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  1. You shouldn't let it sit for a year on the same oil to begin with.. And of course the clutch is going to be stuck a lil bit if you only take it out a couple times a year. It wasnt the oil listen to the answer you were given by people who know.
  2. jblob

    Easton EXP EA70 Taperwall M 109 36

    Havent bent em yet. Says enough
  3. jblob

    Flatland Racing Radiator Guard

    Heavy duty, reasonable weight, not even a little concerned about my rads in a fall
  4. jblob

    Cycra Racing Probend Bar Pack

    These guards are great i have "tested" them on a couple rocks already
  5. jblob

    Yamaha WR250F (2004)


    Bought it in August 2018 with a fair amount of enduro parts already on it. Love the bike it is perfect for the tight woods up here
  6. jblob

    Yamaha WR250F 2004

    Bought it in August 2018 with a fair amount of enduro parts already on it. Love the bike it is perfect for the tight woods up here
  7. If it wqa dying on the guy id assume the piston was seizing in the cylinder and it was forced to keep going... Drain some oil and look for flakes, chunks etc... I have had a crf kick starter jam because the assembly wasnt in right and wiggled forward and bound on the gear.. But this sounds like some damage
  8. jblob

    Wr250F Dual Sport/ ADV

    Yeah i know the bikes arw pretty different but as i understand it the engines and such are similar 03-14 or so. And a doubt there is a huge change in trans ratio with a 2 tooth sprocket difference. That just surprises me that it handles the gearing so well. I was looking in the range of 13/47 to get about a +10-11% gear change but im liking the -4% in the woods What kind if range are you getting with that tank? I've seen 3.1 3.3 and 6.6 available for mine. How fast can you cruise comfortably? Highest speed limit near me on I5 to the north is 70mph but that seems high for any extended period. Most other nearby highways including most of I-5 and the local ones like I-205 are 55-60. and most places id be going are 45 or less on the way to the mountains.
  9. jblob

    Wr250F Dual Sport/ ADV

    Im working on converting my new to me 04 wr250f to be street legal here in WA. So my stock ratio is 13/52 @ 4:1 ratio Bought it with 12/50 @ 4.17:1 ratio or 4% slower top speed Youre running 14/42? Thats 3:1 gear ratio and it isnt miserable in single track? Your stock is 13/50 so 3.85:1 you're talking a 28% change in gear ratio. Id think you would have very little ability to lug first in technical trails
  10. jblob

    What is your WR250F sprocket ratio?

    Mine is 12/50 1st gear pulls like a tractor. But I shift pretty frequently
  11. Took it for a ride on the trails this morning. Holy crap does this suspension work great in the woods! Going from a crf450r to this was a ridiculous difference.. Went over a 12" log i wasnt paying enough attention to and didnt see coming and just sailed right over it. Definitely glad i made the switch. Didn't stall a single time vs the 450 stalling several times on tight trails. Was a blast cant wait to run some enduros
  12. jblob

