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  1. adnohguy

    Can I Use One of These Heads?

    Probably not, but maybe a HD “Street 500” cylinder head and cam from Vance & Hines?
  2. adnohguy

    Roller Rockers

    Maybe one could use “the one”from an RMX250 and install “two” of those in a 230f
  3. adnohguy

    CRF230 owners are Superior in General

    A Retro sleeper bike that one of us “guys” like to tinker around with that can and does makes heads turn and gets asked questions about when it does at least as well as many much larger and more modern bikes, especially in the tight stuff on more gnarly, rutted, narrow, slow speed single track. But really any where and everywhere we ride that provides us with large smiles and laughing under our helmets. A beginners or girls bike is not supposed to do any of the above it seems. It’s all about reliability, easy and cheap to work on and being really fun to ride well at a pace that surprises most everyone it seems... This forum is really more responsible for this phenomenon than any one bike or individual. Just look at the resell value for these bikes, the prices keep climbing every year. Even the ones that are 15+ years old are going up in value. It’s really hard to find a complete engine or at least a complete bottom end on E Bay anymore. Use to be that Athena big bore kits were very reasonable, but not so much now days. Just think of how may Fox shocks that could have bee sold in the last year, if there were any to be found. Again: They are just as much fun to work on as they are to ride,
  4. adnohguy

    Uncorking 2009 CRF230F

    Guessing that you know what it takes to “Un-Cork” a 230f? You have a genuine Factory Honda OEM Shop Manual, correct? Properly adjust and set float level, 118 main jet, 45 pilot, 05 or older needle set at 4th slot from the top. Adjust the idle mixture screw for highest idle speed and then set your base idle speed where you like it best. This should get you really close in the “Ball Park” You did not mention the average outside air temperature that you ride in? If super cold out, some bikes are known to need a 48 pilot jet. Ideally your engine valves are properly adjusted with a dead cold engine, your NGK spark plug is properly gapped and your air filter is cleaned and properly re-oiled Good luck and let us all know how it turns out.
  5. adnohguy

    Roller Rockers

    Maybe consider a 4 valve head for a Grom.
  6. adnohguy

    Roller Rockers

    And what camshaft will you be using with said rockers?
  7. adnohguy

    Procom CDI Review

    Might want to look up Chucks crf250x muffler that I believe he installed on on his xr200 r Super quiet and designed for a much larger engine turning almost double the RPM”s It’s got to be the best of quiet and non restrictive on a 200/230 ?
  8. adnohguy

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    Kept your lathe I see , but no dyno time on the bunny bike yet? I have built many 2T in my day but it’s been so long ago that I forget: Wide squish band “generally” more top end HP? Narrow squish band “generally” more low rpm HP? I could look it up, but then I would have to find all of my files/notes on the subject.
  9. adnohguy

    Roller Rockers

    1) more reciprocating weight. 2) current camshafts not compatible. 3) big $ to convert for there use. 4) no benefit with no bang for the buck. Individually, Compression, Pro Com, Proper Porting, currently available camshafts tailored to your riding style/desires, oversized header pipe and carb, or all above, working together in harmony is a huge bank for the buck. IMO: Roller rockers would not a factor in making any smiles per mile in a 230f But if it wasn’t for only having a 5 speed transmission, a 250cc 2006 and newer 150f engine (that is lighter than a 230f engine) does have roller rockers. Again, part of the weight loss is from only having a 5 speeds, the other is the cylinder head weighs less than the 230 head.
  10. adnohguy

    CRF230 owners are Superior in General

    Not familiar with the 200’s but a 230f’s piston sits down lower than the deck by .030 So a stock rod along with a 2mm step pin (4mm more stroke) requires two OEM base gaskets and depending on your squish clearance that you desire, along with the thickness of your chosen head gasket, one can make up the difference easily with some minor whittling on the crown of the piston. Depending on the chosen cam, be sure to check valve to to piston clearance at full lift and of course set up your cam timing properly using a degree wheel. = 247cc
  11. adnohguy

    Help me out guys

    I can only add that I see: Piston rings are very worn or if not then it was not “broke in hard enough” because of excessive blow by. Agree that piston clearance may have been excessive or at least set up more loose than required for proper transfer of heat for keeping piston cool? Also agree with above mentioned cooling system modifications and a larger radiator/new thermostat. Just my two cents....
  12. adnohguy

    Procom CDI Review

    Said it before and here it is again: If you would like a more aggressive ignition advance curve that still has the factory Honda RPM limiter of a 230f then try a 2005 or older 150f CDI box. Much more exciting than a stock 230f box but not as much of a smile maker as the Pro Com. But Don’t confuse an extra 500 rpm limiter of a pro com over a stock box: If your pinned under your bike and cannot get up, your twist grip is buried in the dirt with the throttle WFO, depending on how long till it dies from whatever the cause, could happen with ANY CDI box including a stocker. 500 extra RPM is not absolutely required for engine damage to occur. Or spend nothing except your time and maybe a gasket to advance your ignition timing buy building an modified flywheel key. You want larger smiles while riding? GET A PROCOM AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.
  13. adnohguy

    Crf230f packing

    You are correct, there is no packing to replace in a stock muffler in any year of a CRF230F originally designated for sale in the USA. Your good to go, no worries. I would suggest to check out the dedicated 230f Forum here on TT for any kind of questions that you have in the future regarding your 230f
  14. adnohguy

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    R U going to Quit running Rotella now?
  15. adnohguy

    Throttle Very Difficult to Turn?

    From the factory your throttle cables should enter/exit from behind the brake master cylinder on top of the bars. Yours my be wound up/twisted because they appear under the bars? You right side grip may be rubbing and binding on the end of the bars because it is slid onto the bars too far. There may be dirt or Debris’s under the throttle tube? The throttle tube may be damaged from a fall. Use a cable lube tool to lube both cables. I always remove the “push cable” and run a single throttle cable. Make sure you cable/throttle has a slight amount of “Freeplay” A genuine Honda Factory OEM Shop manual has several photos that show proper cable routing and position that will give the best results. Good luck [emoji1303] let us know what you find out.