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  1. te250lover


    Thanks-Yeah i like how they turned out, I would have gotten wood numbers backgrounds as well, but i don't have the extra cash-
  2. te250lover

    Front Sprocket Removal?

    to get it off, but it in gear, and use a t-handle. It worked for me and should work for you.
  3. te250lover

    Tire Pressure

    i run 10-12 psi everywhere. 12 in the rocks and when it's muddy i run lower...
  4. te250lover

    The "Upside" to the Honda 250 design.

    yea, honda has such a great design in that aspect. You can get the best motor oil and the best trans oil. You don't have to have one that's average for both.
  5. te250lover


    go w/ tag or jt.period.
  6. te250lover

    WR450F with aluminum frame

    start including them because they are very nice machines. Also Husky makes a good one too.
  7. te250lover

    Valve theory...

    Maybe that was the problem with my right intake valve. NO PROBLEM OR RESHIM AT HOME, but once i got up to 10,000 feet (roughly 800 at home) my bike ran fine, but within 2 days it started running crappier and crappier. I get home and it won't start, umm right intake went. Since there is less air you do have to re-jet, which in tern you would have to go leaner. I went the around 10%, and ran great for a while. Maybe i was too lean which would make it run hot. Your might be correct but there are other people on this board who are running their jetting PERFECT and still have problems. Who knows but that might explain why my right intake went and not my left.
  8. te250lover

    New custom Graphics...

    75 bucks, yea i should have made it camo w/ wood trim, i'll know that for next time.
  9. te250lover

    Husky rider needs our prayers

    i'm not a husky rider, but i will keep him in my prayers...good luck and have a speedy recovery!!
  10. te250lover

    Got some money, what to buy?

    ^^^ditto, just
  11. te250lover

    Got some money, what to buy?

    oh well give us a list of what you already have, that would be helpful...
  12. te250lover

    New custom Graphics...

    Sorry if it's a big picture I race in the woods and everyone calls me superwoods, so why not... b-rad
  13. te250lover

    When changing CRF250R valves

    the valve seats are part of the head. If either valves have gone to zero, then re-seating is not an option. Re-seating just means that you cut out the seat again and make sure the valve is flush against the head so no air will go through when the valve is closed.
  14. te250lover

    Got some money, what to buy?

    1. suspension set for sure 2. spend the money on practice time
  15. te250lover

    My Yoshimura Carbon TRC comp slipon report

    I bought the same pipe you have, after 6 months it looked like this.... I called yosh and i just need to send it back and they will get me a ti slip on. I was told that they are having problems with their carbon fiber doing that and actually getting so hot that it puts a hole in it and splits the seam. I would give yosh, but i ordered it direct from them so i don't know what they could do for you. Other than that it's an amzing pipe. With the quiet core in it, it does sound more quiet than the stock.