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  1. What is that "right" environment?
  2. I think that we've talked about this before, but from what I recall it's about 50/50 on the XLPOR forks. You either hate it or love it...
  3. I might add that I'm not anti-Beta or pro-KTM, but one thing that I think that you have to always consider is the availability of parts, both factory and aftermarket. There is no doubt that KTM aftermarket parts are a plenty, in all price ranges and styles...
  4. I have a '16 500 EXC. I kind of wish that I had XPLOR forks. While I've never ridden one of those bikes, the idea of being able to adjust rebound AND compression on the TOP side is very very appealing to me. While I don't adjust my stock suspension a lot, I do adjust it because I ride in rocky conditions and sandy conditions, and I've found two different settings that work for each one. It's a pain to adjust the bottom of the forks...
  5. cadman_ks

    LED Replacement Headlight Bulbs

    These aren't cheap, but they do work very well: https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/KTMHusky-BA20D-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_175.html
  6. cadman_ks

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Thanks for the link! Sweet find. Curious to see how bright they are. Shoot, for $6, what do you have to lose on this deal???
  7. cadman_ks

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Do you a link for this light? I have a completely different solution on my bike, but it did cost me money and time, for sure, but this actually looks like it might be a promising for others. I'm not a fan of the lights that most people use on the Sicass fender. They look like they are added onto there. Also, post up some pics of the final installed product so that we can see it installed. Looking forward to your feedback on these...
  8. cadman_ks

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    ^^^ This is/was my exact same experience with both of my 500's. I had a DRZ 400 before my '14, and I never really got to the point that I felt like I could "trust" it when the going got rough. Yes, I was a new-to-dirt rider back then, but I just never felt comfortable on it. There are times that I literally idle my 500 over/up things that I don't think that I could have made it up on my Dizzer. I don't think that's because the Dizzer's incapable, I just couldn't learn to trust it like I have my KTM's...
  9. cadman_ks

    Clipped a TREE

    Spud, I'm beginning to think that you are just sitting your bike on some sort of dyno and just running up the hours on it. You have a LOT more hours on your bike than I do on mine, and your plastic and stickers still like better than mine did, even on day one!!! I suck as a rider and spend far too much on the ground (less than previously however). I've learned not to sweat the scratches and bumps. It may not be true for everyone, but for me, if I ain't crashing, I probably ain't ridin' either...
  10. cadman_ks

    Metal bits in oil sump

    ...from the prior post about the shifter being stuck in third gear. Time to get that left side cover off as a starting point, for sure...
  11. cadman_ks

    2016 500exc fuel pump failed

    That's why I decided to at least try. No harm if it didn't help. I even did it the really cheap way with Walmart fishing weights. Looks ghetto, but works...
  12. cadman_ks

    2016 500exc fuel pump failed

    I'd guess the rimlock on the Tubliss is about as much as the regular rimlock, though. It pretty beefy as well...
  13. cadman_ks

    2016 500exc fuel pump failed

    I, like you, used to think that this was all poppycock, and not needed on a dirt bike, even one that was dual sported only. I too, run a Tubliss set up, and when I put my last set of tires on, I decided to semi-balance my wheels to just basically offset the weight of the rimlock. I didn't do it with a stand, just weighed a rim lock, and put the opposite amount directly across from it. It has made a HUGE difference in how my bike rides on the road, a difference that I could never expected. For me, it has also made a difference in the "buzz" that you're talking about. My hands don't hurt near as much after a full day of DS riding. As for helping in the dirt, I can't say for sure that it helped there a whole lot, but it definitely makes a difference on the road, or on faster dirt/fire roads for sure...
  14. I have never thought about changing the graphics on my bike, but there's not doubt that some years look better than others. The places listed above are all customizable to what you want. This would be the way to go, if you wanted to change the look of your graphics...
  15. cadman_ks

    2018 500 exc-f Timing Jumped

    Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. Bike started and ran fine that morning. Made it about 3 miles, and just died while I was sitting at an intersection. Ended up being what the mechanic called a collapsed ring, or a seized ring. Bad ring, and put a slight notch in the cylinder. Lost compression, and just died...