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  1. hermolo

    Kawasaki KX450F (2013)


    Love the bike for riding tracks!
  2. hermolo

    Kawasaki KX450F 2013

    Love the bike for riding tracks!
  3. I placed an order and used my last 10% off "next purchase" coupon given to me in December. The order shipped and I DID NOT get an additional discount offer code. DAMN....Like many of you, I had maxed out my frequent buyer points and never let a coupon expire. Maybe they think that whatever they lose in volume, they will make up in gross profit percentage.... Whatever the case, I won't be buying near as much from them, although they will still be one of my primary suppliers.
  4. hermolo

    2015 KLX 140L

    The Endure Engineering ones fit really well and are solid.....I tried some of the Chinese ones from eBay on another KLX and have been less than impressed....They are flimsy and the brackets don't line up well.
  5. Ha. thanks! I figured it out yesterday. This is the first bike I have had with a digital speedometer and I didn't swap the magnet over with the wheel replacement. It really threw me that it would affect the hour meter also.....Oh well, all is good! Thanks!
  6. I suspect the problem is in the unit. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. The seals were leaking, so I ordered application specific SKF kits. The part numbers on the old seals matched the new ones perfectly; however, they were murder to put on.....After I got the forks back together, they were stiff as a board....So, I am guessing that the seals are potentially wrong and causing excessive friction (I can barely move the forks within the tubes even without the valves and springs. I suppose that they will wear in (like the other ones did evidently). I ended up putting a different set on but would like to figure these others out. Any help?
  8. hermolo

    2011 450SXF won't start

    I am new to KTM, but I think that maybe you have a sensor issue. I suggest that you start trouble shooting those. It seems like you have ruled out spark (you are getting good spark, aren't you?) so it is time to check out the fuel injection system.
  9. hermolo

    2013 KXF450 fork blown out!

    I have also been following this thread since day one. I do not get to ride often and only have 19 hours on my 2013.....I fitted it with a split stream system for easier pressure checks and all seemed well. Three weeks ago when I took the bike of the stand, the front end collapsed. Obviously, it was no mystery the forks had lost air. So I pumped it back up to 34 PSI and waited for about an hour.....When I checked, all was good. Two weeks later, same thing. So, I stated checking for the source of the leak. I heard a very soft pressure leak coming from the valve body of the split stream. I attempted to tighten it which made it worse. No big deal, I removed the split stream and reinstalled the factory shredders, pumped it up and all seemed good. The next day, I go it out to the track, unloaded the bike and was "ready to roll". After the first jump, I felt like I was on a mini-bike.....slack from the clutch or brake cable was looped well over the number plate. I took it to my stand, inspected everything, checked the pressure and BAM - no pressure in the left fork. I proceded to attempt to air it up and it would not hold air. In disbelief, I tightened the air pump adapter and tried again.....This time, it was holding air.... hmmmmm OK, got it set and went out again. First jump.....mini bike style again. I realized it was no use. This time, when I looked closer, I noticed the oil had saturated my shock sox.... I have since ordered the SKF seal kit and the Works Connection adapters. Although I liked the ease of the split stream, Knowing that should one fork fail, I would lose air in both forks was disturbing should I come up short somewhere. Furthermore, I had a hard time trusting those plastic air hose lines. Failure after 19 hours, fanatical maintenance and shock socks to boot..... Hopefully these SKF seals are the solution.
  10. hermolo

    Good Wheel Tech in Dallas Area

    Any recommendations? I need to get a couple of spokes replaced and the wheel trued.
  11. Here are some pics.....The length of the hub is 4 3/16"....The tube that came out of it is about 4 7/8" long....It uses : bearings (oversized) 6005RSC3 and seals Pivot Works H-SE-057.... The opening in which the bearings / seal seat are 47 mm in diameter.... http://www.flickr.co...N06/8090890279/ http://www.flickr.co...N06/8090894164/ Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, David
  12. hermolo

    Buying a 2013 and got some questions.

    Mine handles like a dream.....
  13. hermolo

    For Converts only

    My '13 KX450 came with the Bridgestones...I was psyched about trying them out. Truth is, I missed my MX51 rear......I ordered a set of Dunlops, MX51 for the rear and an MX31 for the front. Due to some wheel issues regarding some crap wheels I bought, I have not been able to test out the front....I did try the new MX51 on the rear with the Bridgestones up front, and I liked it better. When it comes to tire discussions, the results seem to be a lot like oil discussions. Everyone has their preference. I first tried the MX51 for the rear to replace a worn tire on my '09. It made such a huge difference, it seemed like I was riding a new bike....It was THAT incredible. So - ended up putting an MX51 up front and never had any problems.....It was far better than the stock tire.....However, it seemed the rear really made the big difference. So - here I am like you, simply trying different things out to find my groove....Hopefully I will have my MX31 operable before long....
  14. Hi, I got taken when buying a used set of wheels. The rims were crap and I thought I was getting Talon hubs.....Anyway, live and learn.... I laced and trued the front rim and was getting ready to order wheel spacers for the rim when I discovered that they are NOT Talon hubs. They are billet anodized aluminum and have "KF" stamped on them. That is the mark. Any ideas?
  15. hermolo

    2013 KXF450 fork blown out!

    Back to the topicality of the thread; I have about 6 hours on mine and have owned it for about 2 months (I know - not near enough riding time). Anyway, I checked the pressure for the first time yesterday and the left fork was at 32, the right at 33......So far so good.....I have hit some decent jumps and even came short on a double and have no issue yet. I will report after more ride time.....