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  1. http://www.njpinebarrens.com/your-forest-under-attack-road-closures-in-wharton-state-forest/
  2. KTM_Pat

    Your perfect dirt bike

    my KX450F Legalized for street with 6 spd wide ratio trans. Or even better (just because it's two stroke) my KX500 in my KX450 frame with 6 gear trans Legalized. Would love nice bright chrome Pro Curcuit Pipe on it... Could only dream...
  3. KTM_Pat

    how to clean titanium valves

    Cleaning internal passages on a carb is a long shot i would think. That would very with model carb your using it on. I've never considered its for carbs, just was thinks of external cleaning like the valves and faces.
  4. KTM_Pat

    how to clean titanium valves

    Putting that on the list of things to get! Anyone know any negatives to using these?
  5. The kid is so lucky that all he got was a lesson and not actually affect his future.
  6. KTM_Pat

    Removing Blind Bearing

    ya sorry "usually" by the time you have to replace a blind bearing its not that easy to get out. and honestly if it came that easy i would be worried. Do like the back yard method using the sleeved wedge anchors.
  7. Im not an XR guy so it may sound like im speeking from the peanut gallery... but if the plug could speak, it would be screaming to stop and take the head off for inspection/repairs. You probably have material lodged on your valved seats and possibly binding up ur valve guides. I know you claim work was done but a plug that looks like that is red flag to me and spells damage. I would get the bike hot, let it act up and see if you can perform a leak down test to give indication that the valves are closing. I'm sure you probably have carb issue also as people have been stating but whatever you do to the carb is irrelavant until your %100 sure that mechanically your engine is good. Sorry in advance if you've already done this. Good luck got my fingers crossed for ya.
  8. KTM_Pat

    Removing Blind Bearing

    Obviously the puller is what you should use. His qeustion was "without the special tool" what his options would be. I support getting the tool by all means.
  9. KTM_Pat

    Removing Blind Bearing

    Cut the inner race out with dremel and cut off wheel. Then Outter race with SS carbide bit so you dont cut the case. All can be bought at homedepot.
  10. I know, I thought it was over but the kid hopped right back on his scooter and kept going. I mean just the idea that he thought he could get away and plus on a scooter. The cops must be pretty nice there to have the balls to do that.
  11. Not that i support running from the cops and I'm sure the kid was caught in the end, but it was an impressive run.
  12. Very common, i've repaired alot. pretty tricky actually. 1. Cut the bolt flush with dremel and cut off wheel. (die grinder doesn't have enough torque for this) 2. I use air powered, right angled Die Grinder and carbide bit to etch a center mark on the cut bolt face so the drill bit doesn't walk initially. The reason i use the die grinder is because it is small and will fit where most drills can't. With-out a long drill bit (+8") you will have clearance issue and won't be plum with the bolt, and if you do get a long drill bit then you loose accuracy and is very hard to do with swing arm attached to the bike. 3. attach small drill bit to the Die Grinder and drill center hole using the center etch you've made. 4. apply accurate heat with matex or propane torch to the bolt for usally 10 seconds then let cool and repeat usually three times. 5. Shoot PB blaster into the center hole allowing the back side of bolt to soak for 20-30 minutes. you can be generous with the PB blaster as you want it to dissolve the rust that's built-up around bolt threads inside the swing arm cavity. 6. Obtain EZ-out and try to back out bolt. it usually will not break free at first, just apply heat with torch another 10 sec concentrated on bolt, Let cool, and re-torque EZ-out and it will break free. 7. If still doesn't break free , Then get +8" long drill bit one size larger and use regular drill to drill hole out larger. Got slow accurate with the drill using the existing hole. Once done, repeat step 6. Disclaimer -- This is MY method and isn't for everyone. Is there better methods? Probably.... this is what works %100 percent of the time for ME. Don't over apply heat to the bolt then immediately torque it, the aluminum could be soft and you can ruin the threads which is the point of the whole procedure.
  13. it's a balance for sure. I am the only bread bringer in my young family of 5 yrs. My bikes were my children when i was single and now with 3 kids, Wife, Mortgage, shitty economy. It pushes me to be more creative with my spending. Used to be buy whatever i want for my bikes. Now it's a little complicated. I've decided to keep the money in the bike circle so i sell or barter things when i need parts or just fabricate my own. I find the whole process gives me a break from the family and work and makes riding more special. Time Management is key for me lately, basically setting a schedule of when i can work on my bikes and hobby and executing on it, but also keeping to that schedule. Sorry for the Rant, I've been deprived of riding for over a month now and going through withdraw.