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  1. adnohguy

    Cam Specs .... Why Not....

    If I had more valve lift on my 230 the cylinder head would have exposed valve springs like a 1909 HD.... [emoji15][emoji6]
  2. All years 230f use the same CDI Box from the Honda factory.
  3. adnohguy

    ST1.5 Cam Lobe Issue

    +1 Motul 300v [emoji1303]
  4. adnohguy

    How much is my cr80rb 2000 worth?

    If “Mint” means it’s in the same condition as the rear tire then “NO” it’s not in Mint Condition.
  5. Your bike will rev higher than ever before.
  6. And again: I thank you for the link. I already received both of them. Make you a great deal on a BBR Box (or two) that was on a 2005 150f that I purchased years ago. I got 2 of them. $1 each, and you pay for the shipping.
  7. But if was to purchase a $10,000 KTM or a Beta it would not be a beginners sleeper rig, (air cooled Honda) and I would be expected to be fast and on top of my game, then every one would know that it’s the bike and just not me twisting the throttle. An old guy like my self would not get any enjoyment out of that and besides I don’t have that kind of cash to blow on a $10,000 bike anyway. But since I only get paid once a month I can purchase what I need a little at time and test and tune during the month till I can afford the next item that I have learned about here on TT. Might take me 5 -10 years to have $10,000 in a bike. Besides I’m a Honda Guy and don’t like Orange anyway and I’m not aware of a Beta Dealer that is in my part of the country let alone how long it would take to order and receive parts. But then again, a Beta probably would not need any parts or upgrades anyway so that would be boring for me. Then I might have to go back to ATC’s and Quads again just to have something to do. (Red ones of course) That reminds me, I need to order a 114 big bore kit for my ATC 70 with a TRX 90 engine in it, then install a 247cc 5 speed electric start 2005 150f engine in the TRX 90 frame. Makes me smile just thinking about them [emoji6]
  8. Much less than a 230f, except for initial cost....why: My largest smiles will come from 300cc (or more) + the 4 valve head. Much cheaper for a lot more power, Much easier than a 230. (Already 3 more HP stock.) Reducing weight is pretty easy for me at least. Really easy for me to reduce weight by 20lbs another 5 lbs possible but not as easy. TBD: If ignition will work without FI controller or throttle body or Fuel pump, then carb is going on mine, controller with wiring is gone and fuel tank capacity is up another qt with out fuel pump in tank. Just needs a petcock installed. Suspension is no more $ than a 230 Different tires/same as 230 Clutch-same as 230 Lighter battery- same as 230 One can always use more Titanium and Aluminum fasteners but I still have another Race Quad with both types all over it to utilize. Advanced flywheel key will make up for a Pro Com at zero cost 34mm Carb or FI tuner? TBD Cam TBD Gearing, same cost as 230 I now use 6th when cruising with my 230 but not for trails. I have a 5 speed (converted to electric start) in one of my bikes and on trails I don’t miss having 6th gear at all, Not going to pay for a brand new 250, I will Hold out for a cheaper used 250f no hurry (yet) 1) Suspension first 2) Tires second Progressively loosing weight during process 3) carb or FI tuner 4) exaust system or mods 5) porting 6) Big bore 7) stroker 8) Gearing 9) light weight fly wheel What am I missing or forget about?
  9. The new 250f will be the next generation of smiles, mark my word on that. No one will ever forget the 230f just like no one has forgotten the fond memory’s of the xr200r for a very long time. It will be easy to rid the excess weight of the 250f just like the excess pork of the 230f but most pure enthusiasts will still change the forks, shock, tires like on the 230f. Most but not all wanted a rear disk, got it, some wanted a longer wheel base, got it, fuel injection was mandated for emissions compliance, sign of the times, deal with it. The forks should be a little more ridged than the 230 so they may not need a fork brace to make them less prone to deflect off of obstacles on the trail. As far as the fork travel being less than the 230f: If your not going to install a set of xr400 forks, and your going to have Bruce modify the damper rods, why not make either a blank set of rods an inch longer first, or make a set an inch longer out of aluminum before sending them to Bruce. For now, send the rear shock to Bruce and see if he can help out with it until someone finds/builds a viable alternative? After a decent shock is developed, one should be able to sell the improved stocker to another. The near future magic of the 250f is the 4 valve engine. It will be on a whole new level above the 200 and the 230. Many want a “Honda” 300cc trail bike....sounds like the 250f will be pretty easy to to achieve that....(minimum 300cc) I can hardly wait for a good deal on a used one. Remember, for many, there is just as much excitement and fun with working on the 230f as there is riding them. Why would it be any different for the 250f? I have this coming Monday off work, maybe I should go to my local dealer look at a 250f, check it out. Exciting times await for me... How about others in this forum?
  10. adnohguy

    Problems with CRF 230 clutch

    I have posted this about 10-20 times in the past ten years.... It’s all there if you do a “Search” Unfortunately you did not state what sized 230 your running, if any or what modifications are done on it like for “more power”, what your using you bike for, what kind of replacement clutch parts your using, if your using “motorcycle specific” engine oil (that is more kind to wet clutches then fuel mileage assisting automotive oils) , Whether you lube the clutch cable regularly of if you even know how to properly adjust it. I’m more than willing to help you with your “problem” but please don’t expect me to type out a complete fix for every scenario possible. I’m not going to guess about your bike. By the way the stock 230f OEM clutch springs are more than adequate for up to 25 rear wheel Horse Power and do not need any type of stiffer clutch springs unless your pushing more than that. I regularly ride a 262cc and 273cc 230f’s with stock clutch springs and 100% OEM Honda clutch components. The 273 needs two larger springs if I abuse it a lot. I recommend 269cc and larger engines (with over 30 RWHP) need 2 stock OEM springs and two stiffer than stock springs along with a needle bearing pivot clutch lever (Works Performance) IMO: Factory Genuine Honda OEM clutch replacement parts are the best of the best. Anything else out there for a 230f is a “compromise” at best. If you still wear out clutches after I explain how to properly make your clutch bullet proof, your trying to destroy your 230 clutch on purpose.
  11. Only if I had $ to burn. All years of 230f are the same and many things need to be changed like suspension, tires, gearing, exaust header, jetting, cam, CDI box, piston, handle bars, foot peg location, battery, air filter, carb, etc. So why blow all your $ on a newer 230 unless, like I stated, you just have a lot of extra cash to burn. If that is the case, just purchase a new 2019 crf250f and be the first one on your block to own one.
  12. Since we do not know what the year model of your 150f is, it’s a lot more difficult to help. But the large plug is already aluminum so if you want light weight , it’s already there, if you want a different color, then there is powder coating or simply high heat paint for automotive engine applications.
  13. adnohguy

    Custom Stroker motor header

    Yes my stainless header from XR’s Only had the threaded heat shield mounts welded on when I purchased/received it.
  14. adnohguy

    Custom Stroker motor header

    I’m Leary about posting that type of information in a public forum, how about if I send you a PM? And keep in mind that the header in installed on a bike and I always “Wrap” my headers to help prevent “Heat Soak” to the cylinder and carb float bowl. So my dimensions would be “OD” in mm and a “Guesstimate” on the start of the next “Step up” section. I sent (PM) dimensions to Titanman for all the the pipes that I have built, tested and ran recently because he wants to build some. Not sure if he can beat the price of the XR’s Only header shown above, but for engine that he has been building, IMO, this header would be hard to beat for the price. It’s a good “Bang for the Buck” for 233-247cc.