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  1. Bad? Nah thats a stylish remodel they just added a window for a more ambient light
  2. That sounds a lot like portland/vancouver. But you can bet your ase im not gonna come up there to compare
  3. No kidding it'll be weird the first time i hear a blender coming by me.
  4. I dont ride poker runs generally as they arent really as exciting to me. Great family activity and such i just prefer my events to be about getting from A-B quickly, not stopping for cards etc. Maybe when my son is a couple years older But generally "free revving" "rev bombing" whatever you want to call it is how i signal slower riders in enduros to get the hell out of my way if theyre oblivious to me being there. Worked great in the Inyan Kara enduro a few years back but that was a national so very very few inexperienced riders there. At the hangover scramble in washougal it is hit or miss, lot more inexperienced riders and generally enough room to pass, but around here a turn signal means "quick close up the gap so i cant change lanes" so it stands to reason that people don't move over.
  5. Sup Blob, were ya been? I have been around. Just havent been riding since odessa so i havent had much to post about
  6. Surely you can understand how the pull of wanting to go for a little ride can sway a new rider to do the wrong thing. Wasn't even riding hard just a little cruise in the pit. On that same coin the vast majority of car accidents are within a couple miles of home when you feel safest and in a familiar setting.. Dirtbikes are no joke and not to be taken lightly under any circumstances. As you have found out the hard way. I am 26, Been riding since age 4, never rode without gear and always ride just within the limit of my abilities, 0 broken bones. Have had some bad whiplash plenty of minor injuries, dislocated a shoulder and such. Apparently i am good at hitting the ground the right way That said it is absolutely not for everyone there is a risk vs reward vs cost thing and everyone lands differently on the scale of where they balance out. For me i would do whatever it takes to go ride when i have a chance which is never often enough. I have literally donated plasma 2-3 times a week for a month leading up to a race i wanted to enter just to be sure i had the money to enter and get a few small parts. Heal up, wear proper gear, ride within your limits and pay very close attention to the terrain (for changes in consistency, how wet the dirt is, sudden surface changes, loose rocks, etc etc etc until you develop the eye for it). And you will have a good time with it. If you dont then sell the bike and find what you do enjoy, not everyone loves it.
  7. Well there's your problem! I wint even putt around the pits without riding boots, knee pads, helmet and gloves on. Nothing serious at all without full gear. Just not worth it
  8. I still vote for the coolant into frame mod vs a plastic tank
  9. Edit: double post
  10. Look for the thread about plumbing an overflow into the frame itself. I believe it only works with 05 and older bikes but i am considering it myself even though i havent needed it
  11. Indeed. It isnt intended to be like the 250/450x. Its a slightly more offroad oriented 450r Crf230f-basically a modern XR200 Crf450r an aggressive closed course motocross bike Crf450x a trail bike thats for offroad and desert riding and is green sticker friendly for those in CA where it matters. Crf450rx an aggressive closed course offroad race bike. They all fit a specific segment of riding. They can all do any of them but they will have downfalls and advantages...
  12. Agreed. Thst bike should still be what like 3500+ USD?
  13. At that price go get it even if it is too much bike you can easily flip or trade it for something else hell id buy it from you for several times what you paid
  14. A wr250 is a fantastic bike. I rode my buddys and i should have bought one. Dont get me wrong a 450 is great but they arent great trail bikes they are really easy to stall and the power comes on like a light switch. I have been riding 22 years and i still stall mine out more than I'd like to admit. Once you hit a 125 2 stroke the bikes dont get physically bigger just more powerful and more heavy. Youre 6'3 but what do you weigh? A 450 is a whole lotta bike to learn on. It can be done but a 250 would be easier and more for giving. Im in the 190s and a 250 had plenty of power to move me around i mainly went 450 cuz i wanted the torque for gnarly hill climbs and i figured the engine would last longer between rebuilds since i dont need to make it work hard But $150 CAD is a steal IF it runs...edit: if ots a 2011 it's EFI no worries about jets...