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  1. GOOD2Geaux

    Let's see your Gas Gas Motorcycle!

    My new to me 2018 250xc that I picked up for$4,500. Nothing wrong with it as 40 hours with 1 top end done because he's the main mechanic at the shop and everything else were freshened up. He said he's just a type of guy that when he wants something he really wants it now and that's why he said 5000 and then told me 4500 the next day so I didn't even bother making a lower offer. This is an awesome bike and I think I would prefer it over a 300. Very glad to be part of the club and I'll soon be posting questions on what to do to it. It's definitely perfect for East Coast type of terrain and I ordered a tubliss for the rear with 505 cheater. Also ordered an extreme apx skid plate and a Moto seat cover. Do all of them not crank with e start if it's below 50 degrees? It cranks first kick Everytime and then e start Works after about 20 minutes but I was just curious if they were all like that. He told me I could get an earth X battery or something similar to fix the problem
  2. GOOD2Geaux

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    Well shoot it only updated the pic after 1 ride at the 28 miles of singletrack 6 minutes from my house. I discovered this spot mid summer and it happens to be the best/most fun stuff I've ridden. It's just the right amount of everything challenging/tight-technical/and besides it completing me what every writer dreams of as far as having an awesome spot to ride that you can get to without loading up it's the best flowing stuff I've been on. I'm addicted to it and I have been hitting it three and four times a week and it's definitely created a new level of love for riding. The second ride was at some new single-track about 12 minutes away and it's pretty damn good too. Currently trying to get all the stuff I have been working on behind the house laid down and connected because I have marked and somewhat ridden in 4 loops that are all at least 4 miles and this is on the side of the mountain behind my house where it has the potential to be the best riding around if I can get some dang help
  3. GOOD2Geaux

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    Man I was really hoping this wouldn't be anything like the KTM section. Guess I'll have to pass pass on trying to get info here. Sorry I'm totally joking and I started writing that about a week ago but lost my phone and just got situated with this new one. I seriously was joking and I guess you could say being out of town on vacation and that delaying me getting the bike have me a little excited but I did pick it up and I love it.
  4. I have A scotts and am getting flexx bars. Has anyone done this and if so could I please .see some pics or descriptions of how it can be done on my 04rm250... Im also throwing a rekluse exp in there because its mt only option...they told me the springs are much thicker on these meaning the clutch is going to be much harder to pull but my question is how bad is and are there ways to make it easier besides scooting a long lever in for the fulcrum effect....thanks
  5. GOOD2Geaux

    Need some quick help on the RMs front end

    It was running flawless and i was showing a rhino how to get to a trail so its not like I was running it hard. I eased up to a tree to stop and yes at slightly above idle rpms I heard a clank and i was already hitting stop so it died immediately.... Yeh no one believes me when they see the damage....Well the 03 has the good motor and the 04 has the best suspension I have ever ridden and so does everyone that rides it...so trying to get everything right before the next GNCC
  6. I have an 03 RM250 and also an 04. The 04 recently locked up and needs top and bottom end. It was fresh but something came loose in there while idling and did major damage. Buuut, my question is what is interchangeable on the front end. Could I swap out the triple tree alond with the forks? Are the steeing stems the same to where the hole front could be swapped? yeh this is the result of my idling lockup. I swear someone dragged it behind a truck and popped it into gear. Anyway what do you guys think, should I fix this motor or look for another that is together and freshen it up. Also when are you guys doing topends, which premix, and any other advice would be greatly apppreciated.
  7. GOOD2Geaux

