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  1. Based on your answers above: Replace spark plug with new and try again.
  2. It’s called “Powder Coating” What color are you thinking [emoji848]?
  3. Terry has been away with his annual off road race promotion. He should be up and running again soon. He does this every year and is away from the shop for at least a month or two. If I’m not mistaken, or if things have changed since our last conversation, Powroll sold the building, shop is closed, but Terry purchased some/enough equipment to keep doing stroker crankshafts etc. He can still order cams, pistons, sleeves, valves, carbs, parts, etc.
  4. Add more compression.
  5. Yes it is but there will be no HP difference and your fuel mileage will decrease a lot. Frank from EO ( has much experience with the “L” stock carb and “performance versus fuel mileage”.
  6. It adds torque everywhere. Original stock header size is too small for a 150f ! Remove gasket from stock muffler and then remove restrictor in muffler that held the gasket in place with a hole saw. Finish up with a die grinder to de-burr sharp edges from hole saw. De-burr outlet of edges (inside and out) of stainless header and lube header and muffler where it slip fits into muffler. NO GASKET REQUIRED. Twist muffler back and forth while sliding muffler on. A little heat from propane torch on muffler only will help if required. Until your ready for more compression, torque cam, properly intake porting, this is pretty much it except for installing a 28mm PWK or a pumper carb on a stocker. Every mentioned upgrade from me in this thread thing helps and each and every one is noticeable with your “seat of the pants” Dyno. What ever you install that I have recommended, if your not happy with it, I will buy it from you. Let us all know what you decide.
  7. Just in case: The next item that will enhance your laughing under your helmet while enjoying your 230f is the installation of an 2005 or older 150f fly wheel on your 230f Saves 8oz of rotating mass on acceleration and deceleration.
  8. Perfect, yes you will be laughing out loud under your helmet soon. With suspension that actually works and tires that actually do something besides keep the rims from riding on the dirt your all set. The stainless steel oversized header is from XR’s Only. $99.00
  9. I’m guessing that your not using stock tires anymore and that your suspension has been updated by Bruce Tripplet already?
  10. You will be riding a very fun/different bike soon, especially if your jetting is perfect for your riding area and outside temperatures. But as the post above states, your float level needs to be set perfectly. This will be your next step to even larger smiles: Enjoy [emoji6]
  11. The only term “Dynojet” that I am aware of is a name of a brand of Dynamometer used to determine toque and horsepower output for any bike using the connection between the rear tire and the drive roller of the Dyno. It’s use is not designed just for use on a CRF 230 only. It’s for many different bikes/models. Please be more specific if this is not what your asking about?
  12. Sounds like a great place to start. May I also suggest a Pro Com CDI box to go along with the Power ring? It will complement your Power ring very nicely as well as when both used together will put a huge smile on your face. Enjoy.
  13. Much easier and cheaper to just purchase two china clone engines and replace one now and every time one goes bad, install the spare and order another for stock as they expire. Cheap, around $400.00 a year that way. What? Won’t last a whole year? Just ride less or order more than one clone engine at a time, or have two complete clone engine powered bikes and two spare engines on the shelf at all times. Then more you replace them the faster you can do it plus you know what tools that you need to do the job. That way you can carry a spare engine and tools in your truck. Then you could just swap engines out in the riding area parking lot. Just don’t ride alone and always carry a tow rope. If that’s just too much trouble, then get towed back to your truck and jump on the spare clone bike so your riding day is not waisted. Then you can swap engines out when your home. Keep in mind that you could part out your expired clone engines on E-Bay and recoup some cash. See clones are great, and once you pick up enough spare parts, one could mix and match parts and components by swapping out pieces here and there. Then you could sell sell complete “just rebuilt” clone engines on E- Bay and make even more $ back.
  14. Yes sir Stevethe. Our 230’s are the best way to have fun for sure, cause no one dares to believe it until it happens to them. No bike is ever stock so why should our 230’s?