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  1. This is off topic but I just moved to grandrapids Michigan I'm in hudsonville and I'm wondering wher do you ride at close by?? I just moved here like 5 days ago and need to ride lol
  2. Hey I just moved from az to hudsonville Michigan, I got a 03crf450 like to ride tracks trails jumps, anyways Im wondering if anyone is by hudsonville and knows any good place to ride close by trails tracks whatever I just wanna ride ha let me know if you know a good place close to there thanks
  3. I just moved to hudsonville Michigan and I'm wondering if anyone knows any good riding areas close to hudsonville. I have a 03 crf450 and I just rebuilt the whole bike but I don't know anyplace to ride lol. If you ride or know any good places close by that ppl go to at this time let me know I really don't care about the cold I got cold gear and plan to stud tires for the winter.
  4. 2003 crf450 2003 yz250f 2000 pw80 2006kx250f sold 05 Klx110 sold 2003 yz250f sold Ttr90 sold Kx125 sold lol so only two 2 smokes that I have owned, 4 strokes are all yea need
  5. Alright I checked everything out with my friend/mechanic and everything.is good and in spec, also what shoul I run oil wise for the break in and shoul I keep stock compression or raise it? Could I run into more problems raising the compression?
  6. Codyr450

    Track Riding

    Also dont look behind you always look forward at what is ahead, faster riders will notice you and pass you, but if you look back you could crash.
  7. Codyr450

    Track Riding

    Hey man I live out in az (and have a house in michigan). Anyways when I first started riding track one of the best things you can do is go and watch before you ride. Scout out the jumps and berms, and get used to the track layout remeber it and each time go a little faster and focus on corners and clearing jumps, dont be hesitant and have fun, you can even try to get out on the track early so their isnt too many ppl packed on the track. Other than that just keep riding different tracks too mix it up, everytack is different and have fun!
  8. Also what oils do you recommend coolant tranny and motor oil? I live in az so it get to 115 here ha, I currently run engine ice in rad, maxima 10w40 full synthetic in engine and.i forget what is in the gears ha. But ive been told from some ppl that synthetic is bad! And that engine ice cools down too fast
  9. Thanks shawn! When I tore apart the topend my buddy who is really eperienced with tearing into motors help me and everything.looked solid other than piston and cylinder, I wasnt planning on splitting the cases, I dont want to throw too much money into this bike as its an 03 ha so im just gonna throw a new top end in and get back out on the track!
  10. Blew up my fofiddy and now I is broke :( sad week I just wanna ride

  11. I figure im gonna check out all the parts in the topend and replace what need to be replaced, what does the oil pump do? And how would I tell if its faulty? Im new to tearing into motors ha.
  12. Me and a friend removed the topend off the bike he is very familur with hondas and.has the same bike, the only scoring.was.on the cylinder and piston and the oil was just changed before that ride maxima 10w40 and I changed my gear oil and coolant. Idk the last time it was torn down and the rings looked fine, the crank is in spec, cam looks perfect and all parts moved fine with the topend off.
  13. Hey guys im new to this site, so first off hows it going? Ha anyways I have a 2003 crf450 with xxx amount of hours, I had the bike gone through valves check, carb cleaned, new (stock) waterpum, and a bunch of other things. I switched my coolanol coolant to engine ice and it seemed to help a ton. But when I went.out I the desert last week I went out for about a half hour on the bike as usual it was running ok now problems that I noticed until the gas started cutting out and the bike wanted to die, and it did, so I started it up again first kick and took off not ten feet further and it did the same except when I went to start it it was siezed up! :0 it wouldnt kick over so I walked it back to my truck and went home, drained the oil, (looked normal no shavings or discoloration). And finished taking aoart the topend, the bike had 30% leakdown, when I checked the cylinder and piston it was really tore up my buddy took it into his school motorcycle mechanics institute and they said it is obvious that it was caused by the piston heating up too fast, they said it could have been from.me starting the bike up and.jumping on and.going not allowing proper time to warm up, has anyone ever herd of this?? Everything else looks perfect and was in spec and also I have a hot crank and I have only put probably 5 hours on the bike since I bought it.
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