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  1. I don't race either, but I don't like mushy off-road suspension. I tried an older 300 EXC and was not impressed. I have a hard time imagining that an open cartridge Sachs fork is as good as WP AER or KYB AOS / SSS. It doesn't appear that Beta makes anything comparable to a KTM 300 XC or Gasser XC 300.
  2. Supercross

    You do! Because if you didn't care, you wouldn't comment!
  3. I was hoping to learn more about Betas, and I've found that the most efficient way to learn about a bike is to start swinging about a competitor's bikes. Especially true if I use a KTM 300 XC as the yard stick, since,'s the best off-road bike ever made.
  4. Yamaha would sell a crap ton of an e-start 300X model. Come on Yamaha, listen up! No need for fuel injection, just stay with the PWK38S.
  5. We don't know how many two-strokes they sell, they don't release the numbers. For all we know, the YZ250X outsells the 250 XC.
  6. I wonder if Yamaha would have the cajones to go back to a steel frame?
  7. Beta 300 RR is like a Gasser 300 in drag.
  8. That's what I'd be telling myself too if my engine didn't have a counterbalancer.
  9. I didn't realize that you shared @hawaiidirtrider's propensity for Beta guzzling.
  10. The mullet is worth like 20,000 by itself.
  11. No no no that isn't what he meant. He meant KTM was on their way to circling the toilet bowl until Dungey dragged them out of the shitter.
  12. But but but......Yamaha doesn't make anything comparable to any of those 3 bikes!!! I'm not a pumpkin humper!!!
  13. I haven't noticed any drawbacks. I'd have to put the 36 on to know for sure, but it doesn't feel like it's lacking bottom end at all.
  14. They took the kickstarter off though, to get you to pay them to put it back on. That's lame. The pipe does look well tucked in though.
  15. Oh I noticed it, believe me. I had to do a double take as I was drooling all over the pictures of that Gasser XC 300. Just as I began daydreaming about having a 2nd e-start 300, there it was, a PBR tall boy staring me right in the face.