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  1. The Suzuki needles have a much smaller tip than what you were running, so you'll want to go smaller on the main.
  2. That's what I was thinking too.
  3. Was there a redesign of the 250?
  4. Have you ridden one? Most Honda Honda ever. Really slick controls, nice motor, just enough power, comfy, looks pretty good. Totally vanilla but also strangely great. They probably copied the discontinued KTM 990 SMT. Best street bike I've ever ridden. It turned better than any crotch rocket I'd been on and was 1000x more comfortable.
  5. Took me a second.
  6. Red Death drunk dials it's fat ass ex? Sort of. Red Death might get hammered and play "just the tip" but I don't see anything happening past that. Red Death can't get fully erect unless you're in your prime. Except for the greatest SX rider of all time, because it wanted revenge for McGrath always spurning it's advances when he was full time, and jumping ship in '97 before the new aluminum framed grim reaper could take him down. That '97 bike was meant to dethrone the King, permanently. He sensed it and got the hell out.
  7. Red Death has already had Reed...it will probably spare him this go round.
  8. Hater!
  9. That was you!?!? You said he would be riding the RockOut with your CockOut Edition HSQs! You &%$#@!in liar! The Honda isn't anything new. He was testing Hondas last year before he settled on HSQ.
  10. Right back where you belong.
  11. Diesel eh? I don't think that was ever available in the US. My dad had a Datsun with a Mitsubishi diesel in it though.
  12. All of the above. It was just an observation. I think it's a bit sad that so many of JS7's fans were fair weather snowflakes. He was almost always a threat to win anytime he was in a race until his last season.
  13. Right....I was talking about his fans. Seems like you're the only one left in Pro....the others bailed as soon as he stopped winning.
  14. Didn't Beta remove the kickers from their two strokes?