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  1. cadman_ks

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    Thanks for this information!! This is good to know!!!
  2. cadman_ks

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    5'11", 200 lbs. I just can't high enough on it to get enough power with all of compression. I have kick started other bikes, and have not had any issues. These bikes are just too high compression...
  3. cadman_ks

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    Euro map, and desmog. The feeling isn't the problem. It is just incredibly hard to kick over, like there is to much internal friction....
  4. cadman_ks

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    I've owned 2 500 EXC's, a '14 and a '16, and I haven't been able to kick start either one. I should elaborate on that a little. I have been able to kick start it when it's warmed up. BUT, even then, it is still very very hard to get it to turn over, nor "easy" to get started. When it's cold, there's no way that I can kick it fast enough to get it started. So, my thought process is this: even if I was in a situation where I couldn't get my bike started, ie: my starter went out, if the bike gets cold, I won't be able to start it anyway. If it's having trouble stating with starter, then I'm probably not going to be able to kick it in those situations either, OR more likely, I probably don't want to kick it. In the end, for me, I personally would be fine sans kickstarter...
  5. cadman_ks

    Bullet Proof Rad Guards rubber straps...

    The rubber straps on my guards have saved my plastics many many times from getting munched. I had hard mounted guards on my last bike, and when I got rid of it, after only 18 months, the side plastics were in rough shape, especially at the connection point to the radiator guard. The concept is really slick. The fact that they charge $11 to get a set to my door, not so much...
  6. cadman_ks

    Bullet Proof Rad Guards rubber straps...

    I was going to get silicone ones, but I ended up getting 20 regulars for less than the shopping was going to cost from BPD...
  7. cadman_ks

    2019 KTM 450 Six Days Gone??

    You won't regret it!!! That's going to be a big jump, even to the 450!!
  8. cadman_ks

    2019 KTM 450 Six Days Gone??

    Several show up on Cylcetrader as well, but no one has a price, and one says taking orders...
  9. cadman_ks

    2019 KTM 450 Six Days Gone??

    ???? Quick Googling turned this up: https://www.maddiesmotorsports.com/Motorcycles-KTM-450-EXC-F-Six-Days-2019-Dansville-NY-c7228d4b-f219-44e5-83a3-a8e90100e2e9G Makes it look like they actually have one. If that's the case, who knows why it's not on the KTM website...
  10. cadman_ks

    2019 KTM 450 Six Days Gone??

    Might not be EPA approved at this point...
  11. cadman_ks

    Bullet Proof Rad Guards rubber straps...

    Yeah, this is what my plan is. In full disclosure mode, I did send them an email, and complain about the life expectancy of the bands, but I told them that I was more upset about the shipping costs which were just outrageous. They are sending me two more, free of charge, which is nice, but I'm still willing to buy them from them, if they shipping was crazy...
  12. I have the BP radiator guards on my 2016 500 EXC. First of all, I love these gaurds, I'm pretty sure that they have saved my raditors more than once. I also like there idea for the rubber straps, but the execution of that idea is terrible. I find that the straps typically only last 6--9 months, and then I have to replace them. In the past, it hasn't been that big of a deal, because they are like $4/pair. But today, I tried ordering some, and the only shipping option is $11 for a $4 item. Has anyone done anything different there? I like the idea of having the break away concept, and I would rather not hard mount them, but it's a little bit ridiculous to spend 3 times the cost of a part to get it delivered... SMH...
  13. cadman_ks

    Black Is The New Orange!

    The fuel level DOES drop very rapidly once it's on the side of the tank. I learned that the hard way, when I ran out of fuel, just ONCE! I got close to 20 one time AFTER the fuel light came on, but that was stopping and dumping the bike to the left side, so all of the fuel in the right side could get to the left. Then, I was able to go a little further. I was in a place where there was no fuel, so I had to make it home on what I had. Typically, it's only about 15 miles tops, though, after the light comes on...
  14. Isn't the definition of USPS on the road EVERYDAY? They come to my house every day that they are working. Of course they don't: Christmas Thanskgiving July 4 Labor Day Memorial Day New Years Day Assorted Holidays: Martin Luther king Columbus day presidents day veterans day 4th Tuesday after a vernal equinox, only on odd years 2nd Wednesday after Haley's comet passes within 10 yds of the US Anytime there's a solar eclipse in the northern hemisphere ...and the list goes on.... NOTE: I'm not saying that the above holidays are bad holidays, but banks and the USPS are the only people that take most of them off. Everyone else in the free world has to work them...
  15. Fortunately for me, the post office is 3 miles away, but it is a PITA when they don't deliver, and I have to go the PO to get the item. That typically only happens when the package requires a signature. Otherwise, it's either in the mailbox, or on my porch...