    Your 2 smoker

    03 RM250 04 RM250
  8. I am not sure why everyone is on this practice thing but I do undestand what everyone is saying. But with stop watches out and the guy in between us getting his look by a factory team to show his speed and with the top 3 offroad racer there to have a say in the guys future there was definitely a race going on between the 3 of us. I just never passed anyone but the guy did some passing and leading and factory backed champions dont know how to give anything but 110% if they get passed. with ten other people watching, mostly KTM guys , commented on it being a close 35 minute battle that was awesome to watch. After the competitiveness wore down the 3 of us talked about almost passing in one section", or "i almost had you on that side trail" It was the best riding ive done and meeting then riding with my favorite racer was just amazing. By no means was this a post to claim that I am fast or better than anyone. I have raced and know what it feels like trying to go race pace for 3 hours and that is why I said I am not racing again until I can maintain that pace for at least 2 hours. Been saying this 4 years now but bikes and jobs have not allowed it. A couple days ago was the first time I have gone over 15 min wihout arm pump and I credit that to starting my training a couple weeks ago. Sorry if my excitement and just being suprised and proud seemed I was boasting. This wasnt my frst time riding with fast people and everyone I ride with is racing at the higher level and winning. I am not doing the knockout. Just hitting up some smaller series and wanting to go for it at the NY GNCC. That ride got me some attention as well and I am now in contact with some people I never imagined I would be talking to. Sorry I got excited and proud again. Oh and Bobby is awesome, saw him last year
  9. I dont really get the starting a club thing or know who your talking about starting it with. I also dont get the bitterness and negativity but I understand that it takes awhile to make up 2 names and call them pros. What are they pro in? and what series are you expert in? It must be a great life getting extra change doing something you love. But I dont know where you got practice from. Yeh it was not a deignated race but if im practicing or nuch less on a bike, I cant help but give it hell after im warmed up and give it race pace because I am out there to practice going fast as possiblr or Ill never progress. Man please do not take the first part seious because I am completely joking and am sure those pros and you get down on race day. i just disagree and know thiswa no practice. IT was the factory KTM rider with his own rig a his 2 mechanics, 4 race bikes that have no less than 20-25k bikes with the hardware o Nat Hare and hound #1 plates along with the gncc and worcs plates with the same number. Soo after the ride and asking if we were going all out with DR or DB magazines #2 rider and hearing a yeh "we are doing fastest laps on different setups and bikes" my excited coolness grew even more.. Thanks for your your advice
  10. I guess everyone is seriois about keeping their training secrets secret... Ironically, when the guy that does my suspension and I headed to his friends place to borrow a press and some other tools my favorite racer for at least 5 years was at this guys house and I got to ride the owners gncc tyle track with him and the guy he is training who is about to turn pro... Definitely the best riding experience of my life because I was on his back tie the whole 38 minutes. In the issue of woelds best off road racers by DB or DR this racer was in the top 5. He wouldnt talk to me after and it obviously bothered him. I was just hoping to maybe stay in sight. Also this was on a borrowed 07 125SX, stock but geared right
  11. I would love to get some advice on training, excercises, tips, and anything that will help me be prepared for the Tennessee Knockout Enduro in September. I am 30 years old and have ridden all my life and have raced a few harescrambles. Only once in my life have I been in pretty good dirtbike shape and that was this past spring when I was riding hard 3-4 times a week at a phsysically demanding harescramble track trying to get read for the GNCC series. I blew a motor and the start of my career got pushed back until next month but now I have a race ready bike that is dialed in perfectly fo me. I love this bike and I am faster on it than any bike Ive ridden. So while in shape I was riding with the fastest guys around town that ride with Russel Bobbit, Jason Raines, Stu Baylor, and they are always on top in the A and B classes in GNCC. Once I was in shape and feeling good I was able to leave these guys on our practice loops but I could hold race pace for 20-40 minutes as opposed to them being in top notch shape and able to race for 2 hours while I get arm pump extremely bad and have to break or slow down so I dont injure myself. I have fixed my problem somewhat by focusing on breathing, holding on the correct way, and this RM250 that is the best bike Ive ridden and the suspension work was done by the guy I bought it from who had the company at his private tracks dialing it in for over a week and i cant even explain how much perfectly set up suspension allows you to push a bike and fly through rough terrain that usually has you clinching up and hoping you dont get bucked off or crossed up. Got off topic there for a minute but I plan on hitting it hard to prepare for the TN Knockout in September and my training plan is riding hard for at least 4.5 hours a week and when possible more. Ill do pushups and situps, play soccer once a week with some extra cardio, and hopefully Ill be asking advice from the pros ill be riding with for a couple weeks. Does anyone that participates and seriously trains have any excercises, advice, secrets, or anything for success in this type of physically demanding racing. I am going to be giving it my all and have the time and resources to do so, I have the drive and competivetiness that cant be taught or learned, and on race day I cant help but push through any pain/tiredness. I am 5'9" 185 , by no means bragging, but luckily due to great genes I look lke I work out daily and never have in my life. Also, has anyone tried these arm pump pills ive seen in racerX? I have the steering stabilizer and am purhasing flexx bars because I have run them and love them. Any advice will be used and much appreciated