    Wr250f hot cam stage 1 valve adjustment

    I'm not an expert by any means but generally popping on decel is a carburetor tuning issue those cams might throw your intake vacuum off and require a bit of carb tuning
  13. Well i looked closer today and changed the oil while i was there. Rad guards are Flatland racing Pro taper bars Cycra probend guards UFO firefly headlight. Has high/low/running light just not wired up but the bulb is good. Brake light is going to be replaced. This one isnt LED and it is missing a rear plastic cover of some kind Not sure who makes the skid plate i cant find a name on it. But it is missing a rear mount and a front bolt. Looks like a no name ebay unit that is $95. Also looks like it has seen plenty of use Few odds and ends aftermarket hot start, oversize clutch adjuster, pivoting clutch lever, anodized fuel mix screw, the plastic frame protectors, looks like gearing is 12/50 unless i mis-counted the front sprocket. But looks to be 12.
  14. this is my new to me 2004 WR250F. bought it last night after a couple hour drive... thats right be jealous of my pimpin ghetto trailer... bike has all types of enduro armor, Radiator guards, skid plate, bark busters, case chain guard, TM designworks chain guide slider, pro taper bars and bar mounts, DH1 upper clamp etc. still need to look at the rest but those all jumped out at me. this is my first E-start bike, and first actual enduro bike. a welcome change from my usual MX bikes in the woods history.. sold a CRF450R and had this bike on the trailer 3 hours later. the plan is to convert it to be street legal here in WA so i can ride to the trails and back. have already done an XR100 before, but it was stolen last year. (yes they're hilarious little dual sports around town, not as fun on the highway, geared up and tapped out it would hit 52mph crossing into oregon, thankfully it was usually traffic time and crawlin) since it already has a hi/low/4w running light type headlight installed (but not wired up) thats a $0 cost to me. all that'll take is being wired into a Tusk compact switch using the stock headlight power wire. Parts list, numbers rounded up to next $5 $30 Tusk compact multi switch.. used one on the XR, very handy little unit. best part is that they have a separate power input wire for the headlight, turn signals and horn so i can run the headlight on its own off the stock AC lighting circuit, and can run the LED turn sigs, brake light and horn off the DC battery system. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tusk-Compact-Control-Switch-Turn-Signal-Headlight-Motorcycle-Enduro-Dual-Sport/172696911555?epid=1311861536&hash=item283589bec3:g:FdMAAOSwBt5ZKLrt:sc:ShippingMethodStandard!98665!US!-1 $25, LED turn signals, 4" strips for the hand guards just above the aluminum bar, and standard stalk type for the rear fender with spares since they don't survive off-road very long https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-4-Motorcycle-Flexible-Strip-Blinker-Flasher-Front-Rear-Turn-Signal-6LED-Amber/262422475165?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180518101550%26meid%3D9709faae6e174df18616cf8ca9ebc7c0%26pid%3D100970%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D3%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D262422475165%26itm%3D262422475165&_trksid=p2481888.c100970.m5481&_trkparms=pageci%3A090e9e45-abc5-11e8-8c84-74dbd1808926|parentrq%3A873e66901650ab4cd4dfe8dcfffccd3d|iid%3A1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Turn-Signal-Light-14-LED-Moto-Flasher-Indicator-For-Dual-Sport-Suzuki/253494929959?fits=Model%3ADS&hash=item3b0579aa27:g:ZZAAAOSw3Z9aq6oU $0/$40 replace the brake light that is on it depending on it if has a white light to illuminate the license plate or not as that's required here. if so that's $30 for a Polisport or Tusk LED brake/tail/lic plate light unit.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Polisport-RSP-LED-3-0-Tail-Light-Brake-Light-Black/332748931163?epid=16022117073&hash=item4d7961c05b:g:wCMAAOSwdT9bZ2Tj $100 Kenda Trakmaster II K760 DOT tires. these are phenomenal tires.. i had a rear on my CRF450 and had both on the plated XR100 and the wear life on road was great and i had the rear on my CRF for the Kenda Odessa Desert 100 in april and it showed very minimal wear after that abuse. they hold good in the dirt and grip well on the road even when damp, not like a superbike tire but they work... $25ish worth of little parts, ebay horn, LED flasher relay, wire connectors etc. already have the brake light pressure switch i bought for the CRF and never used, same Nissin type as the yamaha. all together it will be around 200 in parts ($185-$225 depending on brake light) would be +$60 to add a polisport MMX headlight if i didn't have a light on it already. but those bulbs longevity SUCK i think they are rated for 100 hours of run time and none of mine made it anywhere near that on the XR, the cost of the inspection and license plate is higher than the cost to set the bike up this way. if you were starting with just a bone stock 04 no aftermarket lights etc you could do the same setup for approx $300 +/- if you're able to do the wiring yourself safely. looking forward to having it all set up and going.. in the mean time i will be trailering it to the trails and having a blast
  15. jblob

    Wr I'm looking at

    This owner barely used it. Bought for his 14yo son (now 15) who has some prospects in football so it was barely used because he was afraid of getting injured and losing his potential scholarships. He had just sold his 2011 too since dirtbiking didnt work out as a family hobby. Works for me just means less hours and it was rode easy recently Air filter looked good, oil wasn't nasty. Looks like hand guards are just installed crooked. Has a lot of functional mods i didnt see in the ad. Will be digging into it deeper tomorrow when i have a day off