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    HandGuards are they worth it?

    When I ride trails I like them to keep the brush off my hands. Motocross is fast passed and I use my levers a lot more. The only downside is that you get roosted like crazy. So in motocross type riding, it can go either way. But for tight trails and trail riding, they are a must.
  2. RiddinRed

    Hard to Start??

    It's farely normal. Do you keep the bike in a garage? It usually takes a few extra kicks to get it going and keep it going. Just make sure you give it a good amount of time to idle.
  3. Blue Hills is that giant hill/mountain in Canton. It's a ski place. No riding in there. But I live right by it. I ride on the other side of Canton. It's a hike from where you are though, a good 45 minutes to an Hour.
  4. Boston...you live in boston?!?! Is that blue hills in the background. What street is that. I think we live quite close to each other. I'm right by Blue Hills. And as a matter a fact, I'm going there today to get a winter job! I think I might TRY riding in the snow, but I'm not sure yet
  5. I don't believe there is such thing. When you raise compression, you must have a higher octane in the gas. The pump gas won't burn right. That's why some of those low compression engines, will run fine on like 87 gas...
  6. RiddinRed

    Question for all you tall guys

    How tall are you nova? Is most of your height in your legs or upper body? I have some longgg legs I just want to be able to ride and throw the bike around like those little guys do. My mom always tells me that I'm too big to ride but it's what keeps me happy. I think the tall seat is a good idea...is the seat necassarily stiffer though? and did you do the top and bottom clamps, or just the top?
  7. RiddinRed

    Question for all you tall guys

    I had a rough day at the track. I do a lot of trail riding in which I sit down a lot. But at the track today I found my self standing up a good bit. Well, I can't get comfortable standing up because the bars dont come up high enough. I just felt all misplaced. I don't know what was up. I fell on the first lap and got pretty tweaked. And after that, I just couldn't get in the hang of it. So I'm 15 years old. And about a 6 foot 2. I weigh in at about 180-190. So what do you guys do about being so big. When I go off a jump, obviously I hold onto the bars, but since I'm not in the right position, my feet come flying off the pegs with my butt so when I land, the bike lands without my feet on the pegs and then my feet come down with the rest of my body crashing into the pegs. Somethings just not right here. Could someone suggest something or tell me what you guys do? Any help is appreciated.
  8. RiddinRed

    What was your first bike

    Wow, are was there going to be a great flood back then? Check out those pants! WOOO!! I started out in like 95' 96 at age 6 on a 1970 CT70. That was like the neighborhood ride. I then got my brothers 2001 XR100R...and then a year later a 2003 CRF150 and I just got a 2005 CRF250R baby. I'm 15 years young and still going hard!
  9. RiddinRed

    dj earle need help

    Drew, You've been here for a while and should know the answr to that question. Of course a full exhaust is going to give you more power. What makes you think 30 bucks will get you the power of a full exhaust system? If money is not an issue, which you didn't state, then a full system with a power up kit and a filter will be best.
  10. RiddinRed

    2005 valve check report!!!

    sweet, how do you like the factory 4? Any good?
  11. RiddinRed

    no back breaks. why.

    Anyone ever think it's not his spelling and more of his typing? I go to a vocational school where most of the kids are more hands on. And they can't spell for crap, but not as bad as that. I think you would have to TRY to spell that bad. I'm going with the "He can't type" response.
  12. I've heard that you are supposed to set your clickers as soft as they come for the first hour or 2. I didn't and I've had no problems. But I've never heard of changing the fork and shock oil after an hour
  13. RiddinRed

    pit are they really worth it?

    I'll take it off your hands for ya. How do you get your 250 that clean?
  14. RiddinRed

    2005 valve check report!!!

    All valves went to zero. Just kidding. Exhaust valves and intake valves were in spec at .011 for exhaust and .005 for intake. The feeler gauges were a tiny bit tight with a little friction. But I'm pleased to say my 2005 does not burn oil and does not have valve problems. I have about 25-30 hours on her. With about 7-10 oil and filter changes.
  15. RiddinRed

    What do you do about a warped rotor?

    It's from the heat...there's no score marks on the rotor.