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    Shet, all I ever want to do is ride. Sit at work all day pissed off, staring out the window wishing I was ripping across the desert. I would like to ride my DRZ from Idaho to Brazil. It's my dream, just need a year's salary....
  1. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    The 919 is also a great bike. I never understood why it never caught on here, but sold so well around the world.
  2. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    Feels more like a Supermoto on Crack, Meth and Steroids.
  3. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    I started a site for Orange fz09 owners. orangefz09.com. Mods, not sure if I can post that, delete if needed. But, it's just for orange owners so not really a threat for TT. I'm paying 47 per month thru Dairyland Insurance. They are the cheapest Bike insurance by far.
  4. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    Get an orange one.
  5. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    No, you have to improve the suspension. Yamaha put ALOT of R&D into that sweet triple 855CC engine. It is one of the quickest bikes to 80MPH, tons of power down low. Throttle wheelies in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. Seriously. But to get it to market under $8,000, they put a very weak suspension on it. Respring, revalve the front forks. And then alot of guys are either getting the Penske rear shock or putting a rear shock from another bike on it. Then, it handles like a dream because the frame is very very good. Brakes are prety good, I can stop quickly with no issues. And, it only weighs 413 lbs. Change the exhuast and battery and it weighs 392 lbs. It also has real handle bars, and I feel like I'm riding a low dirtbike. I even have taken it on some trails and dirt roads, sliding the rear tire around corners while laughing my ass off. This is the most fun bike I have ever owned. You can ride it with stock suspension, dial the rebound up and just don't push it too hard in the corners. If you wiegh under 180, the stock suspension is actually not too bad, I hear. But, I weigh 240 and the forks were like pogo sticks.
  6. Knobbyaddiction

    Who Has The Lightest DRZ400E and How Did You Achieve It?

    The best ight dualsport on the market today imho, is the Beta 520RS. Guys are getting crazy miles out of those wound up engines. But people like me don't wanna spend that dough and settle just fine on DRZ's. But, I sold mine so don't listen to me.
  7. Knobbyaddiction

    Is the 520 RS the right bike for me?

    Ok well I sold the CRF and bought an FZ-09. Yeah, not a Beta but the plan is to still get one this winter. Sorry for forgetting about this post..
  8. Knobbyaddiction

    Best Mod (non engine power related)

    1st mod, case covers. Break that case open and nothing else happens for a while 2nd mod, front fork revalve and resprung. Some do this first. 3rd mod, Seat concepts. 4th mod, rear light housing/tail tidy. Get that queer looking monstrosity off of there. 5th mod, Drop front sprocket down a tooth and then change the rear out for your style of riding. If hilly dirt, put a 50 tooth on the rear. Rest varies too much to get into. But the airbox and stock carb mod doesnt do as much as everyone says, and some get dirt in their carbs/engines. No matter what some say. Oh, and tires are gigh on the list. I swear by the Pirelli MT-43 in the rear. Air it down to 7 lbs off road and thank me later. Avoid mud though.
  9. Knobbyaddiction

    Thinking of Selling my DRZ.... Should I?

    I sold mine a year ago and while I love my CRF-450R, I miss the DRZ all around more. I did get a FZ-09 though too. Seriously, go get a second bike cheap or new and keep the DRZ. I wish I had.
  10. Knobbyaddiction

    Just picked up a new toy !

    I was a DRZ nut, posting on here every day until almost a year ago. I bought a CRF 450R and then got the FZ-09 in Febuary. Had to wait a while to ride it. This bike gets to 90 quick. Still miss my DRZ though.
  11. Knobbyaddiction

    anyone use superradiators from eBay?

    The GPI radiators are high quality aluminum and tig welded perfectly. Seriously. They are awesome oversized radiators. My CRF over heated in the 105 degree heat last summer, I got some GPI's from Ebay and also a cheap set of silicone hoses and the bike never over heated again. They are also strong. I took a pretty bad spill hauling ass and the radiator was fine, would have crushed the stock radiator. Best chinese part ever made.
  12. Knobbyaddiction

    S/E Beta dealers...?

    Carrying inventory thru the Winter is tough for any business. And we are talking about a very seasonal business here, folks. Holding on to $100,000 of inventory when so many enjoy going online and building the bikes the way that they want them? That would probably go against almost any Universities Business classes advice and teachings.
  13. Knobbyaddiction

    Thinking of buying a Beta!

    I don't have a Beta yet. I have a 2011 450R that I'm gonna sell after winter maintenance is done. I am considering a used Husaberg 570, a Beta 450, or a Beta 520RS. Some tell me that the 450 Bets is the better choice, but the 520 is what I'm considering the most. Also considering getting the 498 RR and just putting blinkers and a horn on it. I have heard that the suspension is better on the 498. I also have a 97 RMX 250 with a worked motor and powervalve dialed in. It is my fun bike, it freakin rips. Nothing like the feeling of the powerband kicking in. And man, the engine rebuild was cheap as heck. The 450R is a fun bike, but can't take it on the road or I'd be rebuilding top and bottom ends every year. Fast as all hell though, I'm guessing high 50's hp with my exhaust and modified ECU. I did have to replace the Fuel screen because the FI kept getting clogged. FI is nice at high altitude, but fickle. Definitely get ahold of me come riding season. I start in February down in the snake river canyons, warmer down low.
  14. Knobbyaddiction

    Thinking of buying a Beta!

    Man, I dont know where you ride but I live in Boise and there tight trails all over the place. Hundreds of em. I've seen a couple guys stop in the middle of a barely trail on the side of mountain and start crying, telling us what to tell his wife and kids if he slipped. I know another scary azz switchback trail close by here where there has been a dirtbike sitting for a couple of years, just below the trail. No way to walk it out. They took the engine and back wheel. Parts have been disappearing off it little by little the past few years. No way to get the whole thing out. Shoot me a note and I can take you to some places. Shoot for the hills and they are everywhere.
  15. Knobbyaddiction

    BYOB now for 2014 RS MODELS