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  1. This is a really slick technique, and I like the idea of taking a screenshot at a trailhead and then overlaying. Maybe I missed it, or don't understand, but what app did you use to do this? Was it all Google Maps???
  2. But that's the problem. I have never ridden some of these single tracks. I still need to know where I'm going BEFORE I start...
  3. Maybe I need a tutorial on this, but one thing that I noticed is not easy, is getting (actually finding) and loading trails (TRUE single track) on any type of device. I have used my phone some with Google Maps, but I find that the trails are hard to find. The roads and "major" trails, ie: fire roads are "typically" shown, but the finer detail is not...
  4. That seems backwards. The rear rimlock on the Tubliss is quite a bit bigger than the front... Hummm...
  5. I should also add that I have a hard time watching these videos, and picking up on a whole lot. Part of it is that they make everything look so easy. What they don't tell you, typically, is how much practice it took them to get the point that they are. Again, I would love nothing more than to get to the point that they are, but at the end of the day, I have a family and a job, and those two things mean more to me that practicing a move for 5 hours a day for 2 weeks. I can't spend that kind of time learning these skills. It always feels like to me that their sense of reality for the "average" guy is slightly twisted.
  6. I couldn't agree more with this statement, and in my post, I was subconsciously using the terms wheeling and popping-over-obstacles simultaneously, and you're right, they are not. However, I still stand by what I said in part, because even when I have to loft the front end over an obstacle, it's just something that I'm not comfortable with. And for me, I've gone over attempting wheelies, attempting hill climbs, etc, and every time that I loft the front end to jump over something, that fear is in the back of my mind, and I just can't let that go. I have some big logs at my house, and I've always wanted to cut them into smaller sections and place them around my field so that I can practice, and I've never found the time. I think if I could get comfortable with that maneuver, I could probably make the leap to wheelies a whole lot easier...
  7. While I agree with this to a point, it's also a skill that I wish I was better at, for things like jumping over obstacles. As I ride more I get I get better at most skills because you get a lot of practice. Things like wheeling are harder skills to "practice" since you have fewer opportunities to ride over obstacles, and just wheeling for me is a hard and uncomfortable skill to practice... YMMV
  8. MY 500 won't wheelie on the pavement or dirt. It may be true that you don't need the wheelie gene, but you definitely need wheelie balls, and I've mislocated mine...
  9. I've always ran stock bars, but don't you lose a fair amount of control the shorter they get, or is that strictly a personal thing???
  10. That's something that I never thought of. I have a front tube with me at all times, but I didn't even think about carrying rim locks. Well, one more thing to add to the already overweight bag of stuff that I carry on long trips...
  11. Do you have a way to check the battery for voltage? Are you sure that the battery is dying, or is it just loosing connection? This is a known issue with this speedo. Mine started doing this recently, and I haven't had a chance to look into yet, but my battery is not all that old...
  12. '16's did NOT have lock on grips. You can however, get lock on grips, and they work just fine. In fact, that's the easiest, quickest way to change grips!!
  13. This is a good thought, to at least see if it's fuel system related. The real problem with the knob is that it's almost impossible to get to. Try a few starts with the cold start knob engaged, even when you know that you shouldn't need it, and see what happens.
  14. I guess that we'll have to agree to differ on that, probably more on what the definition of dual-sport is. At any rate, I believe that it was DirtBike Magazine that called it the best dual sport EVER when it first came out. Their words, not mine...