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  1. Oh i know the spot, was by the dumpsters and some portapotties last year right by where i parked. I did a couple laps last year to check my jetting. Kids were having a blast in there Im looking forward to the event for sure. Last year was a great time even with all my mishaps. And im all for shenanigans around camp but thats how bystanders get hurt and events get cancelled and nobody wants to lose yet another good long distance event.
  2. Last year was awfully tame the night before the 100 if you mean the late night shenanigans
  3. Just to throw my opinion in... I ran Golden Spectro for 5+ years in a 99 cr125 at 44:1. Never did a top end on the bike. Sold it with a blown crank seal. Buyer told me after replacing it everything was still servicable so he just replaced gaskets and seals and reused the piston...
  4. Lol what??
  5. I am hoping to finish this year. I had a blast year and i only made 1 lap at the very end after sitting there out of gas and bleeding. Gashed my hand before the start and taped myself together as well as i could. Got stitches near midnight on race day, doctor and my girl were pissed i still decided to go racing and not go to the ER but i was still smiling Thats cool youre gonna do the poker run with your son though i cant wait until mine is old enough. Hes only 3 so he's still on an Oset Electric bike
  6. It really isnt very extreme terrain. Some loose rock and a lot of sand/dirt whoops and such but it's easy riding for the most part So anyone who isnt an expert isnt worthy of having a good time?
  7. No kidding that event is a freaking blast. Im probably bringing a couple friends who have never attended a similar event
  8. Id at least bring a gatorade bottle of gas... Youll probably be fine but sitting around for a couple hours in the cold for a sweep rider really sucks trust me. I ran out on my 450 at mile 38 with the 1.9G stock tank. I have a 3.2 for this year
  9. Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  10. Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
    Went with a 13/50 steel sprocket combo and a D.I.D. 520 DZ2 chain. Was running 14/48 which is equivalent to 13/52 but i wanted to have more room in each gear so i dropped to 13/50 so i dont have to shift so often on mx tracks or wide open enduros. I had been running a DZ2 chain since i bought the bike so i figure it was good enough then why not get another Price above includes 8.4% WA sales tax
    Still in the package but i expect 0 problems
    Cheap as can be. Finish and build quality is way better than i expected for the price. I am sure they're a shameless copy of a much more expensive lever set but they will work for me! Was very impressed i expected there to be some slop in the pivot joint but it is absolutely solid no wiggle at all. And the return spring is really strong so there wont be any issue with the lever flopping around
  11. 1 review

    Anodized, cnc machined pivoting clutch and brake lever set. Better than expected finish. Good strong spring to keep the lever firm during normal use. No up and down play in the pivot joint.
  12. Good deal man i just got mine. They are surprisingly well made China is stepping their game up. Feelin like christmas over here