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  1. motocross

    That would be a really dumb move by Muskrat, because Tomac would get up, catch him within a lap, and launch that little frail armed bitch into the parking lot.
  2. motocross

    Not only was Muskrat not a problem for Tomac, Muskrat didn't even present a challenge. When you start 15th, stop to drink a beer, and still pass the guy in 2nd with (8:30 + 2 laps) remaining, he isn't a problem.
  3. Did you take any measurements for comparison? Squish clearance: SX vs RK Compression: SX vs RK
  4. motocross

    Squid won't even post in here during MX unless Tomac misses time. He dishes it out while his KTM loverboys are winning, but he won't stick around to take it when his boys are getting owned.
  5. motocross

    Haha...yeah after he fell he was running 4 seconds a lap faster than Muskrat. That's a beat down lol.
  6. motocross

    Does 2017 450 MX National champion not count? What about his 2013 250 MX National title?
  7. motocross

    Yeah that sucked (for me). Mongo has ZackO and the entire rest of the field. What a smart bet that was for him! Maybe Zack will get popped for Viagra.
  8. I suppose Derek Harris is making shit up too in your world, because he has a 1/8th throttle 30 hp 10,000 rpm YZ250. Yes... @mog, his dyno tuner, and Derek are all imbeciles that need to bow down to your unlimited knowledge of all things two-stroke. The dyno must be lying, or they rigged it, or whatever other silly excuse you've convinced yourself must be true since you don't believe the results. I don't know why all of these suckers buy dynos when they could just call you instead. I mean, the dynos apparently don't work correctly anyhow, right?
  9. motocross

    His KTM probably had 5 hp on Poto's YZ.
  10. motocross

    Yeah, back in the mid 90s, you just heard guys saying they wanted to make they podium, especially in 1996.
  11. motocross

    There is no ooops. It would have just canceled out the JMart bet and ended with nothing. I'm not a pussy like some people that need ZachO and the entire 250 field against JMart. I'm fine backing JMart, win or lose.
  12. The audio skipped very briefly in Moto 2 for me today. I don't remember it being a big problem last year. It's MX only, not SX. Yes you get to replay all MX races. Typically they post up the replay an hour or so after the Moto.
  13. motocross

  14. motocross

    They said it on the broadcast that it isn't Tomac's favorite track, it's just that he typically does well there. Tomac caught Muskrat from behind and had his way with that sissy armed pumpkin rider.