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  1. Yes it will reseal up if the seal breaks. It may leak a little bit of main air in the tire, though, until it reseats. The same thing can happen when you change tires. The red liner conforms to the old tire, and has to take the internal shape of the new tire. While you should pump it up, and keep it pumped up, I've forgotten about mine a couple of times, and it has gotten down into the 70's, and never leaked. I've never found what the "failure" point is there, but I don't want to find out either. Better to just keep it pumped up!!!
  2. Spud, I believe that changed with the '17's. To the OP, I recall seeing that they are 13:50 stock, but the KTM site says that they are 14:50, but they often have that wrong as well, for whatever reason. Doing the math: 13/50 = .2600 13/49 = .2653 14/52 = .2692 14/50 = .2800 As the number gets higher, low end power goes gets less, or goes down. So, in your case, depending on what the OEM setup is for stock sprockets, you'll need to a lower number than whatever that ratio divides out to...
  3. I rode at 0 PSI when I got a flat, and didn't realize it for a while. I did not break the bead off. YMMV. Did you try checking the valve with some soapy water? Possibly change the valve? I would pump that tire up to 12-14PSI, and go ride. On a 4-5 hour ride you should still have some air left...
  4. I didn't even think about being a problem! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. That Dynaplug thing is slick!! It's a little pricey, but sure seems easy, and doesn't take up a lot space in the tool pack... Hummmm....
  6. How 'bout something like this: (please excuse the cheesy graphics. I was in a hurry)
  7. Compression check?, or better yet, leak down test???
  8. That's great wisdom as well. When I bent my DRZ radiator, there was no bending it back (by me), and I had to replace it...
  9. I just use the soapy water method when installing mine, and I've never had any issues. I suppose that you could use "too" much water, but the amount of water that I use has not been any issues with freezing or causing off balance. I recently changed tires, and I didn't have any water on the inside of the tire... YMMV
  10. I had this exact same thing happen in Colorado this summer. One of my buddies took off, and I realized as he was rounding the corner that I had a flat rear before I took off. We had the bike fixed by the time that he got back, and he didn't believe that we had fixed a flat that quick. I'm a believer.
  11. A lot of people have had good luck with the Chinese radiators. Most are cheaper, and some actually have more capacity. I had some on my DRZ, and didn't have any issues. As for radiator guards, I like the Bullet Proof Designs guards. They are pricey, but they do work. They also have a "rubber band" system for attaching the plastics to the radiator. This works really well, and I think has actually saved my plastics from getting beat up as bad as the "direct" mounted version...
  12. The bottom of the air filter is probably 12" above that. If you were going slow, you shouldn't have been able to get any water in there. Hummmm????
  13. WOW!! I run 13/50 on my'16, and I don't think that I could get to a 90 without hitting the rev limiter...
  14. If this is true about the bike needing to be hooked up to the computer, I'd guess that this is in response to EPA laws/rules. That way, KTM can "prove" that all of the ECU's are locked down and can't be changed. I was actually surprised that dealers were able to do this in the past on prior years...
  15. Could very well be. At any rate, I was NOT going to get a new tag until I had a police report. SMH...