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  1. leafsrule16

    Rough country lift kits

    What you're looking at is a levelling kit, not a real suspension lift. The difference is a suspension lift relocates everything so all your angles up front are still stock. A levelling kit does not do this however. A level will reduce your suspension travel, effect ride quality, wear out all front end parts sooner and in the long run, is more expensive then a real lift. I understand the truck is older but if you plan on keeping it, go with a real lift. I've had a few levelled trucks and although it doesn't really matter on something with a solid axle front, on a truck with IFS there's a reason why it's cheap. The control arms on my levelled f150 were at a 45 degree angle pretty near instead of flat like stock. I used to go through all front end parts and it drove like crap. I went with a suspension lift in my new f150 and I know I will never go back to a level.
  2. leafsrule16

    Best handling 250 2 stroke?

    The RM for sure but the SSS suspension of the 06 and up YZ's is awesome.
  3. leafsrule16

    Next bike; Kx or Rm

    Don't worry about the brand. Find the one that's in the best shape in your price range and buy it. The differences of used 2 strokes aren't major unless you're racing. The newest Yamaha's have the best suspension, the last gen of the RM250's have great motors and corner awesome but as a whole, just buy the one that's in the best shape. Look for little things too because they add up. People often neglect to check sprockets, breaks, fork seals, the chain and all that other little stiff but it adds up.
  4. Before you consider it, some food for thought; The maintenance of a 4 stroke. The lifespan of internal components. The costs to fix. Look at more then just the plastics and tires. Look at fork seals, ask questions about maintenance items (valve adjustments, top ends, oil changes, spark plugs, air filters, ect). A 4 stroke will cost a lot of money if something minor is wrong. Buying an old one without knowing what you're getting into is a huge risk. If you don't have the budget to fix a $2500 motor if it blows, I suggest a 2 stroke.
  5. leafsrule16

    Trade my old KTM for yz250?

    If the bike had good compression, everything was good (minor stuff too like fork seals, sprockets, levers, ect), I'd probably go for it. It sounds like you want it so if it's any good, I probably would.
  6. Our bikes cost double up here in Canada roughly. Still, that being said no. Unless you can do it yourself, avoid this kind of stuff. You almost always find things you don't want to when you dive into a project like that.
  7. leafsrule16

    Your best quad

  8. leafsrule16

    sport quad vs 250 two stroke

    I prefer the raptors in the trails. They have down low torque and don't need to rev high to make any power. A 700r will lose to a yfz450 in a drag race by a small amount but they're more reliable and better suited for trails. The older 660's had some problems but a 700 is a good bike. I prefer the 700 over the 400's myself.
  9. leafsrule16

    350 Warriors

    Go look at both of them and see which one seems to be better. I'd want to see the receipts for the one that was rebuilt though because according to craigslist, everything on there has been rebuilt.
  10. leafsrule16

    Best trail quad?

    The Z400 has slightly more power then the 400ex along with better suspension and fuel injection. If you're buying used, 04+ have piggy back shocks and they all have reverse. The 400ex didnt get reverse till later years and was always air cooled. Not sure about the new ones, they might be running piggy backs but the z400 was always slightly better performing. A 350 warrior is a few steps behind either of them but not overall a bad bike. Mild in the power and not as good handling but it's still a good reliable bike when looked after.
  11. leafsrule16

    $5,000 farm truck

    460 - A lot more torque A lot more fuel use 351 - Still a fuel pig Less power You're looking at 10mpg and more power or 12 and less. Somewhere around there. Neither are very fuel efficient but if you need the extra power get the 460. If not, just get a 351. They're both good, strong motors that are easy to fix and reliable.
  12. leafsrule16

    Best trail quad?

    A z400. Better suspension, liquid cooled and fuel injected. A 400ex is a close second.
  13. The renegade is better in every single category.
  14. leafsrule16

    Painting plastic

    It'll look like crap, no matter what you do. The only way to do it right is replace the plastics. If you want to renew them, look up the wax trick. Basically, you use wax and a heat gun and it'll turn white, faded plastics back to their original colour.
  15. I've sent a few to millennium with a fast return and they all worked good.