better result on that than he did on that crusty white dog turd HSQ.
  7. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    The only reason you don't want to talk about it is because your boi lost! You'd be doing victory laps in here forever had Muskrat won the Moto and Tomac scored a 0. We'd be hearing all about the scoreboard and how Tomac is a choker. Suck it Steve!
  8. redrider144

    pussification of mxon

    Quote button mog. It's not difficult.
  9. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    Exactly! He had no way of knowing where Tomac would finish the final Moto! As in there was no guarantee Tomac would score any points in the final moto! Therefore he still had to assume he had a chance at the championship, which his only possible way of winning the championship would have been to win the final Moto. But he couldn't beat Roczen or Barcia. He tried and failed! KTM's championship hopes were completely crushed by a guy with 2 bad arms and another guy on a "pig" Yamaha! You know what that's called? It's called K-A-R-M-A!
  10. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    I see. So your theory is that his pit crew put up "hey don't push for W because Tomac is inside the top 20." What if Tomac fell and couldn't restart his bike? Or got stuck in deep mud like several other riders? Muskrat would still need to WIN THE RACE for that to even matter. And that is a FACT.
  11. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    Scoreboard says mm showed them how to ride ,you can't deny it The point is...they eliminated Muskrat's hope of the championship by beating him. Tomac didn't even need to ride the 2nd Moto. Why couldn't KTM's #1 star rider (Muskrat) beat a "gimp" on a Honda or Barcia on that "pig" Yamaha?
  12. redrider144

    Ironman Bench Racing

    The goat Which makes Tomac the.....
  13. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 Motocross Champion

    All Tomac needs to learn is... where to put his 2ND AMA 450 MX CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!!
  14. redrider144

    Ironman Bench Racing

    Exactly! We won't hear from Beebs for awhile... Can you name the last rider before Tomac to repeat as AMA 450 MX champion...
  15. redrider144

    2018 AMA 450 Motocross Champion

    The jinx worked. Suck it KTM swingers.